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Abdulkadir Konukolu, honorary president of SANKO Holdings, said he was away from work every day at the age of 65, but went to work regularly every morning and said, “If you say the boss should work like a professional, and the managers leave his father. They should be managed, you will fail quickly. “

Abdulkadir Konukolu shared his experience by attending a regular meeting of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry Family Companies and Institutional Assembly Working Group in May, chaired by President Om Karadenez.

“Abdulkadir Konukolu is one of the largest locomotives in our country in the industry. We are very happy to host them. I thank them. On behalf of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.” Noting that it would be very helpful to take children into the enterprise from an early age and observe the work processes in a timely manner, Konukolu said, “A business family does not take their children into the initiative. They should be provided. With the work environment in the workplace. Pay the kids at a young age and you should make it a rule that they don’t go out of this budget. If you say ‘buy it, use it if you need it,’ that kid will not succeed, “he said.

Emphasizing the need to set rules when giving young people opportunities, Konukolu said, “We all love our kids very much, but we have to set boundaries well. Right now, the fourth and fifth generations are doing business together, but every two years they come to work elsewhere.” , Learn to take orders and digest them. My and my brother’s children have joined Sanko after working in different companies for two years. Those who work abroad learn to be empathetic, “he said.

“The road to success is through effort and struggle”

Explaining the start-up process, Konukolu summarizes its success journey as follows:

“My father, Mr. Sunny, when he was handing me over to the master at the factory, said to my master, ‘This is your apprentice, if you give me a chance to be my son, I will not disappoint you.'” Dad came home, when he came to work. There’s a boss. I didn’t call my dad ‘daddy’ in the factory until I joined the military. I used to call him boss. I was also forbidden to go. In the administrative building. I swept the floor and wiped the bench for six months at work. I worked in electric, plumbing, turning, machinery for 15 years, then I got promoted as factory manager. These years are not easy. When you start a job, being a manager right now is not easy, it requires effort and struggle. I slowly took over the management. That’s how we grew up. We have been working at every level. Our masters never came to us. He did not behave like a boss’s child. We were ordinary employees of the factory. I arrived these days for the uncompromising and regularity of my masters. Thank God for my hard work. We have struggled to get to this point. “

“Never panic in life, if you panic you can’t move forward”

“Never panic in life, if you panic you can’t move on,” Konokolu advised young people:

“Don’t dream of climbing three stairs at once, aim to feel all the steps step by step. It is not important to know the work, it is important to manage well. A good manager should be calm, think, be able to look ahead. Knowledge is important, but management is more. Important. Never be discouraged, stay calm, “Decide calmly and be a friend of your decision. To learn, you need to start with a beginner. If you are not a beginner in the job, you will not be able to become proficient. If you don’t take responsibility, you won’t get a gold wallet. Universities open up your horizons, it’s up to you to fill them. “

“First you will be institutionalized in the family”

Emphasizing that institutionalization should be a priority in the family and then the institutionalization of organizations, Konukolu continued:

“It is very important to set rules within the family for institutionalization. Family constitution is a must. It can be updated every three or four years. First, you will institutionalize within the family. If possible, do not employ two siblings. Or siblings the same. Whether at home, from family or from outside. When you face such situation, you should be assigned to different units. When one of the siblings buys jewelry or a different gift, the other wants it too. For example, no capital will be accumulated. But if everyone has a salary it will not cost. Problem. Make sure you create your own budget. “We should emphasize family members. That it has a legal personality. Everyone should have a salary. If not, there will be fights between siblings and their wives. In a sense, payroll opens the door to savings. “

Noting that institutionalization should be done step by step and employees should be well selected, Konukolu said they communicate their employees as fathers, sons and brothers.

With an older brother or manager at work until he dies, Konukolu hints that the family may be in danger of breaking up, “The next brother should know when he will take over the business and prepare himself. I’m retired from my daily work, but I go back to work every morning. At age 65 or today. At age 70, you must quit your job and hand over the flag to your successors. ” He warned.

“Inheritance sharing, big brothers should act as fathers”

Konukolu said that after the death of the father, the elder brothers should be fair in sharing the inheritance, and ended his speech as follows:

“The division of inheritance in the family business should be very fair. No one in the family should feel that they are being treated unfairly. If the inheritance is fair then the family will be united and will continue to grow with love and respect.” In inheritance sharing, they keep their siblings together as much as the elders accept the sacrifice. The family reunites, the company grows. Shortly after the death of my father, Sunny Konukolu, in 1994, I split the inheritance so that no one speaks and everyone They get what they deserve. It is already clear how many shares he owns in the company. I have got the approval of my family elders to share the land. I have formed a commission. I made a draw, starting with my younger brother. I didn’t draw, I said, ‘Everyone draws, the rest is mine.’ Returns. When the distribution of inheritance is fair, no one has anything to say. That way, there was no annoyance at sharing the inheritance. “- GAZİANTEP

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