Tips from experts to increase success before LGS

İZMİR, (DHA) BAHÇEŞEHİR College PDR Coordinator Sibel Durak has given important tips to reduce the excitement and anxiety of the exam and increase the success of the High School Entrance Exam (LGS) and their parents, who will always support their children during this difficult process. The countdown to LGS has begun. Tensions are running high among students and their parents ahead of the exams, which will be held on Sunday, June 5. Sibel Durak, coordinator of the Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance at Bahchehir College, advises parents and students in front of LGS. Noting that many students slow down their studies or stop working as the exams get closer, Durak said that if students feel emotionally comfortable, they can study till the last day. Durak has underlined that instead of trying to learn a new subject, it may be worthwhile to spend the last few days trying to repeat and solve the test. On the night before the exam, one should not go to bed too early or too late, Durak said students should be warm if they cannot sleep. He suggests taking a bath, doing an activity that the person likes and it calms them down, to calm down the process. . Noting that lack of sleep at night will not affect a person’s performance, Durak lists things to do on the day before the test: “Stay away from activities that will make you physically tired before the test, but light exercise such as walking will help you feel stronger. Days, such as computer games, can keep you away for hours on end. Avoid activities that will wake you up and make you emotionally tired. Tests are a chance to show it. Find out what you can do so far; focus on them. And be confident. Believe that your work will pay off. You know that negative thoughts about exams will not help you improve. Make the night before the exam as mundane as possible. Try to have a good time. Other than the activities you usually do. Plan activities. Avoid physically strenuous activity as advised by the people around you to distract your mind before the test. No. Avoid using stimulants or drugs with stimulant properties. If possible, do not talk to people whose speech and behavior make you anxious about the test. If you have to talk to them, choose not to talk to them about the test. “” Don’t stress about the test questions, “he says, adding that the student should not spend time observing other students around him when he is alone with the question. , Durak said, “Pay attention to the booklet in front of you, the pen in your hand. ‘I’m testing now. This is my booklet. Focus on yourself and the test again, saying ‘this is my pen and I keep solving questions’. A very simple question and a very difficult question in the test brings the same score. Therefore, do not spend too much time on unresolved questions. To avoid wasting time, skip to the second round with the ‘Turning Technique’ for questions that you are stuck with or take too long to solve. Ask simple questions that you can do right now in the first round. Put a tick next to the questions that will take your time but you think you can. Put a different mark next to a very difficult question that you think you can’t. Thus, in the second round, without wasting time, you will determine the questions you will solve first. If you see that you are getting out of the test, your mind needs a few seconds to rest. Lower your pen, close your eyes, rub it on your forehead and temples, use it for 5-10 seconds or do another relaxing exercise that will relax you. Then work from the bottom of the list eliminating issues that aren’t worth the fight. Do the math in the booklet, not the mind. “If you’re worried, your child is more likely to be worried,” said Durak Durak. . ” Criticism needs to be postponed until after the test, Durak said. In fact, most of them really need to listen, to listen. Because when we feel that someone is really listening to us, the process of ‘healing’ begins. Positive conversations about the test boost confidence and reduce anxiety. Negative thoughts such as family distrust of the child, the test will be very difficult and the child will not be able to pass the test increase anxiety. If you are worried, your child has a high chance of being worried too. “Noting that they can have a negative effect on the student who enters, Durak said,” You will succeed, I know, I believe in you, come on, show yourself. “General exams can increase the excitement among students. For this reason, parents should play a role in protecting their children from such phone conversations and prevent their children from participating in these conversations.” Noting that it can also affect the exam, Durak advised students to control their arousal as follows: “Think of a positive person who makes you feel happy and at peace. It could be someone you know, or a leader, thinker or artist that Influences you and takes you as a model. Imagine that this person is supporting you, giving you advice that will reduce your tension. Repeat the positive sentence that this person said to you several times in your heart.
Breathing helps you manage your arousal. Take a deep breath through your nose. Hold your breath for 1-2 seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth for about twice as long as you take. Concentrate on the people around you instead of the excitement you feel in your body. This brief change of conscious focus will help you recover. ‘How do I hold my pen? Am I asking questions? ‘ You can use questions like: Look around and focus your attention on other points in the environment. For example; ‘How many items are there in the classroom?’, ‘How many people wear glasses?’, ‘How many lines of writing on the wall?’ Such as “DHA-Education Turkey-Izmir
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