The waiver given to the harasser has been canceled

The incident took place on 28 July 2020 in Merkezefendi district. DA, who was out of work, took a minibus from Bayrameri to go home. After DA, Hassan Ali Sekin got on the same minibus. He landed in the same place as Sekin Eddie, who had put the young woman to the test and followed her on the road he was walking on. Sekin verbally abused the young woman who entered his apartment, threatened Eddie with a knife, and physically assaulted him with his hand. Noticing the noise coming from the apartment, Sekin, who heard that DA’s family had opened the door, fled the scene. As part of the investigation into the incident, Sekin was apprehended by police. He also identified the tortured DA Sekin from his hand tattoo. A lawsuit was filed against Sekin in the second criminal court in the first instance, alleging “simple sexual harassment.” Denying the allegations, Sekin was sentenced by a court to 9 years in prison. The court took the positive attitude and behavior of the accused during the trial as the reason for good behavior and reduced the sentence to 7 years and 6 months.

‘I left, thinking they formed me’

DA’s lawyer, Melike Ilkgul Yartark, found the sentence handed down by the local court to be too small and appealed. Defendant’s attorneys think the sentence is too much and apply it. The case is being re-heard in the 6th Penal Chamber of the Antalya Regional Court. Sekin, who was re-examined, said, “I don’t know DA before, we exchanged glances in the minibus. I was fascinated by his gaze. I got off the minibus after him to offer him friendship. I got on the elevator with her. I told her I liked her. I asked her for her phone number. She couldn’t find it in the store. She said she was going to be engaged in 3 days, so I asked her to show me a picture of her fianc. When he got off the elevator, he said he had a panic attack and started screaming. He left the house. When his father came out, I thought they were plotting against me. I didn’t tear DA’s shirt. I will take action against him No. I have heard that there were allegations against some of them before. I think DA has a mental disorder. I do not accept complaints. I demand an investigation into his case and I demand his release, “he said.

‘I wanted a strategy but it didn’t work out’

In his statement, the DA said he did not realize the accused was following him and said, “I entered the apartment and took the elevator. When I got down, the accused started kissing me. He tried to touch my body. He covered her. He grabbed me by the throat with his hand so that I wouldn’t scream. I couldn’t scream. My brother opened the door of the house and saw me screaming. He threw him and called his father. I wanted to give, but it didn’t happen. He tore my athlete during the incident. I am the complainant, “he said.

Imprisonment for 12 years

As a result of the trial, the 6th Criminal Division signed an exemplary decision. The Criminal Chamber stated in a statement that in his defense, the accused stated that he wanted the victim’s phone number in the elevator, that he would not give the victim’s phone number, but that he was working in the store, that he would be employed at 3. Day, and that he showed pictures of his fianc If he had not spoken to the victim, it would not have been possible for him to know these things, but the engaged woman told someone he did not know. Defendants follow the victim and can easily identify current sages from her social media account. Considering that he did not show remorse, it was decided not to apply in favor of section 62 of the TPC.

In its decision, the Criminal Chamber overturned the decision of the local court to reduce the defendants. It decided that the accused Hassan Ali Sekin would be sentenced to a total of 12 years imprisonment, considering the social and precautionary nature of the punishment and the continuity of his detention.

‘Exemplary Decision Made’

Ilkgul Yartturk, DA’s lawyer, told Melik that an exemplary decision had been made, adding that “the defendant was sentenced by a local court to 9 years in prison. In this decision, he was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison. Decreased conduct. The sentence was commuted to 12 years in prison. The sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court. They should be resisted. It is clear that the court should. Consider these issues at the hearing, “he said.

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