Governor Basel, ‘As a woman, I have always felt the benefits of my profession’

Nevşehir Governor Inci Cesar Basel, one of the 3 female governors of Turkey, met with students in an interview on NEVÜ ‘Successful female managers who make a difference’

One of the three female governors of Turkey Nevshehi Governor Inci Cesar BaselNevşehir Hacı met with students in an interview at NEVÜ in a program entitled “Successful Women Managers Who Make a Difference” hosted by Bektaş Veli University (NEVÜ) Women’s Studies Application and Research Center (NÜKÇAM).

NEVÜ The event was held at the Caravaggio Hall of Governor Sinasi Bird Culture and Congress Center; Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University (NEVÜ) Rector Professor Dr. Dr. Semih Aktekin, Nevehi Provincial Gender Gender Commander Senior Colonel Bahitin Murat Yakin, Nevehi Provincial Director of National Education Memet Polat, Nevehi Provincial Mufti Ahmed Selletin Altuntaya, Nevehi Provincial Health Director Dr. Rahim Anlube, directors of public institutions and organizations, academic and administrative staff of the university, students and guests were present.

NEVÜ Board of Directors of the Women’s Studies Application and Research Center (NÜKÇAM). Dr. Navehi Governor Insi Cesar Basel, who began the interview, conducted by Zehra Chaliskan, said he was born in the Islahiye district of Gaziantep and finished his education there, adding that he grew up in a warm family environment. Navi Governor Insi Cesar Basel, who graduated from the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Ankara in 1992, says he took his first step in his career as a district governor by winning the district governor’s candidacy examination opened by the Interior Ministry in 1994, and he has been the governor of Navihir since 2020. Continuing his responsibilities. .

“I started my doctorate with the inspiration of my university professors, but due to the intense work schedule I had to leave. Carry on, I want to continue one day, ”he said.

“Career should be chosen according to character, not gender”

Nevşehir Governor Inci Cesar Basel, one of the first female district governors to enter the profession at the age of 23, said that professions should be chosen according to character, not gender. Navy Governor Insi Cesar Basel, who insisted that one should first know oneself for this, said, “There was a very social structure, these kinds of professions are occupations where your social life is very limited. When I look back after spending so many years in this profession, I say yes, I think I will do this profession again because I have enjoyed working in it. I have always been the first and only female manager wherever I have worked. So I have always done my duty in a male dominated environment. Since I love my work and people, I can say that I have some advantages in communicating.

“As a woman, I have always felt the benefits of my profession.”

Governor Ince Cesar Basel stressed that the management profession is a difficult one, regardless of gender, and said, “First, there is no concept of overtime, you never know what you will face, this job is basically a difficult job. However, as a woman, I I have always felt the benefits of the profession. It can be a feature of my character, “he said. They will achieve very successful projects. “

“Success is not accidental. It takes a lot of hard work to succeed.”

Advising young people who want to train themselves in this field, Governor Ince Cesar Basel emphasized that young people should choose jobs that suit their character. Emphasizing that success is not a coincidence, Governor Ince Cesar Basel recommended that young people first decide where they want to see themselves and then work hard for it.

After a speech by Navy Governor Inci Cesar Basel, the discussion ended with a presentation of flowers by Hattis Canpolat, a 3rd year student at the Navy Semra and Vefa Cucock Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing, in answer to students’ questions and commemoration of the day.

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