Pay attention, pregnant mothers over the age of 35

The age of motherhood is increasing day by day with education, career, financial difficulties and livelihood. In recent years, the number of pregnant mothers aged 35 and over has greatly increased. Asibadem University Atacant Hospital gynecologist and obstetrician. Elf Ganyme Aygun said that the “cruelty of time” should not be ignored when postponing the goal of becoming a mother, adding, “Over the years, we meet many pregnant mothers who want to have children at some point in their lives. However, egg preservation and quality decreases with age. Therefore, if you are planning to become a mother over the age of 35, you can embark on a journey for a healthy pregnancy by strictly following your doctor’s recommendations. Gynecologist and obstetrician said. Elif Ganime Aygün talks about 8 rules that pregnant mothers over the age of 35 should pay attention to and gives important warnings and advice.

Keep track of your menstrual cycle
Although the pregnancy rate for women under 35 is 65 percent, this rate is about 10-15 percent for those over 35, and it gradually decreases over the years. Changes in your menstrual cycle are the most important sign to understand that your productivity is declining. Changes in menstrual duration, amount, and frequency may be related to hormonal irregularities or loss of ovulation. For this reason, ovarian capacity should be reviewed every six months with hormonal and sonographic assessments. As soon as it subsides, a treatment plan should be made immediately. Decreased egg capacity also paves the way for children with genetic diseases.

Plan with a dietitian
One of the most important and common problems in pregnancy is weight control. It is beneficial for pregnant mothers to control their weight by predicting that they will gain at least 12-14 kg during pregnancy. Sometimes, the onset of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to weight gain or severe weight loss in mothers who vomit during severe pregnancy. Under the control of a dietitian, pregnant mothers should prepare a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet for pregnancy, and fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits should be essential.

Check your body reserves
A pregnant mother needs to be prepared not only for hormones, but also for biochemical use of her body. In other words, if a woman wants to grow anything other than herself in her body, her blood must be full of vitamins and minerals. Folic acid is one of the most important parameters, especially for the first months of pregnancy. Iron, vitamin D and vitamin B levels are also extremely valuable for mother and baby in the later weeks of pregnancy.

Stay away from bad habits
It is very important to stay away from bad habits like smoking, alcohol or addiction. Drink green tea regularly every day and drink plenty of water. Cigarettes; This can lead to serious problems such as premature rupture of the bladder during pregnancy, developmental delays, mental retardation, low birth weight, preeclampsia (gestational blood pressure) which is called pregnancy poisoning, gestational diabetes and pneumonia. Similarly, alcohol causes a series of pathological conditions called fetal alcohol syndrome. Other medications can cause serious incontinence and miscarriage.

Control your chronic disease
It may be necessary for pregnant mothers who have a chronic illness and have taken the medication regularly to seek permission from a physician who has had the disease before pregnancy, to control the medications they regularly take, to stop if necessary, and to contact them occasionally. . Physician and obstetrician. The risk of mothers suffering from internal, surgical or chronic mental illness should be closely monitored by a pregnancy specialist. This is because in some diseases it is not possible to stop the medication and therefore intensive monitoring of the fetus is required.

Exercise regularly
Based on the principle that a healthy baby grows into a healthy body, every pregnant mother should exercise regularly. Regular exercise balances blood pressure and strengthens muscle and joint structure. All of this helps the pregnant mother to adapt more easily to her changing body during pregnancy. The baby also makes an easy delivery bed for himself. So, giving birth naturally will be much easier. Walking, Pilates, Yoga and Swimming are easy games for pregnant mothers.

Get your smear test
Gynecologist and obstetrician said. Elif Ganime Aygün “Every pregnant mother should have a smear test, which is a cervical cancer screening to control possible pre-cancerous lesions in the body, which will be under intense hormonal stimulation before pregnancy. This test can be done even at the first sight of pregnancy. There is no harm in doing so. “Every wound heals quickly and saves lives.” Known as AIDS, it should be done before pregnancy.

Beware of urinary tract infections
Most women have urinary tract infections that do not cause symptoms. However, this infection causes premature birth, which forces the baby to take intensive care of the newborn. For this reason, complete urine analysis and urine culture are important tests for pregnant mothers. Also, vaginal infections that can occur during pregnancy can cause infections in the baby and water can cause premature rupture of the bladder. Since vaginal infections cannot be treated orally, vaginal culture scans must be performed before planning a pregnancy. If necessary, treatment should be done together with the partner.

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