Sports at the top, football at the bottom

2022.05.24 06:30

The success of the country that sleeps with football and wakes up with football in 3 days… it will be talked about for a few days, will be lost in the news of transfer.


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Anadolu is defending her title in the Euros League at the World Women’s Boxing Championships, Vakifbank is crowning the Champions League for the fifth time …

There is no doubt that the revolution is taking place in the sports arena of our country. Our representatives compete in many competitions that we have only seen on screen before. In particular, jumps are more clearly visible in women. Degrees earned in a country where girls play hard and sometimes hide it from their families must be significant.

Between 1908-2016, Turkish female athletes were able to win 5 Olympic medals, and only in Tokyo. In this case, Japan was like a dream for us. But if you forgive me, before volleyball …

The world would be full of news if men did what they achieved in football. If a company puts its signature of sustainable success in commercial life, it will show up among the world leaders. History will write the names of our female volleyball players in gold letters in a country where their peers have pushed them so hard, they have been murdered and where they are sometimes considered second class citizens. Why do you ask? Although some people criticize their dress, appearance, outlook and way of life, the wonderful women of the net respond to these criticisms on the ground. Not only do they stifle discussions that should have gone on centuries ago, they seem to nail this mentality where it should be with every bite they hit.

At club level, VakıfBank-Eczacıbaşı-Fenerbahçe’s fierce competition has topped women’s volleyball year after year. Since 2010, the three teams have reached the Champions League final without exception. Perhaps the toughest league in the world is played in our country; Undoubtedly, the results are reflected on the net.

Having won two second place, two third place and two Olympic titles at the European Championships, they have also won the European and World Championships in the under-age category. If we look at the balance sheet of our club team, we come across a table that we are not used to at all. Seven championships, seven second place, seven third place in the Champions League; In Cup 2 we have five championships, three second place, three third place, three championship cup 3, six second place, six third place. We are also the most successful country in the Club World Championship, which brings together the best teams in the world. Not a joke, it’s real!

Have you seen such a lasting success story in Turkey? Those who have built the system based on this success, set an example for many, and inspired thousands of girls deserve much applause.[1]

What will happen to our female boxers … Bush Naz, who shook the first ring on the Olympic stage, said hello to the world on May 26, 1996 in Trabzon. Busenaz, who was born in the same city on his second birthday, will follow the same path. Life likes coincidences; The birthdays and anniversaries of the athletes who brought the country the first Olympic medal in boxing are the same; Spell their names differently. Still, it leaves you.

“Do women box?” “This victory is a gift for the women of my country and for all the children who dream of a better future,” Surmenelli, who has always kept his watch high, said after the first match.

Busenaz, whose name is written next to it, has received gold, and Busse Naz, whose name has been written separately, is silver. The door they opened was in the middle. Five gold and two bronze at the World Championships in Istanbul were incredible.

Hatice Akbaş, Ayşe Çağrıir and Şennur Demir were two of the world champions in Olympic history. Apparently, more medals are coming in women’s boxing!

And last but not least, the men’s basketball. Unlike women’s volleyball, we have one team left in the last four in Eurolig since 2016. Anadolu continues to run along a wide path through Fenerbahce, the centerpiece of European basketball known as the Final Four. In 2017, the yellow-dark blue team led by Željko Obradović won, while the dark-blue-white won the second consecutive championship under Ergin Ataman. Olympiacos was the last to achieve this in an organization that had a hard time winning. However, it should be remembered that the Women’s Basketball Eurolig Cup came to Turkey for the first time in 2014 and made its name in history by defeating Fenerbahce in Galatasaray.

Did you say football? At the club level, the point we have reached in Europe is clear. Let’s get immersed in everyday issues and spend a few weeks with debates that won’t fill the fig seed. Success will come one day, right?

[1] For a comprehensive article on our female volleyball players, see Kafa Magazine p.84 / September 2021.

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