“Is such a fast car used?” Two children stabbed their father to death in the heart

The incident happened on Thursday, May 6, at around 23.00 at Tuna Caddy in Muratpasa Mahalsi. According to the information received, the wheel of the motorcycle used by Arif Kalimov, who works as a motor courier in the workplace of Mert Kaplan, broke. Informing his boss about the situation, Kalimov called Kaplan for help. Kaplan, who arrived at the spot where the motorcycle had crashed, while he was repairing the motorcycle, passed the car with the license plate 06 AYT 061 used by Aitkin Ozdemir. Kaplan responded to Ozdemir, who drove fast. On hearing the reaction, Ozdemir stopped and waited for Kaplan. Kaplan approached the car and asked Ozdemir, “Brother, drive a little slower, you almost killed us. Is the car used so fast?” Says

“Father of two killed with a blade in his heart”

Angered by the reaction, Ozdemi got out of the car with a knife beside him and attacked Kaplan. The victim reported the situation to police. The assailant, who first stabbed Kaplan in the arm and then in the heart, then got into his car and fled the scene. Kaplan, who was covered in blood, accidentally went to an ambulance at the scene. After the first intervention of the medical team, Kaplan, Bakarki said. He was taken to Saadi Kanuk Training and Research Hospital. The police team, who came to the scene, started working to capture Ojdemir after investigation. Mert Kaplan, the father of 2 children, was taken to hospital, but could not be saved despite all the interventions. The search for Ozdemir, the murder suspect, continues.

“I hear the sound knife”

Mert Kaplan’s wife, Yıldız Kaplan, described what happened: “My wife is at home. Our biker is calling my wife. They told my wife that the motorcycle had broken down. My wife also went to our biker. 1-2 hours later she said, Call. ‘ I heard the sound of a knife. I called Medet. I said, ‘Something happened to your brother.’ I said, ‘Come here, let’s go.’ Then I called my wife again. Time, picked up the lady in the ambulance. She said: “We are going to the hospital, you should come too.” “Surgery. They couldn’t stop the bleeding,” he said.

“When he goes out, we live here every day.”

“An hour has passed. The doctor called. She said I lost my wife. After that, I got worse. After that, I got sick. I just got mine,” said Kaplan. Wisdom is back. My wife isn’t there right now. I’m so sorry. My kids still don’t know. They ask about their father every day. Me and I say he’s gone too far. They ask, and I say, ‘I can’t see your father, he will come.’ They look at their father’s phone, ‘Why did my father keep the phone?’ This time they ask. ‘He forgot.’ I say, ‘He forgot.’ “They ask. I’m in pain. I can’t stand it anymore. The killer must be found as soon as possible. “

“Cut off my brother’s aortic vessel”

Mert Kaplan, Mert Kaplan’s brother, said the assailant stabbed his brother in the aorta with a knife and said, “My brother was helping me to the store. Our biker’s tires exploded in Essenler. They were rolling down the street. My brothers are waiting there on Danube Street. My brother approached him and said, ‘Brother, drive a little slower, you almost killed us. Used car?’ “After that, he went downstairs with a knife. My brother did not respond. When my brother came down with a knife, he called the police. One person is holding Aitekin Ozdemir, but that is not enough. One is running a knife, my brother’s right hand is cut off. He cut my brother’s aorta. He hit my brother with one and left. Luckily, an ambulance came from the opposite direction. My brother walked to the ambulance. Two minutes later, the police came. My brother called the police. “She is OK. They took her to Bakarki Saadi Kanuk Hospital. She was operated on but could not be saved,” he said.

“A man is shooting and killing a dog on the street.”

Claiming that Aitekin shot and killed a dog on the street before Ozdemi, Medet Kaplan said, “The murder suspect left two children without a father. He had a young wife. I have a brother, his mother and father are elderly. Our family is taken to the hospital every day. So we took our family completely. This man destroyed it. This man is a man of the former faith. He is a man who shot and killed a dog on the street for drugs. What did his family know? He was a wanderer. Nevertheless, his father gave him a car. He kept money in his pocket, hell. “That’s your child’s reason. This is because of us, it will happen to someone else, “he said.

“He has access to the vehicle”

Arif Kalimov, who was with Mert Kaplan on the day of the incident, said: “We were coming with my brother Mert. The man drove too fast. He did not crash, but he will. My brother said, ‘What about my brother? Drive so fast?’ “The man got out of the car with a knife. My brother did not expect him to fight. He stabbed my brother. He got into his car and fled after the incident,” he warned.

On the other hand, it was learned that the police had reached Ojdemir on the phone and asked him to surrender and said, “I will not surrender, you cannot catch me”. The search for Ozdemir, the murder suspect, continues.

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