Turkey’s Mountain Running Championship has ended in Gumshun

The Mountain Running Championship Gümüshane stage, which is included in the activity program of the Turkish Athletics Federation in 2022, is over.

The competition, which was held for the first time in Gümüshane, was held in the yellow pine forest of Promenade.

More than 200 athletes competed in 6 divisions, U18, U20 and adult, men’s and women’s tracks. Athletes ran 5.3 and 10.6 kilometers on the tracks created in the Karşıyaka district recreation area. Medical teams in the area intervened among the athletes, who fell ill due to hot weather, difficult terrain and 280-meter altitude differences.

Evaluating the track, which has a height difference of 280 meters between start and peak, federation officials said the track, built for the first time in Gumushan, is world-class.

As a result of the competition, Abdullah Chakir came first, Ridvan Tas second and Recep Aslan third in the men’s 10.6 km.

In the women’s division, Dilek Ozturk came first, Urkush Ishek second and Gizem Nur Keskin third. Turan Akyun came first, Harvan Haikiki second and Shaheen Durmaz third in the 5.3 km U20 men’s division. Among the U20 girls, Gamze Altuntaş came first, Merve Karakaya second and Dilan Çukurçam third.

In the men’s 5.3km U18, Yasin Ozan came first, Rozan Baban second and Baris Demirtas third. In the same category for girls, Berivan Topuz, Freud Gulsen and Gulkan Duman came third.

Berivan Topuz, who was first in the girls’ category, picked up the phone and shared the championship with her father shortly after the race.

After the competition, the top 3 athletes in each category are awarded their medals through a ceremony.

“Most of the track is in the woods”

Noting that the Mountain Running Championship in Turkey has been held in Gumushan for the first time, Mukahit Atale, the provincial director of youth and sports in Gumushan, said, “Today we have organized the Mountain Running Championship in Gumushan for the first time. It was a very nice organization, with over 200 of our athletes participating. Our youngsters competed in 6 categories. It was an important agency for our Gümüshane. We had a very nice track, we hope it will become a traditional building. With such organizations, we increase sports activity in the city It’s a great experience for the athletes we train. Athletes from different provinces have come and seen the hospitality of the people of Gumushan. The weather was also nice, Gümüşhane’s geography is a very beautiful geography, a large part of the track is in the forest area and it is a track that is of international standard. Our youth got a chance to see the beauty of our city, ”he said.

“A world-class track”

Hassan Babak, Mountain Running Co-ordinator of the Turkish Athletics Federation, said that Gumushan is an important place for mountain racing and to evaluate the track, ” Then there is Abdullah Chakir, who was the Balkan champion 2 years ago, and our brother Yassin, who came first in today’s competition in U18. Abdullah Chakir was also the champion. A very beautiful track of quality was implemented. Despite the first ever Turkish Championship being held in Gümüshane and our esteemed provincial director supporting this organization, these are very valuable values ​​for us. Our track is a 5300-meter-long track starting from the city center. And Perth at an altitude of 280 meters between the start and the highest point There is K, which is about 1500 meters of asphalt and nuts, then a stable road and a dirt road. . Landing is sweet, climbing is a difficult path. A world class track. In this sense, a well-prepared track is a beautiful track where water station and necessary safety precautions are taken. We will present the athletes ranked in the competition here as the national team candidate staff in our federation. ”

“As soon as I finished the race, I called my dad.”

Berivan Topuz, winner of the U18 Girls category, called his father shortly after the race to share his joy and said, “I’ve run Mugla Quaysage before, this is my second race. The climb was very difficult, but the descent was comfortable. The track was perfect. As soon as I finished the race I called my dad first, he was very happy. This is my first time here, “he said.

“I had to win because the race was in my town.”

Abdullah Chakir, the winner of the big men’s section, who said he had worked on the track before and knew the track, said, “I have been the champion of Turkey 3 times. I became the Balkan Champion in Romania in 2020. We went to this race a week apart, and became champions when I was tired, thank God. I have been running on this track for years. I was tired, yet I won. I said I had to win because the race was in my town. If I lost, there would be a bitterness in me. I tried to go carefully because I knew the track. I was also checking my opponent’s condition. “I thought I could pass, I ran carefully and finally I was the first,” he said.

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