Works on the theme of equality and justice make me more interested

Baris CellilogluWhen you are with him, the hours go by like water. Celliloglu is a very sweet tongue. Moreover, he was always sincere and as he was, he shared with me the events that affected his personal life and the rich experience that he gained in his theater career, first as an actor and then as a director. After all, when we meet Celiloğlu in his flat in north London, I witness him and the place where he lives in his most normal state.

Books piled up on the table next to his living room, waiting for the bill to be paid. Figure 7 of drying sheets on a wire hanger in a bedroom with the door open As I am coming, Celliloulu is not so bourgeois misleading that he will carefully try to keep his house in the best condition. My guess is that he doesn’t have time for things like this, because when he was younger, he was able to combine a full-time business life with a theater career, and he’s still living at a very fast pace.

Before moving to London, Seliloulou worked as an executive assistant at Boston Bank and Guarantee Securities Bank in Istanbul for a total of 11 years, after which he moved to theater rehearsals. During the summer holidays, he attended acting workshops in Vienna, London, and New York (the infamous Lee Strasbourg Theater and Film Institute). Currently, she teaches theater to young people at an associate college in London, where she has been the head of the performing arts department for many years, and the theater company she founded in 2007. Theater East n BullHe is signing a valuable theater project with ‘La *.

Baris Celliloglu and ‘Poster of ‘Stuck in Quarantine’

A digital project that won awards at the International Film Festival

Before the epidemic, I will never miss the plays that Celliloulo put on at London’s Alternative Theater Venue. With the rise of the epidemic, theatrical events around the world began to be canceled, this time the relentless director took his artistic production digitally. A digital project that addresses domestic violence during quarantine, bringing together actors, writers and other talented professionals from 7 different countries, including Australia, England, Spain, Cyprus, Russia, Turkey and Greece. Lockdown Lock In‘I (Trapped in quarantine‘A) performed. This sensitive project won the ‘Best Experimental Film’ award at the Berlin Indie Film Festival in 2021. She has also been nominated for several awards at the California Indefest Film Festival, the LA Independent Women’s Film Festival, the Toronto International Women’s Film Festival, the London Lift-Off Film Festival, and the Athens International Art Film Festival.

Gulistan is everythingIn a scene from Stranded in Quarantine

“My father was killed in a traffic accident.”

When Celliloulou and I sit next to each other in his living room, when I ask him how this passion for theater, which has guided his whole life, was first created, I learn that there is a great personal trauma behind it.

I come from a leftist family. Old type. My father Ilhami Seliloglu He was killed in disguise in a traffic accident just before the 1971 military coup. I was 4 years old when he was killed and I can only remember him vaguely. But the pain was very heavy. It has spread throughout my life. Everything I do is related to the political theater I’m doing,The director explained.

“I can say that theater saved me.”

Her uncle, who was in the car with her father at the time of the accident, told other family members after she came out of the coma. However, Celliloulou, whose father was murdered, was kept as a big family secret throughout his childhood. When Celliloulou was 14 years old, his uncle, who was about to be diagnosed with lung cancer, called him to his deathbed and told him the truth.

Just like a movieCelliloulou commented bitterly, his eyes dipping into the space in front of him for a moment. Then he added with all sincerity:

I have changed a lot since I was 14 years old. As I was already a sensitive child, I became more sensitive. I had a mental illness at the age when my father was killed. My mother was a very strong woman, she was able to stabilize me and my brother and so we were very lucky. However, when I think back to those years, I can say that theater saved me. It has become a platform where I can express my feelings through other characters. If I couldn’t cry in life, I would cry and relax there as a character. Theater allows me to express my feelings and empathy for other people.

From Let the Knock the Kite to Kick-Ass in the Coffin

Celiloğlu then tells me about his first experience in 1984:

“”‘Young players’ Tunk Tatoglu At that time there was a good theater troupe under his management and they made political dramas. German author Wolfgang BorchartThey were acting in the play ‘Out of the Doors’. In the game, Elbe River talks to a suicidal soldier. We want a lady to play in the river Elbe and we think you sound great too, do you want to try it? They asked me.

This does not surprise me at all, because from the moment I arrived at Cellilogu’s house, his perfect phrase became my focal point from time to time in our conversation. This feature of his is a northern Cypriot film director. Darbesh JaimIt certainly caught her attention in her unforgettable first film. Coffin kickstand(1996) deems the role of the ‘announcer’ appropriate, which, though small, has important subtleties in the narrative. This was not his first experience on the big screen. Celiloğlu in 1989, director Short stayOne of the most influential masterpieces Don’t let the kite shootHe had a small role. Celliloglu also spent two years Shahika Tekand Studio ActorsBefore moving to England after studying theater, he was seen as one of the most important theater companies in modern Turkish theater. Luxury Theater WorkshopInside the work.

“I’ll never be a big character.”

As a ready-made young actor, I ask Seliloulou why he decided to move to London in 1997, after his colorful acting experience in Turkey in the 80’s and 90’s (including appearing in two of the most cult films of the time).

