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Bereket Sigorta ranimraniyespor Technical Director Recep Uçar responded to the criticism that the number of Istanbul teams in the Spore Toto Super League is too high. Ukkar, “I amWhile at Chelsea and Tottenham from London, England, I didn’t read much about what Crystal Palace was doing. If small town and district teams come to the Super League, if they come to the Super League somehow, I think it should be applauded, not questioned.Said

Bereket Sigorta, who will be competing in the Super League next season, made a statement to Umraniyespor coach Recep Uker İHA.

First, Ukker began his speech by expressing his feelings for the championship. “On a team where I was born, grew up and lived my first coaching experience and played football in all branches of its infrastructure, it’s a championship that we have achieved in many ways, far behind our rivals and never. Leaving the top 2 in 34 weeks of the league. That is why I am so happy. We’re proud, we’re enjoying it. “He has used his fade.

“There was always a dream that we secretly created inside us.”

The successful coach, who said he came to work with the goal of building a team playing at the top, said:I started my job on October 25, 2020. 8 weeks of the previous season. Then the team was in 15th place, 5 points. The first goal of that year was to stay in the league. There was a team that got certain points in the first half and missed the play-offs in the last match thanks to the strength we had in the second half and the game we played. Earlier this season, the goal was to retain last year’s Skeleton squad and build a team that could play with the strengths we created. Secretly, it was a dream come true for me when I started here. Purpose is our dream that we keep secret; ‘Why not the championship?’ But the realistic goal was to put themselves first in the play-off group. A league that starts with 5 out of 5 after good preparation. Next, a process that continues without falling from the top 2 and finally a championship that was won 3 weeks before the end of the league. Therefore, there has always been a dream that we have secretly created inside us. He said.

“I never read the match for referee or external reasons.”

At a press conference at the end of the struggle, he did not go out of his way to talk about the game, Recep Ukkar said. “When I was going to criticize my players, I was criticizing the game, even when I was going to praise, I did it through the game. In general, I never read the match through referee or external factors. From now on, I hope I will continue my studies in the coaching process. After all, we’re playing games. Fights are part of this game. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. We are playing a game where those who are well-prepared, those who are strong survive, those who have good tactics, those who perform more on a daily basis survive, succeed and win. ” He said.

“A lot of the teams we’ve competed with have been personally superior to us in terms of player quality.”

Note that there are many parameters for success, ranimraniyespor Technical Director Recep Uçar continues as follows:

“Many of the teams we’ve competed in the league this year, maybe the quality of the players was higher than us personally. In terms of budget, when you look at many parameters like supporters and media power, we were behind them all in terms of economic power. Success does not only bring strength to the player. Other factors are also important. Maybe they need to get a game in the beginning. This requires quality of your play. Apart from that, a team moves with each other on and off the field. Therefore, teams that are sincere, able to understand each other and work as a family when appropriate, both facilitate communication in terms of referral communication and facilitate success. We have been able to capture such a friendly atmosphere with our players this year. Those who have contributed to this success are my actors; Our technical team, our president, our board of directors, our support team, our fans … I want to thank all those who have supported us. They all have contributions. It is a process where the president, the football player, the board, the fans, the equipment, the masseur, the chef, the lawn maker, the psychologist and the dietitian all contribute to the formation of the family environment. If all goes well, then success can come easily. “

Breaking moment in the season

‘What breaking moments did you feel as a team for the season?’ The experienced coach answers the following questions:

“Look, I think it’s the 8th week since the end. When we won, the point difference with our nearest rival Bandima increased to 9. Then everyone declared us champions. But after 3 matches, the difference suddenly decreased to 2. We lost an Altınordu match inside was played in very snowy weather. With Tuzla’s away draw and Ankaragücü’s defeat at home, the process has come down to a gap of 2 where Bandirma has made 3 out of 3. That week, he went to Bandirma, Kokley while we were in May. If he wins we will be eliminated from the top 2 for the first time. They were defeated there, we defeated Kechioren on Tuesday. The next week they are defeated by Gençlerbirliği and the next day we defeat Bolu; We said, ‘Yes, we are very close.’ In fact, when we were going to the last home match in Balikesi, I told our players in the match meeting that we would be the champions the day after the Trabzonspor Championship. “

“We have a very serious flaw in our corporate position.”

