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Beginning in 2009, La Liga made its mark on the world around 2017.

With their El Clিকsico, Messi-Ronaldo rivalry, he locked the screen of all football fans. But in the last 5 years this situation has changed a bit. So what happened, why did it happen? … The representative of La Liga Turkey, Mete Turkmenoglu answered our question.

What are you doing for La Liga brand value?

“La Liga brand value so far depends on the sporting performances of the players and clubs playing in La Liga. Our goal is to grow La Liga independently of the sport’s performance. Our mission is to professionalize La Liga in sports. . The La Liga Global Network Project, where I am based, is located in 45 different countries and we conduct projects with La Liga representatives in strategic countries for each country. “

The rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi took place all over the world. Did the departure of these two players from the league reduce the view?

“Undoubtedly, the Ronaldo-Messi era was one of the most beautiful times in La Liga. It was remarkable that two stars like them competed against FC Barcelona and Real Madrid at the same time. Our role represents our club and our league’s brand value. To contribute and continue to play in football. Every player has to say goodbye to his career one day, the moment. More important than a single player. If we look at the numbers, match viewing rates continue to rise. Continued. Epidemics may be one of the reasons. The real test was the lack of resources such as match income, museum income, etc. The most important step in La Liga right now is to bring their team internationally. Provide and coordinate targeted international growth strategies. Each team has ties to different countries and using them we can only build long-term supporters and influence audiences outside of Spain over time. “

Everyone thought there would be a new rivalry between Holland and Mbopp … but neither of them liked La Liga?

“Yes, there could be a rivalry that would be very similar to the Ronaldo-Messi rival. La Liga has a very strict and serious financial fair play system. Encourages to do.A system that compels to meet certain health criteria in the income / expenditure department.Such stars may move to another team in the short term, but we should choose sustainability.PSG lost 220 million.Euro last year and an annual salary budget. 650 million, not much for MBAP. Their ability to offer is beyond financial fair play. How sustainable can it be? I don’t believe that La Liga has fallen out of favor. Come on, the gaps are starting to close more than ever before and it makes our product even more so that there is something that makes it worthwhile for football fans. Will make you young and more attractive. I’m thinking. “

What is the level of interest in La Liga in Turkey in the end?

“Interest in Turkey is stable. Above all, it is normal for La Liga to have a specific audience, as it is a country that loves football. At the same time, reaching out to young football fans is very important. It is important to connect with teams A lot of progress has been made – Illega (our e-sports league) is active in Turkey, Guti and Ito went to Turkey for El Cl্যাসsico, we have organized a match watching event on Turkish events and we interacted more with Turkey on social media. Has been a very good factor for, I have seen in those weeks when the agenda was only Getafe. We are very happy with this kind of story and it is good to multiply it. Towards the end of this year, Our job is to continue this and create a La Liga community in Turkey and with this community on both digital and physical channels. See you. “

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