Physicians, dentists and pharmacists will be appointed in the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health has announced in the Official Gazette “2022 for the first time in the 2nd term and the announcement of the re-employment draw”.

Institutions and agencies that specialize in medicine for the first time or in accordance with the provisions of the relevant articles of the Health Services Basic Act and for the needs of the Ministry of Health and its affiliates and the general public. There will be re-employment, recruitment and appointment of staff of specialist doctors, physicians, specialist dentists, dentists and pharmacists. Within the framework of the announced calendar is carried by a lottery in the computer environment by the notary public.

In the drawing, two separate placements will be made for candidates with Pharmacist designation, and only the second placement process will be applied for other titles and branches.

In the first placement, staff with the title of Pharmacist who have foreign language skills and have graduated from the doctoral program will be hired for the Turkish Medicine and Medical Devices Agency.

In the second appointment, the Ministry of Health and its affiliates and other government agencies and agencies will be staffed by pharmacists, specialist dentists, dentists, doctors and specialists.

General Department’s “” website will be entered into the e-Government Gateway Identity Verification System through Personal Information System (PBS) and the application will be submitted in the draw calendar within the stipulated time. Ministry of Health Management Services. The place and time of the draw will be announced at the same internet address.

The application form will be filled electronically.

Candidates will fill up the application form electronically in PBS within the date mentioned in the drawing calendar, save and finalize their choices. After the finalization process, no changes can be made to the application information and preferences. Applications that have not been finalized will not be considered. The finalized application form will not be sent as a separate physical document.

Foreigners of Turkish descent are required by law to register a document of Turkish descent obtained electronically from a government institution through the application process.

Candidates for the title and branch without a pharmacist can only opt for the second placement and choose a maximum of 10. Candidates who have stated that they would like to settle by general draw will be given vacant posts by general draw if their preferences are not met.

Those who wish to apply for the draw and their application has been rejected will be able to do so electronically through PBS between May 31 and June 14. Those who have rejected their application for lot can no longer apply for this lot.

Applications that are not deemed fit as a result of the test will be announced on PBS to replace the notification on the basis of rejection. Objections will be accepted electronically and the results will be announced on PBS.

In the case of re-employment of those who have withdrawn and are deemed to have withdrawn from the Civil Service, the period specified in Section 97 of the Civil Servants Act No. 657 shall be considered. However, those who are in this condition and those who have 1 month left till the end of their disability will be accepted.

Candidates who do not comply with certain conditions will have their application rejected.

The address mentioned by the candidate in the application will be taken on the basis of the recruitment notification of the candidates for the posts of Ministry of Health and its affiliated agencies. Those who have been appointed to any cadre or post as a result of lottery will not be able to apply for lottery for 1 year after this announcement.

Candidates who do not comply with the conditions stated in the declaration text will not be accepted. Those whose applications have been inadvertently accepted and placed by lot will not be appointed and even if they do, they will be rejected. Candidates’ application or missing application along with missing documents will also be considered as invalid.

Candidates who have been placed in the post after the draw will be recruited after completion of archival research. Those whose archive research is negative will not be assigned, and even if they are, they will be discarded.

Within the scope of Act No. 5335, retired physicians and specialist physicians can apply by choosing the positions of the Ministry of Health and its affiliates. However, according to the same law, retired doctors and specialist doctors will not be appointed even if they are permanent in any institution other than the facilities of the Ministry of Health.

Appointment draw calendar

According to the announcement, “For the first time in 2022, and for the re-assignment draw schedule”, applications will be submitted through PBS from tomorrow, Monday 30 May to 18.00.

The results of the application evaluation will be announced on PBS on Thursday, June 9. Objections of those whose application will be rejected after the examination will be accepted through this system till Friday, June 10, 18.00. The results of the appeal will be announced on PBS on Wednesday, June 15.

The draw will be held on Thursday, June 16, and the venue and time will be announced on the “” website. Documents for the appointment will be available until 18.00 on Friday 1st July.

Those who are contracted in government institutions and organizations and those who work in private health facilities will submit documents that they have been dismissed from their institution in the health facility where they will start their responsibilities after their appointment.

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