Mars has gone to Aries until July 5th! Let’s break the spoon that came back from the rice Ayagul Aydin

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And finally Mars got its own home. The landlord Aries got rid of the tenants. Mars has come to your planet, that is, to your own home.

It will continue here until July 6, after which Mars will enter Taurus.

Planet transit is always important to us. Because in the zodiac of that planet we are burdened with consciousness. Change in such a good place gives us this message that we are starting again.

He will be able to reveal all his tricks in his space. Demonstrating his courageous, enterprising, competitive, warrior and initiating qualities, he can push us away from us with hegemonic and harsh behavior. What I like about this job as a trainer is that you do not hesitate to fight to the end for what you believe.

Those Aries and Ascending Aries, those who list any planet and Venus, Jupiter, Mars Aries, whose Scorpio sign or their own sign Scorpio they will get some important influence in the first place. In addition, we can say that with the influence of Sagittarius and Leo, energy will increase on the map and life will be accelerated.

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What does Mars say?

Mars shows how we survive and how we struggle. What kind of defense system do we build in the face of events? How do we present ourselves and take the initiative, what can we do for our passions and desires? What is the attitude of men towards women, the way they treat women, the role they play in relationships and the attitude of women towards men?

When we move and struggle, we present ourselves as Aries. That is, our work will be direct and spontaneous. We will not run away from the struggle. So to speak, we would be so blinded that his spoon would break out of the rice. We will be impatient to act immediately. Our behavior will be more extroverted and social. It is a colorful and lively period as well as an active period.

Increases passion and competition in your love life.

Competition and courage in relationships will fascinate. During this time, getting started is easy, so we have the ability to start everything. But isn’t it important to be able to continue? A coach’s ability to finish that job is hidden in his enthusiasm when he starts that job. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The spark ignites to reach our goal, but we also have to calculate how it will turn into fire. Our hasty requests will drag us into heated discussions and throw us into situations that we cannot tolerate. So, the warrior planet Mars in the sky will not feel very comfortable here and will do whatever it does. Also, we need to be careful about accidents and clutter during this time. Forgetting can be a bit of a nuisance. Check your traffic! Accidents can occur during this period due to carelessness and speed.

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16-17-18 June Chiran and Mars will meet! Don’t scratch your advantages, don’t try to love those who scratch. Drink coffee instead.

Do not scratch your old wound. You no longer have the right timeline to remember the past. We will not put in what we want to say, I will suddenly say, our response will be a little more exciting. Become a healer and contribute to your environment on these dates You do not have to forgive or love anyone, but you do not have to hurt them No one will be injured. Choose to be the healer of the problems you think. Take action on your work and projects. Do not rush into fulfilling our desires and feelings in this area. This change will exacerbate problems in the relationship. At this point, when strife and selfishness increase, there will come a time when hidden things cannot be hidden and will somehow come out.

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During this time, men never allow their sense of freedom to be limited. If such a lifestyle is imposed, the rebellion will stop. Our behavior should be a little softer and not allow for challenges. Even if you do not like to give up, pretending to give up can be a strategic move. Usually there are offers to break up with men somewhere. It is a process by which women may want to know that they are the likes and dislikes of more than one person. If there are any issues in your relationship that you haven’t been able to resolve yet, try to resolve the issue. You will not be afraid to start a new adventure emotionally.

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What will be the effect on the symptoms?

Aries or Ascending Aries: Your struggle and effort on all kinds of issues will increase considerably. Courage and competition will ask you. You will want to quickly get rid of situations like business partnerships or marriages that make you uncomfortable. With Jupiter in Aries, please be careful not to gain weight and move on to sports.

Taurus or rising sign Taurus; You will want to address the issues that increase your anxiety and worry mentally. You can get your rights where you have been wronged for a long time. During this time it may seem that people are cheating or cheating on you. So get out of this trap, get out of the feeling of emotionally expressing or hurting someone. Whatever he does, he does for himself. We recommend that you spend your inner energy writing, solving puzzles and playing mind games.

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Gemini or ascending twins; You will be able to capture important awareness about your future plans and goals. You will look for opportunities to be happy and you will want to be more socialized. But if you want to do it quickly and in a hurry, it can hurt your friends and family. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. We recommend that you be more selective and modest in your organization and group of friends.

Cancer or ascendant cancer; You may feel significant improvement in your career. As long as you are not professionally ambitious and work strategically, you can be busy creating problems. Starting your own business, activating some of your old projects, it may be possible to communicate your career with more passion than ever before. We recommend that you listen to the consultants and evaluate their advice. This time, you’re going to have a big attack.

Who have Leo zodiac sign or Leo zodiac sign; Things like education, personal development and passion for travel can cost you effort in your life. It can leave you in a position to oppose or defend yourself in matters related to your education or beliefs. We recommend that you continue to try to persuade people to accept your opinion.

Virgo or ascending sign daughter; It may be that the balance you owe is due to you. Maybe you’re too tired to get back on this balance track. State-related taxes, legal issues, etc. It could be the subject. It also gives you the strength to get what you want. While this can lead to success, it can be irreversible if left unmanaged.

Cotton or growing mark cotton; You can give important test about your relationship or marriage. This Mars Aries transit will be able to stir up a volatile marriage with a “we” consciousness. Please do not get stuck in the air! Do not enter the showdown with your partner. Aggressive behavior and unreasonable jealousy towards your partner can overwhelm you. Instead of waiting for your own understanding to be treated, we can recommend that you give your partner the right to speak up and be patient. If you are not in a relationship, you may be attracted to a new and faster relationship

Scorpio or ascending sign Scorpio; Mars will give you awareness in your daily and routine work. You will be triggered by service engagement. However, your hard work or your passion for hard work to achieve perfection can make you tired. You should pay attention to health problems, immediate accidents, theft. This can lead to disagreements with your colleagues. You may also think that things are too much for you and you are having a little trouble with your work environment. Never make gossip or karma.

Sagittarius or ascending Sagittarius; Mars will bring you creativity. In matters related to your love life or child, you will win as long as you continue your efforts. You can be a strong lover, a jealous lover. Or someone like that can come from somewhere in your life. This is a time when you can try to realize your hobbies or take time for yourself. If you act believing that you create your own destiny while realizing some of your plans, you can achieve your desires.

Capricorn or the rising sign Capricorn; Due to some developmental event, a relocation, relocation, relocation may occur. This is the time when you can increase your inner courage. If you work hard and set goals for yourself and continue this transit to Mars, you will be able to make a very successful investment in the development process. Your mom may need to find new solutions to her ongoing decisions or her problems with family issues. You will create a revolution in your business life.

Aquarius or ascending Aquarius; Transferring Mars to Aries will take you into a time where you can be bold and easily express yourself. Don’t allow unnecessary quarrels in your immediate environment and don’t force your communication into your relationship. Even though things seem to be getting tough in your business life, the needle will turn towards you in an amazing way and your hard work will be seen. If you have challenging issues related to your love life or marriage, you will move towards this related agreement or reunion. Don’t worry about finances.

Pisces or ascending fish: Let Mars explain to you how to make money. Discover earnings that you did not see during this period. Significantly reduce your financial costs. Just open what you have to pay. Where Mars gives you the strength to win here, it forces you to lose. Protecting what you have, we can advise you to walk on the road without risk.

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