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Parental attitudes can lead to kleptomania!

In this week’s interview, we spoke with Burak Toptan, Pediatrician and Family Counselor about parents’ attitudes towards kleptomania, the treatment process for kleptomania, and what parents should pay attention to.
How does the idea of ​​stealing start in a child?
The act of stealing, however, can be combined with the theft label, making it embarrassing and humiliating for the family. In particular, their attitude towards the act of theft is a behavior that is criticized and not found right for every person in our society. Whatever it is, whatever it is, it has been said that it is wrong. But when this action is done at a young age, giving the same reaction is not very accurate. Because an adult knows the concept of property and the structure of moral behavior, but a young child still does not know this concept and does not consciously behave in this way.
It would be wrong for us to expect a child who cannot walk to get up and walk or run. For example, a 2 year old child cannot distinguish the concept of ownership. He is self-centered. If he is curious or needy, he can reach out to her and use her for as long as he wants without permission. As a child gets older, he or she will differentiate between what he or she has and what he or she doesn’t have, especially at 3-4 years of age, but an idea has not yet developed enough. This is behavior that we perceive as a problem in the workplace.
At what stage does entitlement in children become dangerous?
The child knows that he should not take it, he knows that it is not his, but he cannot resist the urge to accept and take the objects. In particular, children aged 3-6 can pick up items and toys that you see in the house or in the nursery and they do not see any harm in it. Looking at the reasons for this, it is nothing more than trying to keep the object of his choice to himself. With age, the situation can be improved. When they start 1st and 2nd grade, the children use colored pencils, notebooks with stickers, erasers etc. Such materials can go from the eyes.
When they return home, they may bring with them materials of their choice, and according to your response, they may defend or explain as I have received, exchanged, borrowed. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. The age group that families will take seriously after the age of 10. If the aforementioned attitude persists beyond the age of 10, it should be considered a serious problem. Because it is an indication of a mental illness in the child. In such cases, they should consult a psychologist and seek professional help.
Does every child start buying other people’s things during development?
No, the reasons for showing such behavior during the development of children are as follows; Feelings of revenge for not meeting basic needs, not giving enough pocket money, not developing concepts of ownership, not being able to develop the concept of respecting one’s own property rights and the property rights of others in the family. There are many reasons for dissatisfaction, excessive discipline, seeing parents as models, and so on. But the most influential of them is the attitude of the parents.
What should be done to prevent kleptomania?
First, the concept of ownership must be developed in the child, the child must take the necessary materials and the child must not use anything without his permission. Thus, the child will learn that he has been asked permission to use his own things and he will apply the same method when he wants to use other people’s things in his own life. But the basic needs of children; Things like pocket money, food, clothes, school supplies need to be covered. The child’s behavior needs to be encouraged to share or order something with others from time to time, so that they also develop giving and sharing behaviors. More importantly, being the right role model. First, as a parent, you teach your child the right behavior by treating people with respect when using things and using them with permission. It is also a great way to talk to your baby clearly and reassuringly. If such measures are not taken, it can be permanent for the life of the child. Even if they have no financial need, they always need to behave like using other people’s belongings or taking them secretly and they can’t prevent it even if they want to. They may fall into bad situations when it comes to their social relations in society. Their careers can be ruined and they may have to carry the idea of ​​insecurity like a hump all their life. There are hundreds of people who face such problems. In medical terms, this mental disorder is called kleptomania. According to research, this disease is most common in women.

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