The most watched TV series and movies in Turkey in the last 10 days

According to, the most watched TV series and movies in Turkey have been released in the last 10 days. Let’s take a look at the list together.

According to the JustWatch app, between May 16, 2022 and May 24, 2022, on all platforms (excluding big screen and television) It has become clear which is the most watched TV series and movies in Turkey.

Although the list of both TV series and movies mostly includes movies or TV series made after 2020, when I watch you, ‘What’s the deal with this?There are also old productions that will surprise you. Let’s get to our list without cheating.

Most viewed movies in Turkey in last 10 days:

Top gun

Top Gun, a 1986 film by legendary actor Tom Cruise, is an action and passionate film about the struggle to win the Navy pilot Pitt Mitchell’s Top Gun Award. You know, the sequel to Top Songs in May Top song: Maverick will be on the big screenThis is why the first movie has become the most watched movie in the last 10 days.

Zero one

In the movie of the same name, which was adapted into the movie of the “Zero Hero” series, which was broadcast on Bluetooth, which told about the illicit life of a group of people in Adana. Prevent illegal drug use He told them how to get justice around them.

The worst person in the world

In this movie made in 2021 In the turbulent times of love life.It tells the story of four years of Julie’s life as a young woman struggles to find her career path and leads her to take a realistic look at who she really is.

The victim

In the movie The Hunt, originally called The Hunt Rich and generous eliteKidnapping Conservative Americans under certain rules To prey on each other And describes the struggle of Crystal, who wants to end this hunting game. (Dude, are you playing PUBG?)

Uncle: A man’s story

Uncle: The story of a man, played by UFUK Bayraktar, who played the young character of Ramiz Karayeski in the Easel TV series, as you can imagine. He introduced Ramiz Karayeski’s character to the audience.

Dark Girl

In this Netflix special created in 2021, when a woman goes on vacation and the situation gets worse, she starts to face the problems of her past.Dark ‘ Tells you how to get it.

You are Ben Lenin

At first glance at the name, ‘Is this a Turkish movie?’ The movie You Ben Lenin, as you call it, deals with the disappearance of two detectives who are stranded on shore. To find the statue of Lenin A beautiful drama about the interrogation of the locals in a small town on the north coast of Turkey and its aftermath.

The game

The game, entitled The Game, starring legendary actor Michael Douglas, offers a wealthy banker the opportunity to participate in a mysterious game. Being unable to distinguish between game and reality. And as a result, his life was turned upside down.

Big dream

Famous actress Dakota Johnson has acted in this movie of 2020 Scenic music scene in Los Angeles In this world The endIt tells the story of Grace Davis (Tracy Ellis Ross), a superstar whose talents and arrogance reach incredible heights, and her hard-working personal assistant Maggie (Dakota Johnson).

King of Staten Island

The drama and comedy movie King of Staten Island starring Pete Davidson, which you have seen in many movies but probably have not heard. A goalless laziness, She talked about her dream of becoming a tattoo artist while living with her mother and chatting with friends on Staten Island in New York.

The most watched TV series in Turkey in the last 10 days:

Erson Kuneri

Erson Kuneri’s TV series, which, with its debut, has rocked all social media on whether Sem Ilmaz is funny or not, a series we know from Gora Movie. Adult film actor And Directed by Ersan Kuneri Leave this kind of movie and go to the movies Making movies in other categories Don’t want Tells his story.


The French-made Totemus, a 2021 production and prime video special series, was set in mid-1965, when a French rocket scientist embarked on a field mission for an almost impossible espionage mission and secretly worked for the KGB. A Soviet woman talks about falling in love.


Thanks to Twitter, Euphoria, which we all ended up without actually seeing the show, is easy A teenage drama about some teenagers who do bad things.

Spectrum US love

This 2022 documentary-esque Netflix production How do people with autism manage their relationships? Is explained.

Love, death and robots

Netflix animated series Love, Death and Robots, whose first season aired in 2019; In subjects such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, history, and comedy. Works with short stories.

Bang Bang Baby

The Amazon Prime video special, Bang Bang Baby, which began airing in 2022, is influenced by the music, TV and popular culture of Alice’s time, who finds herself in Milan’s criminal life because of her love for her father. Using your imagination It speaks of trying to overcome.

Who killed Sarah?

The 2021 Netflix Spanish series Who Killed Sara ?, which aired and ended in Season 2, seeks revenge and murder of his sister. He is determined to prove the conspiracy It tells the story of much more than the real culprit of Alex’s murder.

Good call Saul

Better Call Saul, the spin-off of Breaking Bad, which was recently announced to feature Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in its final season, as you can imagine, This is the life of Saul’s character in Breaking Bad.

My next guest needs no introduction to David Letterman

Streaming on Netflix since 2018, I don’t need any next guest acquaintance with David Letterman, adopted by comedian David Letterman Conducts live interviews with famous guests.

In the darkness of the sun

Marisa Tomei, whom we know from Spider-Man, William H. Massey, whom we know from Shameless, Brian Cranston, whom we know from Breaking Bad, and Matthew McConnaghi, whose real name is The Lincoln Lawyer. A lawyer for a rich manHow his client begins to believe that he is guilty of multiple crimes and begins to question his moral values.

What do you think of the most watched movies in Turkey in the last 10 days? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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