When, how and where is the 2022 Guard pre-health examination, what to look for? Documents required for guard pre-health examination

“When, how and where is the 2022 Guard pre-health check, what to look for? What documents are required for the Guard’s pre-health check?” Questions began to be investigated by candidates willing to take the guard exam. You can get all the details about the Watchdog Pre-Health Exam from our News, which are accepted as a prerequisite for the written and oral Watchdog Exam. Request 2022/1. Date of written examination for appointment of Term GuardA

When is the primary health check?

The police academy has released after announcing the entrance test for the exam Guard pre-health checkTest date and location Also became clear. Candidates who want to become guards must pass a preliminary health examination to be eligible to participate in the written and oral examinations. Candidates who have not passed the primary health examination will not be allowed to appear for the examination.

Recruitment of 3,250 guards for the 1st period of 2022 continues. After the pre-health examination began, the eye went to the date of the written examination. The initial health check-up will start from May 19Curious about the end date.

The date and place of the pre-health examination were announced along with the examination admission card published by the Police Academy. Candidates will be able to ask about their pre-health examination dates and examination venues at www.pa.edu.tr along with their TR identity number and e-government gate password.

Click here for the pre-health exam entry position

Click here for the health information form

Warning When will the written test admission form be published?

2022 Watchdog Written Exam Admission Documents 08 July 2022 It will be published on the website www.meb.gov.tr.

When is the guard written test?

2022/1. Term Market and Neighborhood Watch written test Sunday, July 17, 2022 Day 10.00 am‘Inside

  • Ankara,
  • Batman,
  • Elazig,
  • Erzuram,
  • Gaziantep,
  • Istanbul,
  • Izmir
  • It will be held in the city center of Sivas.

The test will start at 10 am. A total of 120 minutes will be allotted for 100 questions.

What is pre-health examination and how is it done?

Candidates whose applications have been accepted by the Acceptance Commission; On the same day, the Pre-Health Control Commission will conduct a pre-health examination.

The primary health check will be done according to the health condition regulation of the police agency.

The Primary Health Examination Committee will decide on the candidates “may or may not be a candidate for the market and the surrounding guards”. Market candidates and nearby guard candidates who have been ruled “unable” will not be able to continue the examination stages.

Candidates who decide “yes” to the market and nearby guard candidates will be entitled to take the written test.

What is seen in the pre-health examination?

The guard pre-health phase is similar to the pre-health phase that the Police Academy does when recruiting police.

Candidates for the guards are given a pre-health check before the examination process. Height, height-weight indicator, color-blindness, and trace marks are examined at this stage.

Test topics and question distribution

Topics to be asked in the exam:

  • Turkish: Secondary education level – 20 questions
  • Social studies: Primary education level – 15 questions
  • Science: Elementary level – 15 questions
  • Life Sciences: Elementary Education Level – 15 Questions
  • Mathematics: Secondary education level – 15 questions
  • General Culture: Secondary Education Level – 20 questions

Total: 100 questions

How will the written test be?

In the written test, candidates will be asked five (100) multiple choice (in the form of one test) questions, each question will be counted as one point and (4) will take errors (1) correct (score = (correct number- (wrong number /) 4)) / question number) x 100). Those who get at least (50) points out of (100) points in the written test will be considered successful.

When will the results of the guard test be announced?

The results of the 2022 Watchdog Written Test will be published on the Internet address www.meb.gov.tr ​​and / or http://odsgm.meb.gov.tr ​​and https://www.pa.edu.tr / August 05 , In 2022.

How to calculate the written test score?

Will be evaluated within 100 points, and those who score 50 (fifty) or more will be considered successful, taking into account the scores calculated by subtracting one-fourth of the number of incorrect answers from the number of correct answers.

For test evaluation [Puan=((Doğru Sayısı-(Yanlış Sayısı/4)) / Soru Sayısı) x 100] The formula will be used.

The score of 0 (zero) will be completed for the candidates who get negative points as a result of calculating the success score.

As a result of an error in the answer key and this problem is determined by the decision of the Central Examination Board, the question / questions will not be canceled and these questions / questions will be included in the evaluation after proper consideration. Wrong question / question option.

During the assessment, the questions / questions decided by the Central Examination Board or decided to be canceled by the Judicial Authority are excluded from the assessment and the score is calculated by recalculating the point value of valid questions / questions.

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