Public Personnel Recruitment Job Posting has been published in 13 organizations! Secondary School High School Vocational School Graduate

New and updated public employee recruitment job postings have been published for 13 public institutions and organizations. At least middle school, high school, undergraduate and associate degree graduates can apply. Here is our news which includes all the necessary details about the process.

Turkish Employment Agency, Kemalia Municipality, Seniurt Municipality, Ministry of Health, Burdur Municipality, TAI, State Hydraulic Works, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Euphrates University, Immigration Administration, Maintenance Repair and Engineering Command, New Institute of Kahramanmara University Published. Candidates with at least secondary education, bachelor’s degree and associate degree can apply. Here are all the details by branch and organization:

Complete list of job posting companies for hiring government employees

  • Turkish Employment Agency 200 government employees,
  • Kemaliye – senyurt municipality recruitment of civil servants,
  • Ministry of Health 2022/2. Recruitment of temporary staff
  • Bardur Municipality has recruited 22 employees,
  • Recruitment of TAI astronaut candidates,
  • Recruitment of State Hydraulic Works DSI Staff,
  • Recruitment of 3 civil servants under contract from Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • Recruitment of 34 Civil Servants in Firat University,
  • Immigration administration recruits 60 government employees,
  • Maintenance, Repair and Recruitment of Staff in 2 Heads of Engineering Command,
  • Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University is hiring 10 civil servants,
  • Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University has announced new staff for the recruitment of 12 public servants. Here are all the details about the organization:

Tekirdag Namık Kemal University recruits 12 public servants

Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University announced the recruitment of 12 new civil servants for the public. Nurse recruitment applications have started to be accepted. Will be recruited without interview as per contract and KPSS score order. To recruit 12 nurses, one must be a graduate of the Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing, School of Nursing or Department of Health School Nursing. Here is our news with other terms and all details.

Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University is hiring 10 civil servants

Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University has announced the recruitment of 10 new contracted public servants. Associate and undergraduate graduates, at least high school graduates, can apply. You can see all the details and application for technicians, office workers, dieticians, psychologists and pharmacists from this news.

Recruitment of 2 posts of Maintenance, Repair and Engineering Command

An announcement has been made in the body of Tuzla “Maintenance, Repair and Engineering Command”, where candidates with two different titles, at least secondary school graduates, can apply. Can be applied with 18-35 year olds. Candidates who have graduated from at least high school and are in most high schools can apply for the appointment of a construction master and an electrician. Here is our news with details about the process.

The immigration administration will hire government employees

At least secondary school graduates will be able to apply under the Department of General Immigration Management. You can review the application process for permanent staff of 60 cleaning staff and all the details in the news below. All details for Permanent Recruitment Staff that candidates between the ages of 18-30 can apply for:

Fırat University employs 34 civil servants

Recruitment of government employees in public university institutions, for which at least undergraduate and associate degree graduates can apply, including high school graduates, has begun. Details of recruitment process of government employees have been announced without interview as per KPSS Score Order. The university hospital will employ nurses, psychologists, health technicians, support staff and security personnel. Here are all the details where you can get all the details.

Recruitment of 3 civil servants under contract from Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Recruitment of 3 contracted public servants has been started by the Ministry of External Affairs in the order of KPSS points. Candidates must be graduates from the high school department listed in the advertisement to apply. You can now access all the details from this news. Here are all the details:

Recruitment of State Hydraulic Works DSI Staff

State Hydraulic Works has started recruiting new government employees in 3 posts. DSI 3 Public servants must be at least elementary school graduates. Permanent staff employs 1 physical worker, 1 construction painter and 1 gardener in the 40-year-old border worker cadre. Here is a guide with the necessary application points related to the process:

Recruitment of TAI astronaut candidates has started

The application for the recruitment of the first Turkish astronaut has begun. Candidates aged 44 years can also apply. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree may apply, provided that they meet all other requirements. Here are the details of the process, including the online application screen:

Recruitment of 22 staff in Bardur Municipality

The Burdur Municipality employed 22 government workers. The minimum age for recruitment of secondary school staff is 45. You can review in detail the application process for hiring 22 government employees under 2 different headings in our application news below. Recruitment process and details of 4 drivers and 18 physical workers are as follows:

Ministry of Health 2022/2. Recruitment of temporary staff

The announcement of recruitment through lottery for the 2nd term of 2022 among the agencies of the Ministry of Health was published in the Official Gazette. For the first time and in the need of the Ministry of Health and its affiliates and other government agencies and agencies, a timetable has been announced for the repatriation lot. The application has started from 25th May. Here’s our app calendar news that includes all the details about the process:

Kemaliye – নিয়োগenyurt Municipality Civilian Employment Recruitment

2 Applications for recruitment of staff including at least secondary school graduates will be accepted within the municipality. With the hiring of physical workers, babysitters will be hired. Candidates with at least secondary degree can apply. You can immediately review all the necessary details about the application process through İŞKUR in this news.

Turkish Employment Agency 200 Civil Servants

Within the Turkish Employment Agency, URKUR, applications were announced for the employment of 200 contract government employees in 56 different cities. İŞKUR officer application application screen has been opened today. You can review the 4 / B contract public employee recruitment process for 200 employees and see all the details in our news below. Applications can be submitted until June 3 for 200 workers, including 111 security guards and 89 cooks and cleaners. Here are the details:

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