If Suleiman Sewa had survived, would free flight tickets have been available for voting?

Can Suleiman Seva be elected President of Besiktas?

The late Suleiman Seba was born on April 5, 1926. He dedicated his life to Beşiktaş. From 1984 to 2000, he sat in Beşiktaş’s chair. During his presidency, Beşiktaş football team; He has won 5 league championships, 4 Turkish cups, 4 presidential cups, 2 prime cups and 6 TSYD cups.

The Beşiktaş Club Museum was full of trophies, with respected runners-up confirming that the new generation was filled with Beşiktaş’s love. Beşiktaş College Beşiktaş offers a wide range of facilities, such as Phulya, Pendik, Yesilkoy and Akatlar. Legacy of service; Phulya, BJK College, Pendik, Yesilki facilities are windy.

Seva was a humble retired government employee. He didn’t even have a car. Subsequent presidents drew attention as the richest man in Turkey. They were going to drown Beşiktaş with money. I don’t know how many millions of dollars each visitor has. At the time of leaving the service club, there was a debt of কোটি 500 million under the management of rich presidents.

Solomon Seba was 56 years old when he became president. The man he competed with was Mehmet Ustunkaya, who rendered great service to Besiktas, whom he greatly respected. After the congress, where the loser congratulated the winner, Üstünkaya served Beşiktaş until his death.

Well, a question for you … if Seba was born in 1964, not in 1926, that means she is 58 today. If he had participated in the presidential election with love, would he have had a chance to win the basics?

The service never put pressure on the continent. Services were at equal distances from each association and each team. Every Beşiktaş member was valuable to him.
Seba did not keep any of his relatives in the club. Of course the time is not the same but the club did not benefit. Today, when 200 people work for Real Madrid, he will not allow 650 workers to work at Beşiktaş; Services …

In the interest of the vote, he allocates the cartel youth store to the presidents of the association and does not cut checks for two or three years with their products. He did not order the products of his followers.

Wives, friends, supporters will not allocate football school, will not allow. Services; Congressmen, including Amigo, were not given free tickets. He will not take supporters from the gate of the parking lot to the stadium and distribute them to the lodges. They shouted for the last 3 years not to break him. But he never once responded to that excitement.

There was no such thing as a pending ticket application, which the devil would not even think of. Even such a proposal would be unthinkable.

Called 5 cents for the club for the service. He used to check if the electricity was off when he left the club in the evening. The club had a hard time, but he did not say the next day, “We don’t have enough money to pay for electricity.”

Seba Beşiktaş used to be a member of the fan club. He will not say, ‘This is from you, this is from them’. Like some, many who work in his factory will not allow supporters of the colored team to enter the club.

The agreement he made with the coaching staff and players will keep the service intact. He will talk to the technical guy who has to leave, agree and thank you and leave. Both the coach and the football player knew that the word of service was a promise note. Like his mind, he didn’t change coaches and didn’t make money for that coach for 2.5 years.
He will not hand over the club to the directors. Did not transfer to the same manager more than once. Managers could not pass through Beşiktaş’s door.

In the service age, at the forefront of Congress; Businessmen like Rahmi Kok, Husnu Oziagin, Tunke Ozilhan, leading Turkish politicians, bureaucrats, artists and unforgettable athletes of Besiktas will sit. Congress had weight. Supporters and shouters will not be in front like today. Congress had a weight.

Football was not very industrial at the time, but the club still needed cash flow from time to time. The sponsors then do not exist today, but if Seba asks, the Beşiktaş people will come together and find that money. Because the presidency had weight. If there was money in the club, he would provide services. There will be no such thing as ‘give money, take mandate’.

The service did not bring people to Congress from all over Turkey by bus or plane for voting, and he certainly would not allow them to come. He organized the organizations with the money of Beşiktaş and did not want to vote. During Congress week, he will not arrange a 5-star hotel in Istanbul and will not give leave to members of Congress who will vote for him.
The service was not given in secret. When asked by members of the press, he did not elaborate, saying “we did it,” but he never said “too much.”

Seba was from Beşiktaş, no other party would support him! After the President’s Cup match, where he won the championship, he told his players not to be happy so that it would not be a shame for his arch-rivals who traveled on the same plane, but the other team did not hang a flag. Because they were champions.

The media moguls were extremely respectful of Solomon’s service. But the service never told any media boss, “Don’t report on my opponent.” It wasn’t then, but I’m sure the service used the club’s YouTube channel, website and social media account with threshold opportunities with its opponents.
None of the service managers created a scene in the bar or pavilion.

None of them were in the news for allegedly beating their husbands. If there was, the service would have made that person stand in front of the door at that moment. The door to the service office was always open. When you stopped at the club, you had the opportunity to raise your head, button up, and have a warm conversation. As of today, the club did not have a door and a wall, the bodyguards did not protect the president and the directors.

Unfortunately, those who wanted to retire from the service in 2000 broke into the club for 22 years and the big plane tree fell into a huge debt trap.

When we combine these, it is seen that; If Solomon Seba had turned 58 today and fought for the presidency with his friends in the love of Besiktas, he would not have won the presidential election.

Because those who take advantage of the decay of Congress do not want this wheel to end. Unfortunately, real Beşiktaş fans continue to see this endless bad theater.

I don’t know how long this cycle will take. But Beşiktaş must somehow get out of this vortex. Something needs to be done …

You rest in heaven, the last president of Besiktas, Suleiman Sewa …

Erche Kaftan

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