Health workers call for white rally: ‘Our job is worrying’

IZMIR- Health workers in Izmir held a press conference ahead of a May 29 White Rally in Ankara. In a statement issued at a meeting held at Izmir Medical Chamber Orhan Suren Hall, Izmir Medical Chamber President Suleiman Kaynak drew attention to the problems experienced by health workers and said, “What is happening in the health system is worrying and the crisis is growing. It is getting deeper day by day.”

Those who say the queue at the hospital door is over; Noting that he knew very well that an appointment could not be made three months ago and that the rows had become virtual rows over the phone, Kaynak insisted that those who would be examined and those who were waiting for surgery would be condemned. Their fate is at home or at the mercy of a private hospital.

‘Medicine profession evaluated’

Recalling the warnings they had given about disruptions to health services during the epidemic, Kayanak said, “Our warnings were ignored; For example, our predictions about age-related diseases, chronic diseases, and cancer patients have unfortunately been experienced as delayed diagnosis and treatment. Those who boasted that they had revolutionized healthcare, on the other hand, offered a 5-minute test for citizens who could only get an appointment a few months later. That understanding ignores preventive health services, stimulates the demand for health care for more spending and markets health; The health policies that create disease and ignore society have created a sicker society and more tired physicians. Noting that health has been marketed through health transformation projects, patient clients and health institutions have become businesses, Kayanak said the medical profession has been devalued and doctors and health workers have become destitute.

‘We are meeting in Ankara on May 29 for a healthy future’

In a survey conducted by 1,674 physicians April 11-14, Kayanak said 73 percent of physicians could not adequately and adequately cope with patients or their tasks due to severe work conditions, while 46 percent said their monthly wages were insufficient. . Noting that 85% of physicians have previously experienced verbal or physical violence by patients or their relatives, and only 5% of physicians felt safe enough about health violence in the work environment, Kaynak says: harassment; It has been glossed with promises and distractions, and is still being glossed over. We know very well that the way to assert our rights is to fight together, tirelessly and we are still fighting like yesterday. Again, we are warning: our profession, our health is a concern. But we have the opportunity to change, to transform, to take back. Let’s stop together, let’s change. Let’s meet at the “Work is our word, health for all of us” rally. The source of the problem is obvious and familiar to everyone, including the government. For a healthy future, we are meeting in Ankara on 29 May with all health and labor professional organizations to practice medicine in these countries.

Attention is being paid to the condition of veterinary doctors

At the meeting, it was also stated that veterinarians and animal health workers must work together with human physicians in the process of protecting public health, and it was noted that veterinarians have individual rights, who are ‘health care class workers’. The law, has been excluded from this category and has been bad. It was underlined that veterinarians were deprived of the right to increase actual service and their opportunities to practice their profession were destroyed.

The organizations present at the meeting are as follows:

– Izmir Medical Room
– Izmir Chamber of Dentist
-Unity and Solidarity Union in the first stage
-General Health Business Union
-Giant Health-Business Union
-Agriculture Orkam Union
– Explanation
-Social work expert association
– Municipal Veterinary Association

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