Millions watched … what he said after identifying the agenda of genocide in primary school in the United States!

The world was shaken again by the school killings in the United States. Salvador Ramos, 18, attacked an elementary school in Texas, killing 19 students and 2 teachers. While the events have left blood frozen around the world, countless politicians and celebrities have made interesting statements on the subject. However, none of them sounded like the speech of NBA team Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr …

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“Basketball doesn’t matter. I don’t want to talk about basketball. When are we going to do anything?” He screamed and slapped his fist on the table. “I’m tired. I’m so tired of coming here to offer my condolences to the bereaved families every time. I’m so tired, I’m sorry, I’ve got enough moments of silence. Enough!”

This religious and tearful rebellion came from NBA Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr. Kerr did not want to talk about basketball at the pre-game press conference last night as his team entered Game 4 of the Western Conference Final against the Dallas Mavericks. Instead, Kerr gave a stunning speech that was shared millions of times on social media.

“400 miles away, 14 children and 1 teacher were killed,” Kerr said, referring to an armed attack on Rob Elementary School in Uvalade, Texas this morning in Turkey. “We must not become numb to it.”

Kerr’s fist on the table made a loud noise

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“It’s harder to buy food than to take up arms.”

Damien Lee, one of the team’s players, noted the lack of baby food in the United States. “Weapons should not be so easily accessible. It’s easier to buy a gun than baby food right now. It’s incredible to see that in the country we live in. “ Says

According to a Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman, the death toll has risen to 19 children and 2 teachers since that speech. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the 18-year-old suspect, an Uvalade High School student who entered elementary school with a handgun and possibly a rifle, also died.

Kerr has long been known for his outspokenness against gun violence. Kerr, whose father was shot dead in a terrorist attack in Beirut in 1984, has spent most of his professional life calling for gun law reform.

Ker Dey lost his father in an armed attack

The separate arms bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives in early 2021, but did not reach the Senate floor. “There’s a reason they didn’t vote,” Kerr said. “They want to retain their power.”

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Looking at the camera, Kerr continued, “So I’m asking you: [Senato Azınlık Lideri] Mitch McConnell, I’m asking all the senators who refuse to do anything about school and supermarket attacks. I ask you: will you put your own will into power before the lives of our children, the elderly and the church? Because it seems so. That’s what we do every week. “

Millions watched ... What he said after the primary school genocide in the United States marked the agenda

Kerr, who also lost his own father in a shooting, has spent his life working on gun law.

Warriors star Stephen Curry added that the shooting was on everyone’s mind when the Mavericks won the 119-109 game, and acknowledged the challenge of focusing on “the situation, going out and playing basketball knowing what’s going on.” Curry “I have children. I send them to school every day. I leave them there. And I feel the pain of the families who lost their children in the school attack.” Used his words.

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The latest attack is the deadliest attack on a U.S. primary school since a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, nearly a decade ago. And it happened just 10 days after an armored gunman killed 10 blacks and workers in a Buffalo, New York, which authorities described as a racist attack.

Millions watched ... What he said after the primary school genocide in the United States marked the agenda

That’s how Kerr remembered the victims of the attack, even though he said he was tired of the moment of silence …

The state of honor …

Just two days after the Buffalo attack, another attack, described by the Orange County Sheriff as a “politically motivated hate incident”, killed one person and injured five others at a church in Taiwan, Laguna Woods, California.

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As Kerr explained that he was tired of doing this every time, before the match started, he took to the field with his team and technical team and observed a minute of silence for those who lost their lives in the attack.

Millions watched ... What he said after the primary school genocide in the United States marked the agenda

Hollywood star Matthew McCannaghi is also known for his anti-gun rhetoric.

Texas Film Star McConaughey: It’s an epidemic we can control

The famous Hollywood movie star Matthew McCannaghi, who was born in Uvalade, Texas, said in a statement on his social media account: Parents need to be careful to make sure that the experience that parents have gone through in Uvalade and others before them has to be done well, ”he said.

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Millions watched ... What he said after the primary school genocide in the United States marked the agenda

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