Batur: The best thing I’ve ever done

The palace Special children who received treatment at the Barrier-Free Life Village Special Education and Rehabilitation Center, established by the municipality with the Foundation for the Protection and Education of Persons with Disabilities (EBKOV), now have a greenhouse where they can grow crops and receive gardening therapy for four seasons. . The first seedlings were planted together with the children in a greenhouse established by Konak Municipality and EBKOV with the support of SKZ Logistics and Şenol Automotive at the Barrier-Free Life Village Special Education and Rehabilitation Center. Kanak Mayor Abdul Batur, one of the former mayors of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, EBKOV President. Burhan Ozfatura, members of Konak Municipality Council, Muammar Akpazu, President of Izmir Stage Workers Association, Association Manager, Center Instructor, children and their families were present.

Prar: A valuable live therapy

Kanak Municipality Barrier-Free Life Village Manager Bahar Bozarslan Onsell took the first floor of the event and explained the importance of greenhouses for the center and pointed out that garden therapy is a very valuable and lively form of therapy for such individuals. Special needs. Noting that children take on important responsibilities in the care, development and collection of plants planted in the garden during therapy, Onsell said: “This method is a proven method in the world. It is extremely beneficial for children’s self-care and cognitive development, enabling children with disabilities and their environment to develop self-awareness and has been scientifically proven to be beneficial in cases such as concentration disorder and lack of motivation. For this reason, the establishment of the Greenhouse was invaluable to us. “Öncel thanked everyone who contributed to the establishment of the Greenhouse, especially Chairman Batur.

Batur: The best thing I’ve ever done is here

Konak Mayor Abdul Batur noted that greenhouses would play an important role in children’s development. President Batur, who said “we are doing a very good job today”, recalled that they had done the same thing at the Nerlider Center and had seen many benefits and said:

“The project that we started here, the work that we do here is really important for Konak. The self-sacrificing efforts of our educators, municipalities and foundations really make us happy to make our children happy and hold on to life. As Kanak Municipality, we have inaugurated 11; We were open three or four the other day. Work on about 15 service buildings has been completed. Ask me, ‘What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?’ They wanted to know. This is where the joy, the happiness, the contribution we make to our children and their families is very important to us. ”

Promise to be better

Batur thanked everyone who contributed to the establishment of the center, its work and ultimately the creation of the greenhouse, especially EBKOV, Mayor Ozfatura, the Conak City Council Unhindered Commission, council members and business representatives who supported it. It is important to pass. Everything is very good here … I promise here that we will do our best to take our center to a more active point by making our work more active with the new project. “

Ozfatura: An example institution

Ibikov President. Burhan Ozfatura, on the other hand, explained that he was proud to work with Kanak Mayor Abdul Batur during his tenure in the Izmir metropolitan municipality. . Ozfatura said that in the first days of his appointment as mayor of Konak, he talked to Mayor Batur about the Konak Barrier-Free Life Village project. According to investigators, this is an exemplary installation. We don’t take money from anyone here. Kanak Municipality covers all expenses and provides all kinds of facilities. We have a very good, high quality coaching staff, “he said.” I am proud of the success of all the students who have made progress in the village for life without hindrance. The parents of these children are truly heavenly. It can be tackled. We would be very happy if we could contribute a little bit to it. Education, health, that is, the greatest reward is to serve humanity.

Four seasons production

At the end of the lecture the first greenhouse was planted. Guests present on the occasion along with Kanak Mayor Abdul Batur planted the first saplings with special children of the center. The Konak Barrier-Free Life Village Special Education and Rehabilitation Center Greenhouse was established specifically for children. In a greenhouse built with the help of SKZ Logistics and Shenol Automotive, special children from the Konak Municipality Barrier-free Life Village Special Education and Rehabilitation Center will be able to harvest in all four seasons.

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