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The title of the article I read “Is Vladimir Putin sick or dying?”


Michael Weiss, author of news / analysis published in New Line Mag.

Even reflecting the news of the serious illness of a dictator, whose name has been cited with the most reactions around the world in recent months and who has been blamed for the deaths of children, women and the elderly. “Sensitive” My subject.

Therefore, without adding my personal comments, just publish. “Public line” I reflect.


A major Western businessman has leaked an 11-minute audiotape on New Line Mag.

The audio recording took place in mid-March.

He is one of the 20-30 billionaire oligarchs close to Putin.

He is on Fortune’s list of the world’s top 200 richest people.

Oligarch, “Because your voice is being recorded” She doesn’t know

His tune has identified who he is, but he has been kept secret – as a warning against his execution by Russian agents.

Currently not in Russia.

NEW LINES MAG, from that oligarch “Yuri” Mention his nickname.

The problem is in his head

Alligator for Putin “It has devastated the Russian economy, the Ukrainian economy and many other economies. The problem is in his head – a madman can turn the world upside down. “ Said

Yurio has strongly condemned the war against Ukraine.

“We hope Putin will die of cancer or intervene internally, like the coup in Moscow, to save Russia from further misfortune.” He further said.

“Putin has leukemia and he is very sick.” Said

Yurio likes Putin “More than 15,000 Russian troops and 4,000-5,000 civilians were killed in Ukraine.” Blame it

Yuri was actually in this conversation. “Since a lot of money has been lost due to sanctions” He did it by complaining.

Because with his friend “How to compensate for their losses after the war.” Is spoken.

The arrival of Putin at the Great Victory event has fueled speculation about sitting on a blanket.

Rare witness

NEW LINES MAG also has a description:

“Of course, we cannot independently verify this claim. Putin’s medical chart is difficult to find.


The recording represents a rare testimony by a person with proven ties to the Russian government that the fanatical dictator could be seriously ill and that Oligarch did not know it was being recorded. “

Other claims

Similar claims are made in other sources from the oligarch named Yuri.


Boris Karpichov, a former KGB veteran spy who took refuge in Britain, “She suffers from other diseases, including Parkinson’s and dementia.” To reveal

Karpichkov to the British newspaper SUN “She’s crazy and obsessed with the idea of ​​her paranoia.” Says

A former official of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service “General SVR” He made a similar claim on a telegram channel:

“Putin is going to have surgery for an unspecified type of cancer. During his treatment, he will be replaced by Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary-General of the Russian National Security Council – a former member of the KGB.

Putin's health

Nikolai Patrushev… Putin’s successor?

Deer horn blood

A respected Russian researcher is a news source. ProjectIt reflects on some observations

Putin is accompanied by the following doctors on a visit to Russia.

Head and neck surgeons Alexei Shocheglov and Igor Yesakov.

Orthopedist and traumatologist Konstantin Sinn.

Thyroid surgery, geriatric diseases, thyroid cancer, as well as neurosurgeons Evgeny Selivanov, Sheglov, Yesakov and Selivanov.


Putin also believes in improving skin color. “Bath with the blood of ants” Homeopathic folk remedies such as

Putin's health

Putin’s hand demanded while talking to the national defense minister.

Suspicion picture

According to NEW LINES MAG, some claims about his health have also come from him.

“It must look bad.” There are lines like this after his observation …

During a meeting with Defense Minister Shoigu on April 22, Putin held the edge of the table and remained so until the end.

Is it a sign of Parkinson’s disease?

His hands were shaking as he greeted Belarusian leader Lukashenko in Moscow.

In celebration of Victory Day, only Putin sat with a blanket over his knees.

His movements were apparently strange.

His face was more swollen than usual.

He placed most of his weight on his left leg as he descended the stairs at a rally in Moscow on March 18.


Also news analysis “Technical paragraph on blood cancer” There are also.

“No need for chemotherapy” Talking about species.

One of the side effects of steroids in the medical process “Irrational and Paranoid Behavior” Indicates that.

Putin's health



NEWSWEEK Magazine holds an important reserve in this regard.

“Anti-Kremlin or anti-Putin forces may be shocked at such health news.” Possibilities must also be considered.

“Theater and Confusion” Like a perception operation?


These question marks about Putin intensify “Creating a rationale for psychological instability that will enable commanders to resist if they order the use of nuclear weapons.” So what


All things considered, it is our wish that common sense prevails and that the human tragedy in Ukraine be ended as soon as possible.

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