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“We are confident that we will win this election. We have no doubt that Ahmed Bey follows the plans of our friends on the board. The directors. I don’t think he has such a board,” said Semen, who met with members of the press at a meeting at the Taksim Midtown Hotel. I think when Ahmed Bay enters the voting booth, “he will choose us. We see administrations that are consistent with each other and come to us. To hold accountable. May 29 will be the election that marks the end of the Matryoshka administration. We are the last hope of Besiktas, we are the last exit before the bridge. “

Noting that they are ahead in the polls, Fuat Çimen said, “Beşiktaş’s figures for the bilateral elections are 4-5 thousand. We are ahead in the field polls and surveys. The bias returns to us as it grows. If the members of the General Assembly are satisfied with the situation, if Ahmed Semen is not there, he will vote for us. There should be a celebration of democracy. Those who are satisfied with the administration, which has produced the worst statistics of the last 40 years, Mr. Ahmed, let them give it to you. ” Evaluated her.

“We will do a very good internal audit.”

Saying that their first job is to conduct internal audits at the black-and-white club, Siemens said: “Once we have our credentials, we will do a very good internal audit. First, we need to stop spending. Scattering. Beşiktaş has been doing this for two years. “We’ve tried to adapt examples from around the world on how we can get rid of the debt spiral, how Beşiktaş can be better managed. All our motivation is to manage the Beşiktaş people with a participatory management style, “she said.

F অগ্রat Çimen said: “We have a digital asset project, we are discussing the right to name the stadium. The contract of 14 of our players has expired. The new contract will be signed. We will hire athletes from and sign contracts on behalf of Beşiktaş. “We have measures in place to prevent this from happening. We will work to ensure financial discipline, ensure that Beşiktaş does not fall into debt and reduce debt. We will be competitive in doing this. We have occupied the ruins, we will not do literature, because that is how everyone came. We will occupy Beşiktaş. “

“Mercury’s presidents don’t manage properly”

Noting that the ‘hired president’ model is not a solution, Seamen said:

“Paris Saint-Germain has a very hired president, but what is the success of the Champions League? It is a club that owes a lot in spite of having a hired president. The fact is that the mercenary presidents do not manage properly. The financial mentality is needed in an administration. We see Beşiktaş’s money as money in our pockets, the mercenary presidents have not seen it that way. We will make peace with everyone who is angry with Beşiktaş. I am Beşiktaş president, I will not wait for them to come to me. “, I will go to everyone’s feet. Beşiktaş does not survive external causes for internal isolation. Trabzonspor is the representation of your vote in the Clubs Union. We do not have so much human resources? We will make full use of the components and resources of Besiktas to bring effective and competent names to these issues. Beşiktaş “It is only possible to increase Beşiktaş fans with Beşiktaş fans.”

Seamen further stated that they would not disclose the management of Ahmet Nur Sebi at the administrative and financial general meeting to be held on Saturday 28 May.

Ercüment Meriç Öztürk, one of বোর্ডimen’s board members, provided information about Beşiktaş’s football structure.

Ozturk said they had agreed with a key sports director and said:

“Sports directorship is an idea that has remained in the air. It is an event that creates a position according to the individual. We want to divide the club into two parts, administrative and sporting, and restructure it. We have exchanged ideas with Spanish football minds, Germany.” , England and Portugal for the last year. Turkey has its own dynamics. “By combining this dynamic with the good aspects we can get from each system, we have come to the conclusion about the football mind. We have made a policy. Agreement with a football mind from Europe. A name that no one would question, hard to believe he would come to Turkey. He will not interfere in his own business. June. In the first week of the month, they will come to Turkey as a team. They will talk to our teacher. He has different names in mind. The director of sports will be the only official in football. Taliska, Abubakar, Sorlot are still talked about. There is no need for a sports director. Transfer Fee 8 – No name will be given. 10 million euros less budget. We said we want to establish a competitive team. “

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