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Goodbye mom, whose job is it? Who is the author of Goodbye Mom? Goodbye mother what is the subject and the main thought? What is the goodbye mother book? Goodbye mom do you have pdf download link? Who is the author of the book Goodbye Mom Fatma Setin Kabadayi? Here is a summary of the bye-bye book, lyrics, comments and reviews …


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Author: Fatma Setin Kabadayi

Publisher: Break book

ISBN: 9786055577858

Number of pages: 236

What is the mother saying goodbye? Subject, main idea, summary

“Tickets please.”

Duigu opened his bag and pulled out his ticket from his wallet. The bus left Ankara about fifteen minutes later.

I was going.

He will never return.

He would go to his aunt in the village and stay there for a while. His last recourse was his aunt. A few hotels didn’t take him because of his age and those who decided to buy him didn’t like him. One or two people asked a lot of questions, and one of them looked at the dugout as if he wanted to eat it. However he had a lot of money. He would stay with his aunt for a few days and find a cure when he returned.

When Duigu woke up, his parents were gone. While they were waiting for him in front of the school gate, Duigu first retrieves the pantry, puts all his diaries in his bag, and leaves the house with a few more clothes and a few shoes. He wrote a short note for these people who had been his parents for years and left home in a hurry.

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Farewell mother’s words – lyrics

  • “If we don’t think, we won’t try, and we won’t take any of our work seriously,” he said. “
  • “How do people know what others are doing in their inner world?”
  • “Sometimes people believed what they wanted to believe. “

Farewell Mother Review – Personal Review

Hello friends, I present to you a review of a beautiful book. . . Duigu is a 16-year-old girl. While reading the book, I could not bear the feeling of being robbed. One day, Duigu was shopping with his mother, meaning he didn’t like any clothes, he saw a wig in a wig shop and immediately went inside and tried. Of course his Mao does not want. To sell the wig on her back, because the seller behind her also doesn’t want to sell the wig because there is no wig for a little girl, they bought the wig anyway. He was slapped. . . The two get angry and plan to run away from home and hide in the warehouse. At that point, she finds her mother’s diary and learns that she has been adopted. The moment he finds out, he breaks down and goes to the village to look for his family. , Of course, life in the village is difficult, he has a good time with his aunt Emin. The villagers start talking and Duigu doubts that his family is in the village Do you think Duigu has found his family? (Hawthorn)

Goodbye mom do you have pdf download link?

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Fatma Çetin Kabadayı Who is the author of the book?

Fatma Chetin Kabadayi was born in 1974 in Kaisari. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in his hometown. He graduated in 1997 from Gazi University, Faculty of Vocational and Education, Department of Child Development and Education. He works as a teacher in different departments. The cities have published his poems and essays in various journals. The author has 20 published books, fourteen of which are related to his field. Philosophy of life; Remove lies, ingratitude, laziness, add a smiley face, humor; Happiness can be summarized as follow The author still works as a teacher in the town of Sereniola in Antioch. He is married and has two children (Kairahan and Barkehan Kabadayi). Published work Puppets and puppet games with examples (Esin Publications) Ebesin; Children’s play (Morpa culture publication) Farewell my marriage; Novel (Flow Publishing) Hundred Smiling Face (Pomegranate Publishing) (Fatma Katin Kabadayi- Melek Demir) (Example of Drama for Elementary and Kindergarten Classes) Goodbye An Youth Novel NI. My Uversinlar Ukurdam novel is published by KANES Publishing. Golden Rosary (story) extended and contracted (pre-school idiom teaching) 2011, What Happily Canna (September, 2011). The Educational Story Series (10 books) was published in March 2012 from Poetry Children’s Publishing. Goodbye Ann Reprint Mola Publication, January 2012. Purple Cardigan, May 2012

2010 Hikmet Okua received the Outstanding Service Award for Poetry. He has been a columnist for Antakya Asia Newspaper and Habername.com as an editor and columnist.

Fatma Çetin Kabadayı Book – Work

  • Goodbye mom
  • Purple cardigan
  • Old
  • Lip mark in the mirror
  • The victim
  • Love the linden perfume
  • Goodbye my marriage
  • Bloodless
  • Caragos and Hasivat
  • Evelia Celebi
  • The Selfish Girl and the Seven Drops
  • The sound of the street
  • I fly pigeons from my heart
  • Shoe thief
  • Kellogg’s and Golden Tooth
  • The Seven Troubled Men and the Shepherd
  • Shiny beautiful and three cubes
  • Nene Hatun’s courage
  • Nasraddin Hodge’s secret
  • Mima Sinan
  • Mehmet Akif Ersay
  • Caracaogan and Kankiz
  • Scrappers Grampy Ass
  • Storyhouse in Nasijane
  • Four seasons / poetry collection
  • Patched apples
  • Spots and lazy rabbits
  • The lazy woman and her cauldron
  • Small business
  • The elder Yusuf is invincible
  • Ibn Sina said
  • Barren field
  • Iayırcı woman and her granddaughter
  • One snake is one thousand lies
  • Golden pen poetry collection
  • Four seasons / short story, essay collection
  • I am learning through story 1 / Kairahan and his body
  • I’m Learning through Stories 2 / Berkehan and Koshi
  • The story of Aunt Fatma
  • Another time

Fatma Çetin Kabadayı Quotes – Lyrics

  • Life is like that, it always consists of symbols. ” (Lip mark in the mirror)
  • “He who does not forget to wait will never forget to return …” (Old)
  • People do not die without hearing what they say. (Purple cardigan)
  • . “Be kind to all people, be close to a few, think before you trust them. Washington “. (The victim)
  • “When a person no longer trusts you, you make a big mistake with them.” (Shoe thief)
  • “The questions he doesn’t know the answers to drive him crazy …” (Old)
  • “You won’t trust anyone unless you prove otherwise …” (Old)
  • “When you have a problem, don’t tell anyone else. Because if the person you are talking about is your friend, he or she will be upset and uncomfortable. But if he is your enemy, he will be happy and joyful. ” (The victim)
  • “Sometimes people believed what they wanted to believe. “(Goodbye mom)
  • I handed over my dreams later, and so did my hopes. (The sound of the street)
  • “Winter in old age is winter …” (Old)
  • I have a word for vusla; I’m waiting, where are you? Keep the door open, no matter what anyone says, in the spring of my heart, in what season are you? (Old)
  • Wasn’t life an uncertain journey? (Purple cardigan)
  • “If we don’t think, we won’t try, and we won’t take any of our work seriously,” he said. “(Goodbye mom)
  • Love is like the sun, even the blind can feel it. (Purple cardigan)
  • “The kids were able to prove that they grew up fast …” (Old)
  • Fear is stronger than reason. (Purple cardigan)
  • “Although I had the opportunity to travel and see new places … I finished the job, I couldn’t finish it …” (Old)
  • ‘No one can describe a person’s dream as his own; Only man himself knows his true inner life. ‘ (Purple cardigan)
  • “There are no bad kids, there are kids whose time and circumstances have managed to get worse. Don’t forget that love; it’s an enlightened key that softens even the hardest heart.” (Shoe thief)

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