Happiness to bring a book for young writers

Nevra UÇKAÇ / İZMİR, (DHA) – Students of Mualla Muzaffar Yersell Primary School in Bayrakli district of İZMİR have published a book titled ‘Mother, I have become a writer’, which they have written and donated as part of ‘Future Project Writer’ Sinan Primary School, where a library was built with the help of social workers. The children who donated books to students of the same age felt great joy with small gifts from philanthropists.

Students of Mualla Muzaffar Yersel Primary School in Doğançay district of Bayraklı have collected 26 different essays consisting of memoirs, stories and poems within the scope of ‘Future Project Writer’ in the book ‘Mother I Became a Writer’. Gulseli Melek Danmaz, director of Mualla Muzaffar Yersell Primary School, which has a total of 120 students, said that students and teachers showed great interest in the future writer project of the National Education Department of Izmir and the children worked with great enthusiasm during this time. The process of writing a book. “Many of our 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders are interested in writing a thank you note for this book. They want it to be repeated. Our book has been published, and many more to come,” said Danmaz, who is very proud of those who have contributed. Hopefully, we’re proud of our school. ” Our students were also happy to send books to other schools. Other children and adults will read their own essays. In this way, they will learn about their thinking. This is something that makes them very happy. It makes sense for them to hear their voices. “

Gifts for young writers of the future
Asli Markan Sari, president of the Association for the Protection and Sustainability of Women and Children, which has established libraries in schools across Turkey, said they were continuing their preparations to open a library at Izmir Mimar Sinan Primary School. Mualla Muzaffar Yearsell Primary School Short Writers After Sharing On Social Media. Recorded. “The kids put their signature on a beautiful project. The library we’re going to open wanted to give these books as gifts. We were incredibly happy and came to school with gifts. We brought some clothes and stationery. We met today. But we are in the next term.” I want to open a library here, “said Sari. Explaining that they will open a library at Mimar Sinan Primary School on May 31, Sari said:
“We have received support parcels from all over Turkey. We are very excited and proud. It is a great feeling to be involved in this kind of project and to inspire children. We will write again next year, let’s say they will be the young writers of the future. ”

They were happy when the book was printed
Mire Gokten, a 3rd grader who composed the poem ‘My Confidence’ with Mostafa Kemal Ataturk for her book ‘Mother, I Became a Writer’, said, “I chose my poem. I am going to write Atatর্কrk who saved us. When. When I got home, I started writing my homework. I thought, I changed my mind. “I wrote the poem,” My trust. “I wrote the story of the cruel fox and the cunning rabbit. I was very happy to see the book,” said Ayaz Ozturk, a 3rd grader. Rüzgar Osman Gündoğdu, a second-grade student who wrote the poem ‘Color’, said, “I am very excited. I want to continue writing very well. I will be a writer when I grow up.” Cengaver Mert said he was in 2nd grade and said, “I want to be a pilot when I grow up. But I wrote a memoir.” “I am also a second grader. I wrote Gisemley Orman. I started with my mother. It gave me an idea. I wrote the rest myself.” Efe ozdemir, a third-year student, added:
“I also write stories. I write fairy tales, memoirs. I also write for competitions.” (DHA)

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