Guti has criticized the average age in the Super League

One of the names that left a mark in Spanish football and is the ambassador of the Spanish 1st Football League (La Liga) in the world. Guti HernandezAA answered the representative’s question.

Guti, who played for Beşiktaş in 2010-2011, said Turkish football had great potential and added that “the strength and enthusiasm of Turkish fans is at an all-time high. , They can’t get the results they want.I’m observing, of course I’m always BasicsI want to see ‘at the top’, but the Turkish Super League is a tough league. It’s too busy. Interestingly, the big teams in Turkey are constantly transferring old players. I’m not sure how much these names contribute to the team. But unfortunately that’s the way it is. “

Evaluating Trabzonspor’s championship in the Super League, the Spanish star said: “I congratulate Trabzonspor for its championship. In the Super League over the years. We have started to see league champions in addition to the big three. ” He said.

“Mostly a special club for me”

Guti, who coached Besiktas for a short time, was asked if he wanted to coach a black and white team, “Besiktas is a special club for me. BasicsI worked as an assistant trainer. I did not get the offer to coach. Of course, I never close a door. I always give the same answer, I want to make good projects and progress. If there is a good plan and a good attitude behind a project, I always like to be involved in that project. I want to be in a project that everyone believes in going back to coaching. One of the things I’m looking for is a good attitude and positivity in the club. “I believe that good results will be achieved in a place where the club, me and the players are happy.”

“Football players and coaches Gout“There is no guarantee that a good footballer will be a good coach,” Guti said. The coach’s job is to keep the team at bay with the best results. Since I am a technical player and pass well, my teams do not have to play passing games. The best result for a coach is to win. The important thing is to figure out how to achieve this. You have to find the best strategy according to your players, ”he said.

“If they don’t give Benzema the Ballon d’Or this year, I’ll stop believing in the Ballon d’Or.”

Gutirrez, who grew up in Real Madrid’s infrastructure and has played for the Spanish team for 15 years, says Karim Benzema certainly deserves the Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball) award this year.

“If they don’t give Benzema the Ballon d’Or this year, I don’t know when they will give it again. Ballon d’Or! I think the result is the result. It’s very clear.” I have not seen any other footballer who has had such an impact on the outcome of the most important and most critical match of Real Madrid or any other big team. PSG‘Eat, Chelsea‘Eat CityHas scored 3 goals in the match against. We are talking about something incredible. “I don’t know if any other player in the history of the Champions League has done that.”

Real Madrid coach Carlo AncelottiGutti added that he was a great coach and said, “The only coach to have won five leagues. Ancelotti is a very valuable football man. Ancelotti dominates the locker room with a great calm and energy. He’s great. He’s a coach. ” Used expressions.

“We see the strength of Spanish football in the Champions League semi-finals and finals.”

Guttierez, who assessed Spanish football as his ambassador, said: “My job is very simple for me. I am on this mission to increase the visibility of Spanish football in the world. Spanish football is in a global position and I do not have to work hard. The next step is to attract strong names in the league in a more sustainable way for clubs. There are teams.The moment may be our only missing point, we should attract big names in the league like in the past. Even if we compete with the Premier League, the Spanish League always competes for itself. “We see the strength of Spanish football in the Champions League semi-finals and finals,” he said.

Guti said that Samuel Eto’o was one of the players he had the most trouble with in La Liga and said, “If I had to choose a player with whom I have the most problems, I would say Samuel Eto’o.” I played against each other for the first time at the age of, he was playing at a great level even at that age. Technically and physically. Rather than enjoying Eto’o football, I had to suffer the pain it caused. His performance against Real Madrid was giving us trouble. He said.

“I think it will be a World Cup with a lot of surprises.”

Guti also evaluated the 2022 World Cup, which will be hosted by Qatar, and said: “Spain and Germany, who are in the same group, will be out of the group. It looks like it will be a very amazing World Cup. France are the best at the moment. They are in a good national team position, but they have a team that can sometimes lose control of the mentality. If France continues to run smoothly, it is a national team that is one click ahead of everyone else. If France is not at the top, there will be a World Cup with equal opportunities for all. This World Cup excites me. I think it’s going to be a fun World Cup with a lot of surprises. “

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