Kastamonu Governor Avni Kakir: “We are working hard to bring our people to the gym”

Avast Kakir, the governor of Kastamonu, who made a statement on sports activities in Kastamonu, said that sports activities in the city have increased since the epidemic and said, “In the sports complex we are in, we have high-level sports facilities that serve every sport. We are working hard to integrate these gyms with our youth and people. ”
Kastamonu Governor Avni Chakir made a statement about the sports activities conducted in Kastamonu where sports equipment was distributed in special education schools. Governor Chakir, who said that Castamonu, despite having a general population of 380,000, has raised athletes who have achieved significant success, said they are working hard to integrate young people into the sport. Emphasizing that athletes from Castamonu have achieved significant success in every field, Chacker said sports activities were increased after the epidemic.

“Our struggle has paid off.”
Governor Chakir, who said that the success of the struggle for sports was due to success, said, “We express at every opportunity that Castamonu is a sports city. We are an average Anatolian province with a central population of 125,000 and a provincial population of 380,000. However, a week before the end of the league, the Castamonu Municipality handball team announced the championship in the women’s handball league. He has represented our country for the first time in the history of the Champions League. Arak Municipality had a team in the Women’s Handball Super League, a football team in the 2nd league, two teams in the Regional Amateur League, a handball team in the 2nd league, our men’s basketball team which missed out on the championship in the last game. , We have a women’s basketball team in the 2nd league and a women’s football team that will compete in football to be promoted to the 1st league. Our 78 teams are competing in the first and second leagues. The sports infrastructure here has been built at all levels as a result of our struggle with the support of our Provincial Department of Youth and Sports, the Provincial Department of National Education, our Governor’s Office and our municipality and the efforts of our friends. Field

“After the epidemic, our halls and fields were reunited with our students.”
Emphasizing that they care about sports activities, Governor Kakir said, “In the sports complex we are in, we have high-level sports facilities that will cater to all sports. We are working hard to integrate these gyms with our youth and construction. As you can see on weekdays and weekends, every mom and dad has a puppy next to him in sportswear. We attach great importance to this and we are continuing our efforts in this regard. Kastamnur has won Turkish and world championships in taekwondo, judo, fencing, table tennis and martial arts. All these are the result of understanding, unity and solidarity with the sports of our city. They will come back. There was some reduction in these activities during the epidemic process, but after the epidemic, our halls and fields were reunited with our students. In the summer, we will open our sports summer school so that our kids can be included at all levels. In the years to come, we will have great success in this area. We are happy to work on it. Hopefully, we will announce the name of Kastmanu a lot more, ”he said.

“I hope we will witness this success together.”
“Our women’s national boxing team and our men’s national boxing team are preparing for the World and European Championships in our city. As a province, we try to host them. We have one female athlete in 5 disciplines.” “We are proud to be the host. We hope to see these achievements together,” he said.

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