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Date of entry of the article: 24.05.2022 07:50

Bursa City Council Rally for the DisabledBursa speaks at a meeting at the Marinos Atatর্কrk Congress Culture Center with important contributions ‘Disability Health Board Report’ Carried under the heading. I would like to thank the Bursa City Council Administration and the Bursa City Council Disabled People’s Assembly for opening this issue, which from time to time creates major problems for people with disabilities for discussion. There was a great need to discuss the report of the Disability Health Board in such a large meeting, which is one of the essential requirements.

The end Do it in 2011According to the population survey, the disability rate in our country is 6.9 percent for those aged 3 years and above. With that knowledge the meeting begins. It is a study that covers at least one disabled population. This rate is similar to 4 lakh 806 thousand people. We will About 5 million out of 64 million have been affected by the Health Board’s report. You can stay.

According to information obtained from the national database, government hospitals and university hospitals have to meet any need. 2 lakh 511 thousand people have received the report. Pre-2012 reports are not included in this issue. Disabled This report Benefiting from health services, benefiting from economic and social rights / security related to pay and discounts and knowing about their own situation or need to be released. Acceptance

Delays in receiving reports pose significant risks to both healthcare and access to artificial devices or drugs. For example, if you can’t remove respiratory, special nutritional products, medically useful and non-medically useful ingredients in a timely manner, life-threatening risks follow. Recruitment difficulties are also a serious problem.. We have a disabled person who is not getting an appointment month after month! Therefore, the recruitment system needs to be improved considering the needs of the disabled. The formation of a special reporting committee on the subject and the commissioning of private hospitals under the chairmanship of a specialist doctor in a state hospital could bring serious relief.

This is a separate issue if all previous tests are requested again.. Suffering for the disabled, a waste of time and a waste of public resources Test requests from the aforementioned scratch should be discarded as soon as possible. Physicians ‘Degree’ Another reason that has been criticized is the lack of complete control over the subject. One of the most important problems is that health committees do not always have doctors and their assistants do not have good command over matters. There are also drug and equipment issues that are not covered by the SSI, although there is a report. Some medicines, medical supplies and medical devices are not yet available. In the report, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the medical condition but also to the necessities of daily life.

The state should look at people with disabilities not only in terms of health policy but also in terms of social policy. Our state should not forget that persons with disabilities have the right not only to health but also to social and economic rights. In particular, reports from rehabilitation centers affiliated to the Ministry of National Education are a serious problem. The problem with the report is not just the ministry. First, we should make a good distinction.

Those who lose their disability through re-reporting are the biggest source of problems. In fact, the source of the problem is the Court of Accounts. SAI compares these reports. If the content of the report is different, ‘inconsistency’ is caught. For example, the person is severely disabled, but it may not be written in the report obtained for the driving license! Because at ÇÖZGER ‘Severely crippled’ No expression SAI, ‘You will be based on the last report’ He leans towards the family ministry because he says’75,000 people are not severely disabled, so cut their disability pay ‘ He said he was asked to cut his salary because he did not write it in a report. The man received that report for a driving license, but there is no such statement in that report because of the format. When you go for tax deduction, it says 60 percent disabled, when you go for care assistance, it says there is an irregularity and it cancels. Oh, well Another dimension of the problem is those who want to reduce or increase the disability rate in order to benefit from certain rights.Stop. Let’s clean up.

Our concern is to address the issues caused by the reports, which we adapt to our own needs, and to observe more simplified measures by the state. About the subject Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Ministry of Labor and Social Security and Ministry of Treasury and FinanceOf SAI He has to create new orders according to his criteria.

We hope that the Bursa City Council’s gathering of people with disabilities and the efforts of the non-governmental organizations that support it, which will create this work, will turn it into a book and report it to the relevant authorities.

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