65 years have passed, but I don’t remember the words ‘ballot box is our honor’

Today’s grandparents, who witnessed the election of Mukhtar as a young child at the age of 8, cannot forget the struggles of their mothers and fathers, who faced trial for standing at the ballot box.

The district of Arsenko in the central Turosler district of Marseille forms an important building block in the history of democracy and through its struggle in the elections held during the transition period in Turkey’s multi-party system. Despite the intervening 75 years, the events in Arsalanko in 1947, still cited by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, ministers and many politicians as examples of democracy, retain the freshness of the first day.
The events began when incumbent Mukhtar Tahir Shahin from the Republican People’s Party (CHP) did not accept the election of Democratic Party (DP) candidate Harun Yedigos in the 1947 Mukhtar election, a year after the transition to Turkey. Multi-party system; “Ballot boxes are our honor,” she said. When democracy has been transformed into democracy.
According to history, the DP candidate got 57 votes and the CHP candidate got 54 votes in the Mukhtar election held on 23 February 1948 in the open ballot, closed classification system. Ballot papers were issued in accordance with the law of the time when the headman left the village to vote, then the ballot box was sealed and handed over to teacher Mostafa Kubilay. Although villagers, especially women, opposed the election, which they wanted to renew two days later, 47 people arrested as a result of the incident between the army and the public were released after trial in Konya. , 8 months in jail is coming to an end.

“People say ‘don’t book’ and fill the house”
In 1947, at the foot of Mount Taurus, at an altitude of 1,453 and 60 kilometers above Marsin, the last witnesses to the events in Arsenko, told the IHA reporter.
Mustafa Yildirim, 87, a third-year elementary school student at the time of the incident, was one of the witnesses whose grandmother was detained for seven months. Explaining that Yeddyurappa had won the election of DP’s Haroon Yedigoz and CHP’s current Mukhtar Tahir Shahin, Mustafa Yildirim said, “But they did not accept it. However, the seal remains with the old headman. The old headman immediately goes to Mersin and the Gendarmerie commander informs the captain of the situation. ? ‘ They say, ‘We are going to get certified by the governor’.
The captain dropped the paper, threw it away, and said, ‘Drink the crushed water.’ The captain then comes to the village and wants to take a group of soldiers to the police station. Villagers, men and women, young and old, fill the house without giving a damn. When the captain said, ‘I’ll book’, the people said, ‘We like it. We don’t give boxes, ‘he says. The captain pulls a gun from his waist and throws it in the air, ‘I’ll take this book.’ He instructed the gendarmerie to shoot and they fired into the air. But at that time, the women gathered there always had sticks in their hands, when the captain was throwing a gun in the air, a woman hit him with her hand with the stick and the captain’s gun fell to the ground. That’s when they beat the captain, “he said.
Stating that reinforcements had been sent to the village and that no one had been instructed to leave their homes, Yıldirım said: “The streets were full of soldiers. They made statements here for three days. Later, they re-elected and fielded a third candidate. There is no one from the ballot box, Harun Yeddyurappa. It is seen that Tahir Shaheen, always Ahmed Dogan. They have returned all the votes cast against him. No one can go to the new captain. From, “he said.

“They arrested 60-70 people, including my grandmother.”
Mentioning that all the Democrats in the village of Gendarmerie met and took their statements, Yদldিরrিমm said that a woman named Naim Arikan had died in fear while making the statement.
As a result of the incidents, 7 people from the DP, a notable person from the village were arrested and first taken to Mersin and the school principal Mostafa Kubilay, who kept the ballot box. Among those arrested was Yildirim, who said, “They took 60-70 people, including my grandmother Senate Namley, by train from Mersin to Konya prison. They are being tried in Konya prison. They spent seven months there. Seven months later, they were released.” My grandmother is also imprisoned for 6 months. They are sentenced to death. But as many lawyers as there are in Turkey, they all go to Konya prison. She leaves. She uses my grandmother. Six lawyers have saved one. “

“My grandmother said, ‘We chose. Now that ballot box is our honor.'”
“I was at school at the time of the incident. We heard gunshots. But my grandmother was involved. The women beat the captain, not the men. The women threw guns at the captain,” Yildirim said. , “Captain, we liked it. Now that box is our honor. We don’t give what we think. “We chose, it was mandatory,” he said, but the captain insisted, “We will take the ballot box.”

“A woman gave birth to a prisoner, named her daughter ‘Hadith'”
Mustafa Yildirim’s wife, Nile Yildirim, 81, said she was at school at the time of the incident and said, “School teachers said, ‘Headman did not give the ballot box. The villagers are fighting.'” I ran to my mother. On the way there, I did not send him away saying, ‘Don’t leave me alone. A big thing has happened here. An army has come here. All the villagers have surrounded the soldiers so that no one can leave. “One of the captive women gave birth there. They put his name. Girl ‘Hadith’. The villagers came out of the jail and hoisted the flag here, they were joking, “he said.

“Women come forward and don’t give up saying ‘ballot box is our honor'”
Another resident of Arsalanka who witnessed the incident was 81-year-old General Abali. He was 6 years old at the time, and Abali said it was difficult for the current Mukhtar to lose the election. Mentioning that the ballot box had exploded while trying to keep it at Headman’s house, Abali described the women’s struggle as follows:
“Semile Gurbuz, Aiselik and Janep Turkmen are in the first place in the event. Men are standing behind, women are standing behind. Fearing that the incident will escalate, women will come forward. A ballot box was not kept in the house of the former chief. The ballot box does not enter as our honor. Then the incident escalates. Then 42 people go to Konya, they are tried. They are redeemed and come here. In fact, two women gave birth there and they both named the child ‘Hadith’. A woman died 3-4 months ago, she was 108 years old. “

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