Specialist doctors warn parents not to give drugs to unconscious children

Child health and disease specialist said. Ozkan Bozdag said infectious diseases are caused by invisible organisms, such as bacteria and viruses, and that diarrhea in children increases due to intestinal infections, especially water and food, as summer approaches.

Emphasizing the importance of strengthening the immune system against infection. Dr. “With the onset of summer and the feeling of heat, diarrhea begins to increase due to intestinal infections caused by water and food. The causative agents of intestinal infections are often viruses. We can achieve this in two ways: Strengthen our immune system and stay away from germs. The first and strongest step is to vaccinate children and infants against strong infections Yes. You should get information from your pediatrician about vaccinations. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to strengthen your immune system. A good night’s sleep is important for both body growth and immunity. Children. And we need to create a peaceful home and school environment, ”he said.

“Proper and adequate nutrition is very important”

Adequate and rapid nutrition is an important step in the treatment of children with diarrhea, Uzm said. Dr. সঠিকzkan Bozdağ says, “Proper, adequate and rapid nutrition is the most important step in the treatment of a child with diarrhea. Apples, peaches, bananas, carrots, buttermilk, lean cheese, yogurt, boiled potatoes, white bread should be preferred. , Spices, dry coffee and tea should be avoided. Unknown source and how it is made, open source foods should not be eaten. Antibiotics should not be used. Diarrhea, except in very rare cases. A proper, adequate regular diet and zinc and probiotics Supporting adequate fluid intake is the basis for the treatment of diarrhea. If your child also has symptoms of gastroenteritis, there is no blood in the stool, if he has a mild fever, if the patient does not vomit continuously and can be fed, Stop, should be treated at home. You can try the methods. If recovery is not possible with this method, or if the disease becomes severe and the symptoms reach unbearable levels, you are advised to be examined by a specialist without wasting time.

“Do not give drugs to children consciously”

Child health and disease specialist said. Ozkan Bozdag noted that families should stay away from unconscious drug use. “Unconscious and unnecessary use of drugs interferes with the control of the stomach and intestinal flora. It can alter intestinal absorption and increase the release of harmful substances into the environment. Therefore, consult your doctor for a healthy bowel, especially when using antibiotics,” Bozdag warns. “We should keep our children away from the confined and crowded environment. We should be very careful about cleaning our hands and not washing our hands and mouth without washing. Diarrhea-causing microorganisms usually enter the body through our hands. So hand hygiene is very important. It is important that we take care of our hand hygiene in public transport, when we come out of the house during the day, when we go out of the toilet. Take care to keep the source clean and properly stored.

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