Health workers win lawsuit against KOÜ Hospital – Breaking News

The Türk Sağlık Sen Kocaeli branch issued a press release regarding the payment of compensation for the termination of work of health workers contracted 4-B with the decision of the court. Following the termination of the lawsuit against Kokeli University Research and Application Hospital 4-B contract health workers for the final payment of employment compensation, Turkish Health Sen Kokeli branch president Om Chekar, Izmit district representative Hussein Ozdemir, Komiley Ojemir, Kokilei Work representatives Om Koenku and Yalsin Gul issued a press statement at the branch.

A strange era

Om Chekar, president of the branch, said in a statement: “We are living in a strange time where the administration does not want to give rights to public servants as prescribed by law and attempts to intimidate and discourage the administration. A good example of this is the situation experienced by healthcare professionals working as 4-B contract staff in hospitals.

Fully comply with the law

Approximately 28 4-B contracted health workers, in accordance with the law and regulations, terminated their contract in December 2020. Official appeals to the administration strictly in accordance with all relevant laws that they will not renew their contract for 2021. They have appealed to the administration for compensation for finishing the work and for the fee they have not been able to use.

Obstacles have been set

However, the administration has rejected the employees’ fair demands, considering the application not to renew the contract as an illegal resignation despite having clear laws. The employees’ application was rejected by the administration as invalid and they suffered financially and prevented the employees of the Ministry of Health from applying. Our union law office provided legal assistance to those who sought to sue health care workers who were victimized by the administration without compensation at the end of their work. In the lawsuits filed by our union lawyers about this injustice, the decisions of the Kokeli 1st and 2nd Administrative Courts, which employees are correct, the employees’ demands are in accordance with the law, that Kokeli University research and application hospital administration compensation and annual leave not allowed by the administration. . Decided to pay his fees with legal interest.

Return from the Judiciary

This decision was perceived as a significant gain. This is the registration of an important illegality faced by the contract employees who want to cancel their employment contract. Our warning to the administration is that they will not harm any employee working within the framework of law. Arbitrary decisions may not limit the rights of employees or may result in financial loss. This quality of administration has also turned its back on the judiciary. We hope the administration will not engage in such illegal activities from now on.

Good luck

As Türk Sağlık-Sen, we do not agree to destroy the labor of any employee and deny them their rights. Our struggle is for the rights we deserve. With the hope that the mothers of all our contracted friends will get their rights like white milk and they will get their workers, we congratulate the contracted health workers for the court decision on compensation for the work of these 4-B contractors. Health workers.

Irregular recruitment

Cases of illegal recruitment of head nurses at Kokeli University Research and Practice Hospital, which were reflected in the local press, continue. Necessary will be made public to the public in the near future. We will resolutely continue our legal fight to stop the illegal practice. “

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