“Turkish football revolves around a city team, it’s dangerous”

Ali Kok, president of Fenerbah, Deep football Made a statement on the agenda of the program.

Evaluate many things, especially coaches and staff planning for the new season. Ali CokeIts statements are as follows:

“I’ll wait another year.”

“If we could rewind the movie, I would have waited another year to be a presidential candidate. The ship needs financial and moral touches to keep it afloat. I hope there would be some championships at the end of this touch. If there was an election. “Something happened in the past, if we go back a year. It’s a matter of fate.”

“I don’t want to talk about Aziz Yলldিরrিমm. I wanted to broadcast a lot together, it didn’t work out. We fought a great fight together. If it happened to other clubs, they wouldn’t. Be able to stand like Fenerbahce. I also have a note on his surgery Not sent, it shows how painful the situation is.

“When we look at it since 2011, Fenerbahce is the club that has beaten the right, the most, irresistibly.”

“It cannot defeat our rights.”

“We and others who started in Mr Ali Sen’s era … it was a divisive factor and I agree with that. Today, the same thing is starting to apply to other clubs. However, That should not be the case. “

“Turkish football revolves around a city team. It’s dangerous. It’s very dangerous for that team as well. Someone has to come out and talk. Why are we just talking?”

Arbitrators are now appointed by Torpedo. Why is this arbitrator appointed? Maybe the next 10 years will have to serve. Now is the time to publish. We will try not to let it happen. Will our discussion solve? Maybe not, but we will sleep with a clear conscience.

“I think we will do what is best for both parties.”

“We didn’t talk to Mesut ourselves. We talked to his manager. I think what we do will be good for both parties. We have no other goal but to win the 100th year. I will buy Mesut again.” If it was an opportunity. He had a big salary and the rest of the salary was half the season. Arsenal will pay. He wanted it, we wanted it. Who doesn’t want a name like Mesut Ozil. Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn’t. Mesut doesn’t want to come here and stay like this. He suffered one injury after another and that is what happened. “

“Ismail teacher came unconditionally. When he arrived, he knew we were looking for a top-class and world-renowned coach for next season. We also said that one of these names would be Löw. . ” He gave the key float in delivery. He had nothing to do but take off his hat. Number 10 has done a 5 star job. I truly thank him and his team. Ismail has taken us from the bottom in terms of morale and has made it a habit to win. “

“We have two teachers we can work with now.”

“We have to evaluate everything, plus and minus. Sometimes your heart says one thing, your reasoning is another. We have two teachers with whom we can work now. One is naturally Ismail Cartel and the other is George Jesus. Whatever the condition. Why, we have to stay together. “If you want Fenerbahce to be the champion, follow them to the end of the mosque. We will announce what we will do on Monday. We will start the season very soon. I am appealing to our players, you accept some sacrifices now. Ishmael Teacher or Jesus, where we came from can announce Monday. “We will start the pre-season with our new coach.”

“Sports law has come out. In our opinion, it is not realistic and applicable law. In sports law we are responsible for a balanced budget. There is a way to go to jail. There is no definition of debt. We have budgeted. The season has started. No, we are responsible. Forced incidents. Because Kovid. Again, we are responsible. ”

“I’m thinking of running.”

“I am thinking of running for the General Assembly of the Clubs Union. There is a general assembly in June. It is the prudence of our presidents. I think we will benefit overall.”

“A new election is taking place in the federation. Who constitutes the board is as important as the president. There must be people who understand football and have a heart for football. There must be people who influence the value chain of football. A presidential candidate can be determined by four clubs.” “We are at the last turning point. As Ahmet Nur Sebi says, it needs to change completely. We are talking about the worst federation in history. I hope, as a union, we can nominate a candidate for the presidency in the federation. We need a club union. Can we support Fatih Terim’s candidacy? “

“I did not defend the rights of Beşiktaş”

“There was nothing wrong with my respect and love for the majority. Let’s go back to the end of last year. We were given a message of advice at the level of president, manager and soccer player. We’re sorry there. If we go back this year, Made the statement, “he said. Just to say I didn’t say it. But it does not seem so to me. The reason is an example that shows TFF’s attitude towards Trabzonsper in my press conference. NUnder normal circumstances, the match in Antalyaspor should have been canceled. Beşiktaş was a legal process related to the match. I did not defend Beşiktaş’s rights. I said this to express the strangeness of the thing. “

“I bought it knowing we couldn’t keep it.”

“Kim Min-J is one of the best players to come to Fenerbahce in recent years. It’s a gift from Pereira inside. He’s had surgery. He’s very happy here. There’s nothing special about him going that far. . ”

CSKA Moscow has not made any formal offer for Mert Hakan. Our football players are not for sale. If negotiations are held for our contracted players, we will make a legal application through the directors. We don’t plan to sell it, but if something goes wrong, we’ll see. There was interest from Beşiktaş last year for Ozan Storm, but not this year. This season, we will do 4, 5 transfers at most. We will talk to our teachers. There are serious plans. “

In the publication tender, Saran Group’s offer was a good one and one that could be developed. It was important for Turkish football. I talked to 17 teachers. 14 of them didn’t think because there was no competition. We think we hit the bottom, but we’re going down. “

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