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Students of the akanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMÜ) Çanakkale Vocational School of Social Sciences Public Relations and Publicity Program have organized a ‘Kite Festival’. Students from Ismail Qaymak Elementary School, students from Elite 17 Rehabilitation Center, students from the Autism Association in Canakkale and invited children participated in the festival, which was held on the occasion of the Social Responsibility Project. Elementary school kids had an unforgettable day playing bag race, tug-of-war, tug-of-war, volleyball and dodgeball with their university brothers and sisters.

ÇOMÜ Çanakkale Students of the Vocational School of Social Sciences Marketing and Advertising Department Public Relations and Publicity Program; Esra Tasdemir and Sahra Kaya have realized the ‘Kite Festival’ project to bring together primary school students and special education students studying in Chanakkale, to integrate them and raise social awareness.

Social responsibility within the scope of the project; Children from various educational institutions were entertained in the garden of Chanakkal Technical and Social Sciences Vocational School. The clown first welcomed the youngsters to the university. Playing clown games with kids Face painting activity with kids. University students, who painted their faces at the request of children, have also painted their faces. Activities where children will also draw the faces of their older sisters and brothers; The kids continue to sing and play games with the clowns.

The university lost in the rope drawing competition, the minors won

Within the scope of the social responsibility project, which aims to integrate special education students and elementary school students, tug-of-war, sack races, volleyball and dodgeball were played on the grass in front of the school. The final competition was held between the students and the youngsters of the university so that all the children who had fun in the tug-of-war could feel the feeling of victory. University students who played tug-of-war with their younger siblings were defeated to please their younger siblings. After the sack competition, where the students made fun pictures, cookies and lemonade were served to the children.

After various entertainments and games, with the help of university students, the little kites were hoisted in the sky of Chanakkal. The event, which was enjoyed by both the children participating in the project and the university students, was engraved in the memory of the students of the public relations department who were preparing for graduation as an unforgettable memory.

It was especially valuable for academic students to meet other students

Explaining the importance of organizing a kite festival in a windy town like akanakkale, Esra Taşdemir, a student in the project team, reminded that children who have fun playing games at the festival are important for uniting children with special educational needs. One of the students, Sahara Kaya, who explained that they had met with a number of organizations in Chanakkal to implement their projects, said: Jackie Sari, Biga Ocean Stationery, Ozkent Real Estate, Zehra Eve Emeclary, Karadag Tikaret, Sarai Bakery Products, Tashi Bakery Products, Koprubasi Patisserie, Samanyolu Patisserie, Samanyolu Patisserio, Maisenolu Patiserio And was supported. “

Director of the Vocational School of Social Sciences, Professor Dr. Chanakkal took part in the kite festival. Dr. Najan Yelkikalan and Deputy Director Association. Dr. Army Erden Ayhün spoke to the children participating in the project. Looking at the children’s kite, the director said. Dr. “I would like to thank all the participants and project partners for their support of our students’ social responsibility project,” said Nazan Yelkikalan. He said.

Participation in projects; Sevimaye Kanlioglu, President of A Drop of Autism Association and Chairman of Chanakkal City Council Assembly for the Disabled, Senol Gul, Director of Special Elite 17 Special Education and Rehabilitation Center, Ismail Kaymak Founding Representative Ihsan Sartak Polat, teachers Gulserin Guneisu and Ruveda Arkukolu thanked the students and lecturers in charge of the project for their interest in the project. The program concluded with the gift of balloons along with animal statues to the students participating in the project.

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