Important work for children without access to education

Important work for children without access to education

The Koruncuk Foundation, which has helped hundreds of children become well-equipped and self-confident for 43 years, provides dormitory support for girls at the secondary and tertiary (high school) levels who are socio-economically disadvantaged with its new vision.

In addition to the care and shelter services it provides in Koruncuköyler, the Foundation includes their socio-cultural development; It has the distinction of being the ‘sole foundation’ in Turkey which supports it through artistic, cultural and sporting activities.

With the Boluka Girls Dormitory, the total student capacity at Koruncukköyler will increase by 40 percent.

The Koruncuk Foundation, which has launched the ‘Give Hands Home’ project for Koruncukköy Bolluca, aims to “reach more girls and support their education in a sustainable way” by opening Urla in Izmir’s Koruncukko; She completed Boluka Girls Dormitory and brought it to our country.

With the Koruncukköy Bolluca Girls Dormitory, which will officially open on Wednesday 25 May and come into service in the 2022-2023 academic year, the total capacity of the Koruncukköyler will increase by 40 percent.

Koruncukköy Bolluca Girls Dormitory; In order to provide the necessary opportunities and environment for the individual and socio-cultural development of Korunkuk, the common area with various functions such as library, room, cafeteria, laundry, infirmary and sports room, taking care to adapt to their daily routine. Life Routine, built on about 3,000 square meters on the 4th floor.

General manager of the Korunkuk Foundation;  Wa illuminated

Wa Idinlik, general manager of the Korunkuk Foundation

The Boluka Girls’ Dormitory will be a “home” full of love and faith for the Kurunkuks. Noting that regular donations from individuals and corporate donors are important for the sustainability of the Korunkuk Foundation’s work, said Wa Idinlik, general manager of the Korunkuk Foundation; “Our foundation supports our girls who, regardless of educational achievement, are adopted in our village by prioritizing their risky situation across the country, until they become strong women of the future.” Says

Atty is chairman of the board of trustees and board of directors of the Korunkuk Foundation.  Dr.  Figen samurai

Korunkuk Foundation Board of Trustees and Chairman Atti. Dr. Figen samurai

Attending the press conference, Atty, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Cornwall Foundation. Dr. Figen samurai; “Balluka Girls’ Dormitory will be a new ‘home’ for our 70 girls, where they can live a life full of love and faith. Our board of directors, our trustees, our employees, our valued donors, our members of the press who always make us feel that we are a big and strong family; Balluka Girls Dormitory is the result of a work done with you, who are our partners in our cause, very happy to have you. ” Says

Korunkuk Foundation; Works to serve a society where children can access their rights, grow up with love and trust, continue their education without hindrance and create additional value regardless of socio-economic circumstances. Created with models of preventive, protective and remedial services, the Koruncuk Foundation empowers girls whose basic needs and access to education are at risk to participate in society as individuals who can express themselves and be aware of their rights.

Based on the best interests of the child in its activities, the Foundation provides shelter and care services for girls from Koruncukköy’s secondary school to university and contributes to their socio-cultural development through artistic, cultural and sports activities. The Koruncuk Foundation, which adopts a policy of empowering children with their families because of their positive impact on their psychosocial development, conducts family-based studies for this purpose. It has reached the age of 18, growing under the roof of the foundation, continuing their support during their higher education or professional development in line with their preferences. The foundation also works to promote social work models and studies at the national level, raising public awareness of children’s rights. It works to protect children’s rights and reduce the risk of accessing these rights, along with the Child and Rights Protection Platform, which they have established, bringing together more than 20 NGOs.

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