Seliloglu answers with great confidence:

I noticed this very clearly. Maybe I was young, but I was not naive and I was very realistic. In order to come to a more important place as a female actress, it was necessary to break off the relationship and act with concessions. Of course, a lot of people have gotten somewhere in their own right – it’s different, but getting acquainted with the acting community was very influential in my time and there was still no company or artist director. I’m a shy person, and I can’t ask anyone for anything. Let people see me in the theater and give me a role. I could do nothing but that. Not only me, but other artists in the luxury theater workshop. We were theater-based people and didn’t know how to market ourselves. So I can’t play a big character. But I was going to wait for something to happen to me, and to be honest, it didn’t excite me too much.

Cellilolu confessed to me that a desire to go abroad had been formed in him since childhood, due to his father’s murder, rebellion and heartbreaking feelings.

Baris Seliloglu in a scene from ‘The Coffin’

“I was imagining that world in my head.”

After moving to London The Royal Central School of Speech and DramaCeliloğlu, who has completed his postgraduate degree in theater Young Vic, The Gate, Arcola Performs at London’s well-known theater venues, e.g. Edinburgh Festival The shoreHe takes the lead role. Moreover ITV Popular TV series BillIn the game and BBC On the radio Elif ShafaqIts first novel Dad and BastardHe has given voice to the character of ‘Freud’. However, when we look at Celiloğlu’s background, it is clear that he has realized most of the theater projects that he has had as a director in recent years.

I asked him, “When you were a young actor, did you one day dream of becoming a theater director?” When I ask a question, he answers me as follows:

Although I didn’t interfere when working with anyone in my 20s – because that wasn’t my thing as an actor – I always had ideas. I was so comfortable imagining that world in my head and I was enjoying it so much. At that age, I felt I could handle a game from start to finish.

“I don’t like writing that blindly promotes.”

After mentioning that she is interested in themes such as women’s issues, class issues, war and fascism, Celliloulu added the following:

Works on the theme of equality and justice make me more interested. However, I don’t like blindly promoted text. I choose writers who, for example, Sevim Burak, Ariel Dorfman Or Lula Anagons For example, they force you to think without reading.

“Shutdown3It was the women who first came to my mind. “

When the epidemic first began to show its depressing effects in England and Turkey in 2020, Celliloglu came to Istanbul for a few months to stay with his mother to support him in this difficult process. On this occasion (digital) the last theater project ‘Stuck in quarantine She begins her virtual interview in her mother’s living room and prepares for rehearsals for it.

Somewhat ridiculously, “I don’t think you want to be lazy,‘I say, and he in turn,’Human adaptation in any situation is an incredible thing,‘He answers, really so.

It’s the first shot3The first thing that came to my mind was women,The director said and added:

I said, alas, the homicide will increase and in the first two weeks of the shutdown 21 women have been killed in Istanbul and 14 in London. We know that there are more homicides in Turkey than official figures, but I was surprised that the number is so high in European countries. At first I thought I would start this project with England and Turkey. Then I thought, we are in such a close and this phenomenon is growing and increasing everywhere.

Men come to the killing point in 8 stages

According to a report published on the BBC News News site in 2019, ** is a criminal Dr. Jane Monkton Smith In his extensive case study of 372 femicides in Britain, he identified a ‘timeline’ of femicides. According to this chart, it is understood that murderous men come to the stage of killing their wives in 8 stages. To give a reference to this important resolution, Celluloulu is stuck in quarantineu 8 bHeMade with Lunden. Each bHeThe movie reflects the growing persecution in this timeline and consists of animated monologues in different languages ​​dealing with male violence at home when closed, with different theatrical approaches.

Reach out to global audiences that bring culture togethersRewards for the Moment project

Many talented professionals from different countries It is not surprising that this study, which deals with a very contemporary and universal subject in a very timely manner, has received wide interest and appreciation in the international arena. ‘Trapped in quarantine‘As I mentioned at the beginning of my articleIt has won many awards at the International Film Festival. The awards were held in Istanbul last April. Pillars Audience Awards ‘Integrating culture, reaching out to world audiences’sAn award has also been added to the ‘A Project’ category. The weird thing is, The work of a Turkish director who has succeeded in making such an impact. Turkey has not yet been included in the program of any film or theater festival.



‘Stuck in quarantine’ Apart from Celliloglu, there are players in the Turkish team Izgi Bakkan Peace, Ada Burke, Gulistan is everything, Erem Sailgun, The real Ozganul, Naz is new And Wishes are not tiredAs well as Celiloğlu himself Author Yapkak Guerk, Aisel Karaka, You’re on Mary, Yildiz Kakar And Betul DanderPoet Joy is your age, Translator Barna Verder, Video artist Sigdam pipe, Video editor Serif Ozdemir, Artist Zehra Dogan, Sound designer Ozbudun in Seren Ais And composer Izgi Gunuk Occupied spaceI.

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