Is circumcision performed for health purposes or under social pressure?

During the operation on a 4-year-old boy by a non-doctor in Kahramanmaras, the young man’s genitals were cut off. A tissue taken from the mouth was transplanted into the genitals of the little boy who was brought to Istanbul for treatment. Coming to the fore after the disaster Experts say ‘circumcision is necessary for health’, ‘does its absence constitute a health problem?’ Made important statements about the questions.

Noting that there are fans and opponents of circumcision, Professor of Urology. Dr. Lavend OzkanCircumcision is not a surgical procedure that should be performed for the health of everyone, nor is it a complication. If not, it is a process that harms the body.“He said.

“We do it with a traditional purpose.”

Noting that circumcision can be protective in areas such as Africa, where major hygiene ingredients such as water and soap are not accessible, Professor Dr. Dr. Ozkan,If the foreskin is removed and cleansed, many of the potential benefits of circumcision will come from cleansing alone.Said

Mention that in rare cases circumcision is recommended, Professor. Dr. Ozkan Continues:

There may be cases where circumcision is recommended for certain diseases and birth defects, but these are not very common. Circumstances in which circumcision is necessary or compulsory are extremely rare. We are not circumcised to prevent penile cancer or this disease in the future. We usually perform circumcision for traditional purposes as we wish.

Who can circus?

Professor Dr. Lavend Ozkan: “Most urologists, pediatric surgeons and general practitioners perform circumcision in Turkey. It is all about a person’s interest in circumcision, his teachings and his views on circumcision. Circumcision should be given importance to doctors and it is important to teach it to their students. Because we learn general intervention, childbirth and sewing in medical school, but we don’t learn about circumcision, which goes through every boy in Turkey. I always try to teach it to the students by keeping circumcision as a lesson in the universities where I work. We should do it well and teach it so that, as in the case of Kahramanmaras, this task is not left to people who do not deserve to go down the stairs.. There are people who have no medical knowledge, no healthcare workers, and who see someone say ‘I will do it’ and claim to have been circumcised and circumcised. Circumcision of a person who is no longer a healthcare worker is not acceptable in Turkey in 2022. Here, the work falls to our doctors.

“It has benefits but not necessarily.”

Two-thirds of the world’s male population is uncircumcised. Pediatric surgeon. Faculty member Murat Mutus, He said circumcision should be viewed from a religious, health and social point of view. Mutuş listed his assessment in this regard as follows:

“From a health point of view, circumcision has its benefits, but not necessarily. There are many views on health. There are diseases, especially in Africa, and scientific studies conducted here show that circumcised men are less likely to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, but the big difference. No. “

“Attention to cleanliness”

“When the foreskin is closed, a germicidal environment is created inside it. But if you take a bath every day and pay attention to hygiene, there is no difference between circumcision and non-circumcision. We cannot say, ‘In this case. Circumcised people are healthy, uncircumcised people are unhealthy ‘. There is also an argument about premature ejaculation. There is no scientific source for this. Socially speaking, most people in Turkey are Muslims. “Children come from abroad and demand circumcision. Their friends make fun of these children and the child becomes depressed. There is also pressure from the neighbors.”

Urinary tract infections

Circumcision is a religious practice and there are examples of this process in ancient Egyptian papyrus, he said. Professor Dr. Murat KalemogluHe spoke of the need for circumcision in terms of health:Circumcision is related to inflammation of the skin of the foreskin which occurs as a result of unhealthiness There are some advantages against (smegma). However, if people pay attention to their hygiene, there is no condition that it should be done in terms of health. In cases where the foreskin is very thin, urinary tract infections can develop very frequently in children or cause various complications. In this case, circumcision can also be done in Europe. “

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