“Native Americans sincerely ask: Who are we?”

“At school, we were taught English, math and science as well as European and American history classes, but no information was given about Native American history, culture and customs.

“At school, we were taught English, math and science as well as European and American history classes, but no information was given about Native American history, culture and customs. As a Native American I know nothing of my own history. In other words, “I don’t know who I am.” James Label was educated at two Native American boarding schools, and James Label, who began his elementary education at the age of 8, was in boarding school for a total of 10 years, however, leaving 10 years of indescribable pain.

Deborah Parker, president of the US National Native American Boarding School’s grief relief coalition, could not hold back her tears as she spoke of her painful past at a news conference. As a child, Deborah Parker was taken to a Native American boarding school in Washington state. There was even a small prison and a cellar in the school. Native American children educated at school were often beaten for being attached to the heater. The other children were trying to hide to avoid being beaten.

According to a report released by the U.S. Department of the Interior earlier this month, children in 408 Native American boarding schools affiliated with the U.S. government between 1819 and 1969 were flogged and subjected to forced labor. At least 500 children have died in this brutal torture. With the depth of the relevant investigation, it is estimated that the number of infant deaths will increase significantly. Referring to the report as a reflection of the US administration’s policy towards Native Americans at the time, US Deputy Secretary of State Brian Newland emphasized that the US administration had forcibly occupied the lands of Native Americans on the one hand and on the other. On the other hand, it has applied the principle of assimilation to these people.

But the “dark history” of Native American boarding schools is only a small part of the iceberg of the US administration’s exploitative and oppressive practices against Native Americans. The history of U.S. development is full of Native American blood and tears. Fulfilling the US administration’s “expansion to the West” policy, it forced Native Americans to sign a land transfer agreement and relocate from their territory to unknown locations, while, using direct violence, it expelled and even killed Native Americans. . Indians have historically been the predominant population in North America, and the expulsion and genocide by the US administration has greatly reduced the Indian population. Their population is currently only 2 percent of the U.S. population. The US administration, using various ugly and dark methods, snatched about 6 million square kilometers of land from American Indians. This area is about two-thirds of the total area of ​​the United States.

Even today, the bitter historical fate of the Indians has not come to an end. Indians have the lowest life expectancy of all US citizens. Poverty and alcoholism are among the highest among young Indians. Therapeutic resources available to Indians are very limited. Indians who are infected with COVID-19 and hospitalized have two or three times higher mortality rates than white Americans. All of this proves that the bitter truth is going on in American society. Native Americans are now defined in American society as an “invisible community” or “invisible race.”

Activists in defending the legal rights of Native Americans have viewed the attempt to erase Native American history as a sin in the United States since its inception. The United States, which has committed inhumane crimes by stealing Indian land, is trying to tarnish the ethnic politics of another country with false and misleading information. The United States has been accused of making hateful rumors about other countries. But it is the United States that should be blamed and condemned. Millions of Native Americans killed in front of concerned US politicians will be punished by trial.

Source: China International Radio
Hibia News Agency

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