Children’s New Social Kick Boxing Hall Becomes Kid Boxing Hall

The children, who had to spend their time at home due to the epidemic in Eskiেehir for 2 years, showed interest in kickboxing courses for both socialization and a sporting activity.
National kickboxer Seda Duagu Aygun Bayractor, who holds world and European championships, has touched the lives of children of all ages by training boxing for the course she opened in Eskiেehir. Champion Kick Boxer Bayractor has trained hundreds of young people and children since 1999, making boxing a part of their lives. By opening boxing courses in Eskiehir, enabling many young and middle-aged children to engage in boxing, Bayractor continues to increase children’s interest in boxing. Noting that teaching children sports at an early age is extremely valuable and invaluable, Aygun said that during the epidemic process, children had to spend a lot of time at home and a new window in their lives was opened for kickboxing.

“Boxing training has increased a lot since the epidemic”
Noting that he has been coaching children’s teams for 23 years, the successful athlete says he has raised many European and world champions. Her goal is to raise as many children as she can and change their lives, “said Bayraktar.” I train the 516 age group. Dad then continued the older session. Boxing training has increased a lot, especially after the epidemic. As we know, the children were imprisoned for 2 years. Of course, there are many changes in the combination of hands and feet. As a result, dependence on phones and computers increases. This is why our parents think that their children should act very consciously, has turned into kick boxing. I recommend that everyone, regardless of age, male or female, should kickbox to protect themselves and gain confidence. Our parents have also worked with this awareness. When alive, the tree bends. I started at the age of three. So the paths I take are clear. I hope everyone can start their children at this age like my mother and father and see more in their national arena, ”he said.

Aitungmen: “I want to be a world champion”
Benin Aitungmen, 11, says he has been kickboxing for two months. Noting that kickboxing has had a very positive effect on his family and social life, Aitungomen said, “It is going very well and I am very happy. I have learned a lot from here. I have a very good feeling. I highly recommend kick boxing. This is a really good place for us both to socialize and learn martial arts. Like our teacher, I want to enter the kickboxing championship. I want to be a world champion. This is my goal for now, ”he said.

Basoz: “As I started kickboxing, my confidence started to grow.”
Stressing that he has been kickboxing for a long time, Ata Basoj said that he wants to be a successful athlete and world champion in the future. “We’re training here first and warming up,” Basoz said. Then I will play the match. Since I first started kickboxing, my confidence has started to grow. When something happens to me there, I know I can protect myself. Second, I think sport is a very important issue. It should be in everyone’s life. In particular, martial arts must be in our lives. “
Elif Defne Bektaş, who has been involved in kickboxing for 8 months, noted that he felt good about kickboxing and that his peers should come to the sport like him, “We do kickboxing. We learn to kick and punch. We also learn to defend ourselves. “When someone wants to punch me, I want to retaliate,” he said.

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