Professor Dr. Analysis of the education system by Generation Z and Erhan Erkut: ‘There is no loyalty, there is freedom’

Professor Dr. Erhan Erkut said, “The education system cannot suppress the Z generation like us. They are a very independent generation. Losing is not a silent generation and the rejection of the education system is at an all-time high, “said Dr. Dr. We, the Vice-Chancellor of MEF University and the founder of Yeetgen.

– What are the distinguishing features of Z generation from previous generation?

There is no one-size-fits-all generation Z. It does not cover all young people. The difference I can notice is that when these children come out of the educational environment they are easily captured because access to information becomes very easy. They have a high capacity to develop their own ideas. Their natural communities are digital, virtual. In this way, they reach a much wider audience, develop different interests, become more people in the world, and tackle the world’s problems. They want to hear, they value their own opinions. They prefer organizations that match their own values, and reject organizations that do not exist. I think they are very healthy. I have a hard time understanding those who complain about the Z Generation. It seems to me very admirable that the youth have developed in this way. I have high expectations for this generation.

– Is the education system suitable for this generation?

Of course not. One of the characteristics of the Z generation is their ability to break these limitations. They are taking information. They can refuse the smooth food placed in front of them and make their own food. I think the education system will do less harm to this generation than the previous generation. Rejection of the education system is at the top in Generation Z. They don’t come to school, they listen to the teacher with a smile, they don’t really care. The education system does not play a role in their development. This has been happening for many years, but we have accepted it. This is not a lame, silent generation. This is probably the most important difference from the previous generation.

“There is a gap between us,” the adults say. Why are we on the right side of the abyss? ” It should be asked. Maybe they are on the right and we are on the wrong! If the children object, it may not be a bad thing. These guys can make the world a better place.

Who has education?

– The name of your last book ‘The System is Helpless, Education is Yours’ Who are you?

When I say you have education, I mean everyone outside the system, including the education community. Teachers understand that they are in the system, but when it comes to educating their children, they need to get out of the system. Everyone must take responsibility for education. We have given education as the responsibility of the state. But if we are not satisfied with the work of the state, instead of complaining they should ask “What can we do?” Probably one of the most ambitious solutions is to bring parents together and establish a cooperative and open a school. There is no need to open a school. If we expect eight things from schools, then we need alternative educational institutions who can solve one of them well.

Primary target happiness

– What would you recommend to parents?

It will be better if parents stop thinking that they know they will succeed. The main goal is to make the child happy. You cannot be successful or happy without doing what you love. The child needs to discover what he likes. For that, we have to allow it to travel within itself. From kindergarten, we have to say what the world needs. Wrong question “what do you want to be”. We need to ask, “What in the world do you want to change?”

Home education

– What do you think about homeschooling?

I think homeschooling is a partial solution. Because I think the time spent in school is not rewarding for the student. In fact, sometimes I think the school hurts, especially when it comes to peer violence and mobbing. It doesn’t sound very dignified, but I’m learning high school for high school students. Follow the curriculum there, do the diploma, but as the curriculum is light you will have the opportunity to do other things. If we had a standard education system, I would not recommend opening a home school or high school, but if the school does not meet your desired goals, then you have to do those activities yourself.

The solution is out of the system

– What if parents do not allow their child to go to open high school?

Parents also need to see that high schools do not serve a purpose. The biggest problem for parents is realizing everything like their period. In my time, high school was a good place, but now it is not.

Parents need to pass on some of their decision-making roles to the child. These children are not our property, they have their own lives. Our education system is a standard, loyalty-centric system that is specifically designed to reduce efficiency. It is pointless to expect him to develop his skills in the 21st century. The work is done. Almost all solutions are outside the education system.

The problem of the world

– Should young people be prepared for future jobs?

I don’t like the term “future profession”. If the profession has a future, it must also see the future. If we can’t predict right now why would we extend children? Let’s put my future career on the line, let’s think about the future. What kind of problems await the world in 20-30 years? If you can solve the problems of the world, there will be a profession that will fill the gap. There is no need to know the names of the professions today.

Develop 21st Century Skills, Don’t Be Afraid of Future Professions, Let Professions Fear You

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