Thousands of Quorum children and their families have been targeted to become Green Crescent volunteers.

Within the scope of the “10,000 Green Souls, 10,000 Green Lives Project”, implemented in collaboration with a number of quorum organizations, it aims to protect children and their families from cigarette, alcohol and Internet addiction by providing 10,000 students in the city. Including training in the fight against addiction.

The “10,000 Green Souls, 10,000 Green Lives Project” was launched in collaboration with the quorum governor’s office, the municipality, the special provincial administration, the provincial education department and the quorum branch of the Green Crescent Association.

Within the scope of the project, students designated by the Provincial Department of National Education were brought to Bukhara Cultural Center in a floating group in a shuttle vehicle belonging to Koram Municipality on a specified day.

Here, under the supervision of Young Green Crescent volunteers, children who participate in a variety of sports and games are trained in the harmful effects of addiction, such as cigarettes and alcohol, Internet addiction, and general addiction recovery methods.

Within the scope of the project, stickers on which smoking is prohibited are distributed to the students participating in the training at home and on the verandah. To discourage both housekeepers and guests from smoking at home and on the porch, students are asked to stick these stickers at the entrance to their home.

The target is to reach 10,000 children in the first phase.

Koram Mayor Halil Ibrahim Asgan visited the Bukhara Cultural Center and met with students participating in the project.

Aşgın told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that through this project, quorum could become one of the most successful provinces in Turkey in the fight against addiction.

Noting that they aim to reach 10,000 children in the first phase of the project, Agan said:

“We are signing off on an original project, especially in tackling addictions like social media addiction and internet addiction, especially among the younger generation. We are gradually reaching the target of 10,000. We bring our hundreds of students here every day and train them. Give children a family of smokers or smokers, if any, their families will do it, how we can save ourselves from work, how we can inspire our students and what questions we are looking for answers to. I can make a living. “

Explaining that they have achieved good results in a short period of time, Aşgın said, “We are delighted to hear that our families have said goodbye to smoking and internet addiction as a result of their children’s awareness. Hopefully, we will see specific results in our city.” In the face of Internet addiction, quorum data is expected to decline rapidly. This project alone will be seen as an exemplary project not only in our city, but for the whole of Turkey. ” Used phrases.

Ismail Tarker Ezdar, president of the Green Crescent Quorum, also said they wanted to spread the project to Turkey.

Noting that the “10,000 Green Soul Project, 10,000 Green Soul Project” is an important project in raising family awareness and sensitizing future generations to addiction, Ezdar said, “Our project is the largest project implemented in a province. Participate in the fight against addiction. Quorum organizations like municipalities provide unlimited support to Green Crescent projects. It is very difficult for us to manage such a large project without the support of the governorship and the municipality. ” He said.

“Smoking doesn’t end with the last breath”

Izdar noted that the damage to human health caused by passive smoking has reached alarming levels and said:

“Second-hand smoking is the cause of 28 percent of child deaths worldwide. This is an incredibly tragic situation. It is a mistake that takes the lives of their children. And preventing parents from smoking on the porch and entering the house. The harm of smoking does not end when she takes her last breath. A mother smokes on the porch and starts caring for her young child. Emits substances. It harms the baby in close contact. I want mom and dad to quit smoking, but if they can’t quit, let them smoke for the last time. They smoke cigarettes at least one hour before they come home. We should not even smoke on the verandah and their guests should not be allowed to smoke. I will try to give my mother a message. “

The children who participated in the training said that they had a fun time and learned why they should stay away from substances like cigarettes and alcohol.

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