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Evil eye beads It is a symbol consisting of a round shape that sometimes resembles the shape of an eye, with colors like blue, white and yellow. Bead of blue evil eye It is one of the most widely used varieties. As a symbol of thousands of years of history and with different meanings of different cultures and beliefs; It still preserves its character today. What does evil eyeball mean? When you do your research, you will find a lot of information. Although different meanings are blamed by the world community, What a bead of evil eye Answer the question; Evil eye beads, which are commonly used to protect against bad eyes and bad looks, are widely used with different colors and variations.

The bead of the evil eye means It has emerged as a symbol used for the evil eye. According to research, although it has not been determined exactly where it originated, the history of the evil eyeball is based on a very old past. The word kem is of Persian origin and means bad, bad. Since the eye is used in the sense of appearance, when combined it means a bad appearance. At the same time, the evil eye is expressed as a bad, jealous and envious look.

All right Evil eye beads are good for what? You can find the answer to this question in this text. Looking with evil eyes or evil eyes; It is defined as a scene that is believed to cause accidents and problems for all living and inanimate creatures that come across it. It is believed that especially the great successful, rich or talented people draw evil eyes and evil eyes with bad, jealous eyes and thus, the person’s destiny goes wrong. It is believed that this person will attract accidents and trouble with his appearance and thus will face misfortune. With this expression, beliefs about evil eyes and evil eyes have survived in different cultures and generations from the past to the present. The symbol and history of the evil eye The history of the evil eyeballs It has reached various civilizations like ancient Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia.

According to research by scientists on the evil eye, it has been said that evil eyes are found in many religious books, such as the Bible and the Qur’an. Syriac evil eye beads The word is the name given to the evil eye beads made by the Syriac masters. Evil and evil in the book of stories and old fairy tales. The bead story of the evil eyeMentioned.

Evil eye beads have various interpretations of eye size. The eye is the first window of the human world, the organ of sight. Man sees everything with his eyes, defines them and keeps them in his memory. However, it is said that the eyes have different appearance when performing the ability to see. Depending on how the person feels, the eyes may look good or bad. He sees what he sees differently and what he sees is influenced by his vision. There are scientific experiments on the effects of bad eyesight on a person’s vision. In the experiment, especially on the flowers, it was determined that the positive evil eye flowers were positively affected and the negative evil eye flowers were fading day by day. Therefore, attempts have been made to highlight the positive and negative effects of bad looks. The evil eye bead causes the shape of an eye; This is to prevent the negative glances of the eye from affecting people being painted on bad eyeballs.

To see the beads of evil eyes in a dream, Although it is interpreted in different ways, it usually has a positive connotation. It is said that it primarily refers to happiness, fortune, openness and well-being. It is usually interpreted as a very auspicious and beautiful dream and it also carries the belief that it will bring lots of profit and fortune. However, according to Islamic religious belief, seeing things like bad eyes in a dream refers to things like superstition.

Evil eyes are the devil’s eyes? Several opinions have been put forward. It has been said that expecting protection from the evil eye is a false belief in Islam. According to Islam, it is more proper for a person to have the belief that protection from evil is to be expected only from God, not from objects.

The gift of evil eye beadsToday, they are widely liked in all societies. Bead picture of evil eye It is widely used in various areas against the evil eye. Big evil eyeballs, glass evil eyeballs, colorful evil eyeballs In addition you can see such varieties, according to the environment used; Evil eye beads in home decor Type used, The car is a bead of evil eye, Decorative evil eyeballs You can see different products such as used versions

The image of the evil eye beads has recently become a fashion symbol; It is also widely used in products like clothing, bags, shoes.

What are the features of Evil Eye Beads?

Evil Eye beads are available in a variety of colors, models, sizes and variations. Evil eye beads have different characteristics according to their model. The characteristics of evil eye beads are listed below:

You can find handmade evil eye beads with different features.

A blue eye should have the feature of having a yellow color in it.

It can be used in different environments according to the characteristics of blue eye shaped evil eye beads.

It is necessary to pay attention to the feature of sequencing according to a certain color sequence.

There is a belief that where beads are produced there should be properties of being defensive.

The artistic features of the glass evil eye beads are important.

What is the Evil Eye Bid Type?

Evil eye bead models will appear everywhere in different colors and variations. The evil eye symbol, which is also used in many products, is preferred as a unique shape. It adds an authentic and different atmosphere to every object used. With its unique shape and color, the evil eye beads will appear as a variety of souvenirs. The types of evil eye beads are listed below:

Blue eye beads

Glass evil eye beads

Evil eyeballs in calf’s eyes

Egg-shaped evil eyeballs

Heart-shaped evil eye beads

Gift Evil Eye Beads

Green eye beads

Door ornaments are kind of evil eye beads

Yellow and black eyeballs

Evil eye beads in jewelry

Evil eye beads are ornamental products

The wall is the bead of evil eye

Evil eye bracelet

The baby’s evil eye beads

Necklace of evil eyes

Evil eye beads wall decoration

In which culture is the Evil Eye Bid important?

Evil eyeballs have been passed down from generation to generation in different cultures and have survived to the present day by preserving its meaning. The evil eye bead used by Christians, Muslims and Jews in the Middle East and North Africa is called Hamsa as a symbol of hand shape. Excavations in Egypt have uncovered evil eye beads in the blue eyes of Horus in the shape of the moon. The shape of the evil eye beads found in Mesopotamia consists of geometric figures carved from alabaster. Evil eye beads used in the Aegean Islands and Anatolia are made of blue colored evil eye bead glass.

It is mentioned in the source that blue evil eye beads were used by civilizations like Assyrian, Phrygian, Ottoman and Roman. Evil eye beads in the shape of eyes have been used in various civilizations from ancient times to the present.

The use of evil eye beads is common in Turkish culture. It is especially used for protection from the evil eye and has a protective meaning to it. In addition, the evil eye bead jewelry is widely used in children, adolescents and adults. Believing that it will protect loved ones, family and relatives; Gifts such as evil eye bead bracelets, necklaces, earrings are often preferred for birthdays and special occasions. At weddings, new office openings and baby shower parties you will find products with the evil eye bead symbol in almost every area. In Turkish culture, also for fashion purposes; It is often used in products like clothes, shoes, bags.

Where to keep the Evil Eye beads?

Evil eye beads can be placed or hung in the desired place according to human choice. If it is commonly used for children; It can be hung on a baby’s cradle, shoulder, cradle or pillow. If it is used to protect family members and loved ones, evil eye bead jewelry may be preferred. Jewelry with evil eye beads, especially among young people; Products like rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings are often used. Evil eye beads can be worn on the wrist, necklace or ankle. Also, the evil eye beads can be hung on the door, hung at work, hung in the car and placed in any desired place. It can be hung on the porch door for decorative purposes in the house.

Where to buy gift Evil Eye beads?

The gift of evil eye beads can be widely seen everywhere. Authentic and original design evil eye bead gift products you will choose as one of the first choices in a range of different colors. You can choose evil eye bead products as a valuable and meaningful gift to protect your loved ones. With the gift of the evil eye bead, you can give the message to the person you bought, “You are precious to me, don’t let the evil eye touch you.” You can choose evil eye bead gifts for your birthday or special days as an original, valuable and lasting gift option.

You can check out a wide variety of wicked-eyed bead-themed gifts from souvenir wholesaler Myros and you can buy them as gifts for your loved ones using online shopping. You can also consider glass evil eye beads wholesale options in gift products.

You can show your business bad eyeballs for your visitors by purchasing wholesale. You can personalize wholesale evil eye bead souvenirs and get a chance to buy original and permanent gifts.

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