Nuri Shahin is fine, but let’s not forget Aziz Setin.

My father, Suleiman Gursoy, was born in the Mukur district of Kirsehir and suffers from poverty and unemployment and decided to fight for his life in Ankara. I always listen to my father, who is 100 years old today, who came to Ankara 3 quarters of a century ago, walking without proper shoes on his feet and eating corn all the way. We spent our summer vacations in Mukur and Kurugol, where my late mother was born, until the high school year. If we were inspired by the words of Neşet Ertaş, we would run to the “cut grass” and drink “cold water”. To me the biggest meaning of the village was “Almansians” who came on summer vacation, just like my uncle lives in the Netherlands. Alamanchi below, Alamanchi above.

Thus began the story of Nuri’s contract with Real Madrid. Like my father, Nuri, the son of Savas Shahin, moved to Germany 40 years ago from the Kaman district of Kirsehir to fight for his life. I wrote earlier that he grew up listening to the Knesset and, thanks, read inspirational books.

With examples like Mesut Ozil in front of him, Nuri Shaheen showed how strong his roots are and what the national team has chosen. (Mourinho also mentions that he was impressed by the strength of his character). When he achieved a respectable position in Germany without abandoning his values, he was promoted to captain of Dortmund at the age of 22, and from there he carried his wings to the King’s team.

I asked my nephew, who lives in Stuttgart, how the German press viewed the issue and read the headlines “Deutsche-Turkish”.

This is what Germans usually call Turks of German descent who do well and succeed. This expression was not used for those who were assimilated or did not emphasize their logic.

In addition to a lot of information, Kırşehir websites only have the name Neşet Ertaş. In my opinion, a new page should be opened for Nuri Shaheen. We had a discussion with the mayor of Kyrgyzstan’s Yasar Bahchesi about these issues. They were planning to give him the keys to the city.

Farooq Nafiz Ozak, Minister of State for Sports, was the first to call and congratulate Nuri. Suppose he is proud of himself and wishes him continued success, the speech also touched Nuri.

I also called and congratulated my countryman Nuri. I especially congratulate you for this: Nouri has broken all memorization and superstition.

This means that he has been transferred to Real Madrid without the German national team jersey.

This means that at the age of 22 it is possible to be the captain of the champion team.

So there is something more important than money.

More importantly, it means that a person can be a common source of pride for the people of the country where he was born, fed and wore the national jersey.

As our locals say, ‘Farewell to my countrymen’.

11 years ago

I wrote this article 11 years ago, again in May, in my column in Habertark.

Nuri Shahin, who was young at the time, but who was close to Real Madrid, is now a successful coach at Antalyaspor.

Nuri Shahin received the attention and acclaim of the sports public through his football, as well as earning the title of being unbeaten in 15 matches in the history of the club.

Ersun Yanal and Nuri Sahin

Luckily, the football that Nuri Shahin played reminded me of his predecessor, Ersun Yanal.

Ankaragücü, of which I was also a member of the board at the time, later played in Gençlerbirliği, reminiscent of modern football.

A fast, forward and aggressive football.

In fact, when my close friend Ersun Yanal took a reverse football visit to Antalyspor, his captain Nuri Shahin created a completely different Antalspor when he captured the ship.

The leader’s breath

A man who has had the opportunity and experience to work with the presidents of seven football federations for many years, both prime ministers and ministers at various levels of bureaucracy, members of the Ankaraguku and Basketball Federation Board of Sports and since 2006 as chairman of the TFF Disabled Football Coordinating Board, I say I can say that “everything is like the breath of a leader”.

Leaders are those who have big steps, big decisions and primary responsibility for their outcome.

I owe it to the President of Antalyaspor, lawyer Aziz Setin, whom I met at the airport for the group stage match of the European Championship that we will play against Italy about a year ago and with whom I had a close dialogue.

Separated from an experienced name like Ersun Yanal, he hired a team captain, Nuri Shahin, who had no technical experience, to lead the team on a five-year contract.

In a potential failure, the move was no different than pushing his head towards the guillotine.

Led by Aziz Sitin

In the past – I think it was like one day – the president of Ankaraguku, another lawyer, Semal Aydin, stood behind the young Ersun Yanal, who lost the first 6-7 weeks in a row and paved the way for his departure to make his mark in Turkish football.

We can multiply these examples, but that is what leadership and leadership need to be.

Let’s praise my colleague Nuri Shahin till the end, but don’t forget the honorable President of Antalspor, Aziz Setin.

“Diplomacy and politics are not the norm, but the art of achieving,” they say.

I think this applies to the presidency of the club, especially to the presidency of these lands.

After the change of Ersun teacher in Aziz presidency, Nuri Shaheen showed that he has made the right decision keeping in line with his potential.

As our locals say, ‘Good luck to my countrymen and the President’ ..

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