Uker also gave information about the new season plan. “Planning is something that should not happen every day in a professional club. In fact, we have very serious institutional flaws. We can count many things like our stadiums, training grounds, adequacy of our facilities and our economic strength. Planning is not something to be done just at the end of the season. We were working on a plan for a meeting with my team the day after the Balikesi match, which we guaranteed for next year and it is still going on. I hope that in the current situation we want to make the best team and take part in this league. ” Evaluated her.

The condition of the loan players

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Kartal Kaira, Hasik, Atakan, Atale, Farooq Cano also made statements about the players who played for the team.

Fly, “This year we have hired all these players from Beşiktaş, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor. All of them have made significant contributions. Maybe the cartel found the longest time between them, because he was with us last year. In general, all my players contributed to this process. Of course, some have a little more, some a little less. I am satisfied with their performance. It’s not a good idea to comment next year on someone who is not our own player. We must first look at the decisions of Beşiktaş, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor. “ Says

“Our first thought is to build a team with income-expenditure balance.”

The 46-year-old technician says they will focus on balancing income and expenditure when relocating. “Umraniyespor is always a club that is run according to its current income. Perhaps the biggest advantage of his other clubs is that he has no debt related to his past and has remained minimal. Therefore, our first thought is to create a team with income-expenditure balance. Of course, the primary goal is to create an ranimraniyespor that can survive in this league, maintain its existence and extend its validity as a realistic and sustainable goal. We will decide accordingly. ” His sentence included.

“The primary goal is to stay in this league”

When asked about his career goals, Uker said, “Every coach has his own plan. The story here is very valuable to me for the reason I have listed it. In fact, the story here is very valuable to people. Why is it worth it? This is the first time in its history. As a small district of Istanbul, it is worth noting that it is the first team of the Anatolian team in the Super League after Fenerbahce. In terms of budget, it’s worth it because we started in 13th place and finished the league as champions. This is one of the most valuable stories of my life so far. After this bliss I felt here, I wanted to reach the highest place I could. The primary goal is to stay in this league. I hope we set different goals in the future.“He said.

“I didn’t read much about what Crystal Palace was doing when Chelsea was from London.”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who also responded to criticism of Istanbul’s participation in the 7-team Super League, “If I look at myself as a sports fan without the identity of my coach, there is nothing more natural than people wanting more metropolitan teams in the league. But; I don’t think it’s logical to ask questions like ‘what is he doing, why’. While at Chelsea and Tottenham from London, England, I didn’t read much about what Crystal Palace was doing. If some big clubs and some of our Anatolian clubs are unfortunately mismanaged and go to certain places as a result of wrong decision, if the so called small town and district teams come to the Super League, if they come to the Super League, I think it should not be questioned. Should. Made a statement.

“If I had come to this place in this profession, I would be grateful to him (Abdullah Avisi) in that sense.”

Ukar spoke about the importance of Travjanspar coach Abdullah Avisi, whom he helped bring to Medipol Basakehir.I congratulated them the day before the championship. I said, ‘You will be here tomorrow, many call, I congratulate you in advance’. He congratulated us on the day we arrived, we are in constant contact. He is a very valuable person to me. I take a professional person as a role model. I am grateful to him in that sense if I have come to these places in this profession. Unfortunately, merit is not valued very much in the country. We have come here today because he has acted competently and given professional opportunities. We see each other all the time. Congratulations again on Trabzon’s championship. This is his first championship in the Super League, so congratulations. The truth is that the two of us one by one, even for them we have a teacher Mustafa Sarigul, Erokspor, he is also a part of our team. I think winning the championship is a different story for the three of us. “ He said.

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