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Vakifbank, which has won the CEV Champions League trophy and made 5 of 5, has completed the season at a perfect level. After a 3-1 win over Imoco, head coach Giovanni Guidetti answered questions about Paola Egonu, whose new transfer has been shown as one of the best volleyball players in Italy and the world, after the fight.

The President has announced

Abdi Serdar Ustunsalih, president of Vakifbank Sports Club, announced at a news conference after the Emoco volley match that they had transferred Paola Egonu. In her statement, Üstünsalih said, “Tell me. Paula Egan is now our player. We made our protocol before, we added her to our team. From now on she will be our player. You will see those who are gone. I will not say this, change Maybe an Egan is coming to us. Now he’s our player, give me the good news.

‘Complete an Incredible Season’

According to Score News, the Italian press gave an interview with Giovanni Guidetti after the great success. Speaking about the Italian coach’s success in the news, “Giovanni Guidetti is experiencing the fifth Champions League win of his career, under the management of VakıfBank after the final against Conagliano in Lublin. Showcase.” It was said

Guide: A very painful journey

“I don’t care if it’s the fifth, it’s both the first and the last for this team, it’s going to change again from next year. So we’re very happy: a very painful journey that started in 2019. This year it’s just to close the coffin. There’s not a nail, ”Guidetti says. We are out of the -5 situation “.

“Even the most beautiful dream cannot be imagined”

“But we could have lost them all; Champions, Turkish Cup, Club World Cup, and even the quarter-final or semi-final champion (Fenerbahce passes OPET with a gold set). “It’s really incredible for this team to never give up, and such a situation was unimaginable even in the most beautiful dreams.”

“Scored 39 points, we are no longer surprised by his arrogance.”

When asked by this reporter, “Last year, Paula Egonu made a difference in the fight that Imoco won, and this time?” We are not surprised if we attack. But fortunately, volleyball is played with 6, 7 or even 8, 9 and 10 people. “

Dialogue with his arrogance

“We’ve done a great job as a team and we’ve kept our heads up. That’s the biggest strength of this team. I told Egonu in the locker room: It’s going to be a special evening for special people who have a special reason to end. It’s stylish.”

EGONU is on the list of ‘Europe’s most effective under-30s’

Ignu has won many trophies in his career, such as the Italian League Championship, the Super Cup and the CEV Champions League. He carried the Olympic flag representing Europe at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In 2021, he entered Forbes Magazine’s list of “Europe’s Most Influential People Under 30”.

Foreign desire

Egonu also answered questions about his relocation in an interview published in the Corriere della Sera last week. “The third season with Conagliano is over, after winning everything with this club, is it time for a foreign experience?” “Yes, there is a strong will towards that,” he replied.

A successful career in 2021

The 23-year-old setter Cross had a great series with Emoco Volley last season. Paula Egonu, one of the most valuable names in Imoco volley, who has won the CEV Women’s Champions League, Italian League, Italian Cup and Italian Super Cup, has left an incredible season. Paula Egonu played her last match against Vakifbank in an emoco volley jersey. Italian volleyball player VakıfBank’s victory could not be stopped. Italian volleyball players of Nigerian descent have been named the European Volleyball Confederation’s Women’s Player of the Year.

Has published a book

Considered one of the brightest volleyball stars produced in Italy in recent years, Paula Egonu published a book last week entitled “18 Secrets to Becoming a Star”. He dedicated his ego book to his grandfather, whom he lost last year.

Asked about his career goals and whether he would continue playing volleyball until he was 40, he replied: “Not at all. It’s okay to do it for a long time, but it’s not my story: there’s more to life.”

In his book, he also talks about the racist insults he faced as a child. But in an interview published in Corriere last week, he said, “Fortunately, this is not happening to me anymore. Italy is not a racist country. There are not too many bad people there. Sometimes I see examples of ignorance and excess, but this is different.” . “

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