The book they read became the protagonist of the fairy tale.

The book they read became the protagonist of the fairy tale.

First from the private Altınküre school: they will gather thousands of students with books.

Great interest in open fairs from day one

Sakaria – At book fairs organized to help children develop reading habits and improve their social skills, students become the protagonists of the fairy tales they read. Speaking about the book fair, which will last for 4 days, Ahmed, Chairman of Altın Küre Schools Board Sakarya“Sometimes, a word or a sentence can make an incredible difference in a person’s life. To achieve these changes, we need to bring people, children and young people together through books,” he said.

Private Altinkure School, SakaryaAdding a new dimension to the projects it undertook, it established a book fair for all students across the city. At the fair, where various activities took place, the aim was to develop book reading habits and social skills for all students, where all students and citizens from across the province were invited to the fair.

At the fair, where students and parents showed great interest, the children became the heroes of fairy tales in their reading books. 3rd grade student Irva Dinder, who is the protagonist of her favorite book Fairy Tales, says she loves to read books, while Janep Nisa Ozkan says she had fun at school events and is happy to be a fairy tale hero. . After the inauguration of the fair, the head of the school board Ahmed made a statement. SakaryaHe thanked the National Directorate of Education and said that they have tried their best to create reading awareness among the children.

“The book is very important for young people to grow up in a good condition”

“Our event is a book fair, the first of which we organized as Altınküre Schools. Books are very important for young people growing up in the best conditions in the world right now,” said Ahmed Sakarya, chairman of the school’s board of directors. As Altın Küre Schools, we have been thinking about this for a long time. As a private school, we have come up with the idea of ​​organizing a book fair in Sakaria for the first time. We thought of organizing a fair. “We are looking forward to this book fair, which is open to all as a result. It is a very convenient work. I hope we will continue this fair, which we have organized for the first time in many years,” he said. , We will try to serve the people.

“One word, one sentence can make an incredible difference in a person’s life”

Noting that they have organized a fair where the authors of the book met the students, Sakarya said, “Sometimes, a word or a sentence can make an incredible difference in a person’s life. To achieve these changes, we have to bring our people, children and youth. Together with books. It can create an incredible awareness. We wanted to create this awareness and try to organize our school into a bookstore. We have invited all public and private schools in Sakaria. We expect at least 3-4 thousand students. Also, our fair is open to our parents. We will combine our 7 authors with our students. At that meeting, they will sign their book, there will be a conference. Apart from this, we will also do some training and activities, ”he said.

“Communicating and communicating with kids is very special to me.”

“The event is a very beautiful and special event. The Children’s Book Fair was held for the first time within the framework of a private school in Sakaria, and I am very happy to be here as an invited guest. To reach out to the children, their touch And “communicating with them is very special to me. Our responsibility here is to explain and emphasize that children can get along well with books. The importance of books. “

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