This polyclinic takes care of the children even if they are not sick.

Sultangazi Haseki Training and Research Hospital Child Health Follow-up Polyclinic Specialist in the Department of Child Health and Diseases. Mahmoud Canar told the US Anadolu Agency (AA) that the Child Health Monitoring Clinic provides services for monitoring the healthy development of children in the first 5 years of age.

“All babies should benefit from regular follow-up for their healthy development. Following a mother and baby couple is very important for a healthy generation. The onset of pregnancy. I’m doing screening and routine follow-up to focus on. ” He said.

Explaining that they serve about 30 children a day in the polyclinic, we continued as follows:

“In the first month after birth, neonatal outpatients are followed in the clinics. From the first month, we start following our polyclinic babies. Our first priority is to ensure exclusive breastfeeding and first month breastfeeding. 6 months follow-up. Our lactation and Simultaneous breastfeeding at the Relaxation Polyclinic, which works in conjunction with our polyclinic, and we follow up on routine and non-routine immunizations for our children. The first 6 months are exclusive breastfeeding and 6 months of appropriate supplementary feeding practice. Nutrition. We also conduct detailed follow-up of the baby’s nervous development during each test. “

Noting that the Child Health Monitoring Outpatient Clinic also conducts structural tests at regular intervals and conducts screening tests for child development with the help of child development experts, we say, “Children do not come to us when they are sick, but not when they are sick. We keep our children in regular follow-up with current scientific facts before they become ill. We evaluate them in advance so that they do not have any problems. Our goal is to ensure the healthy development of our children. Combines the most appropriate environmental factors, assessing the well-being of mother and baby together. ” Evaluated her.

“It’s important that children benefit from preventive health care without getting sick.”

Mentioning that the follow-up of the baby’s health starts from the mother’s womb, we have said that here mother and baby are evaluated together.

Explaining that maternal well-being refers to the well-being of the baby, the US said, “The adverse environmental conditions manifested in the womb are directly related to the well-being of the baby. Therefore, our goal is to increase the well-being of the baby.” In addition, our goal is to increase our mothers’ social support, reduce their anxiety, prevent depression or ensure that it is recognized early, so that mothers are well and their children are well. ” Used phrases.

Noting that it is important for children to benefit from preventive health care without getting sick, we conclude:

“It is very important that our children benefit from this polyclinic service till they are 5 years old. People think of hospital after they get sick. On the contrary, it is very important to come to routine follow-up without getting sick. Benefit from preventive services. We provide free services. “

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