The Covid holiday has become an inherent general amnesty

The agenda is locked in the election, we have been in the election field for a long time. Since the electoral law has been amended, it is widely believed that, in principle, elections can be held only in June 2023, on time. In an environment where irregularities become systematic and violations of policies, laws and regulations become almost a basic administrative principle, the number of people waiting for effective elections is not small. With the change, if the smaller parties take part with their own names and symbols, the vote will not bring any benefit to the alliance. From now on, votes will not be written on the part of the alliance, but on the register of the party which has the longest month in that constituency. Now the only way to vote in the alliance would be if he leaves the contest in his own name. First, the DEVA said no, insisted on its name, and insisted that its decision would not have a negative impact on the consensus formed by the six opposition parties. On May 17, the BBP announced that it would run in the next election in its own name, but under the umbrella of the People’s Alliance. The BBP announced its decision to run in the elections, both in the shadow of the coalition and in its own name, following a change in the electoral law, which was intended to break up the opposition and make the coalition more difficult. The AKP, the coalition’s largest partner, can no longer consider or act on the vote, predicting that it will get the highest number of votes. Or, the decision could be taken as a way to strengthen the predictions of those expecting early elections in November. A selection awaits us where the latest changes will not apply. Well, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. If irregularities are systematic, then everything can be expected and nothing can be predicted.

The unexpected, volatile and slippery ground of politics unfortunately does not surprise us when it comes to fighting patriarchal violence against women and children. With a giant concrete block-like mentality, there is a determination to continue in error. Everything that cannot be done in the fight against patriarchal violence continues unabated. The parole of those released from prison on Covid-19 leave two years ago has been extended to one month after the timely election next year, if the schedule is met. Two years ago, a legal amendment empowered the Ministry of Justice to extend permits on a quarterly basis. Covid permits will expire on May 31 after the fifth three-month extension. After the cabinet meeting on Monday, we came to know that the term has been extended for more than a year at the behest of the President. It is clear that this decision, which requires legal interpretation in terms of compliance / opposition to the law, has become an inherent general amnesty, meaning electoral investment. Masks, distances lifted, but public transport continues to increase. The music ban was reduced to just one hour. Political prisoners and convicts, who were never allowed to leave, are inside. Even critically ill, children spend their lives in prison with their mothers. Pregnant women who have just given birth are kept inside in violation of their legal rights. Besides drug dealers, drug dealers, thieves and usurers, murderers of women, child abusers and rapists are also on leave. He is free with an underlying electoral amnesty on Covid’s pretext, called extended leave, according to the president. In April, four murders were committed by those who had been released from prison, and the government ignored them.

Consider extending the general amnesty for child sexual abuse for more than a year, along with the impeachment clause in the reform package passed. In May 2021, the Critical Evidence Criteria for child sexual abuse was introduced. The arrest of the perpetrators has been prevented. In other words, the abused child and his family did not even get a chance to go to court. When the perpetrator is on trial, he easily misleads the society by saying that he is innocent because he always lives his life as if nothing happened, on the other hand the child and his family who are exposed for the crime are also considered as condemners. It is in the ministry’s documents, but it does not say how many children and women attempted suicide and attempted suicide in the face of the trauma of sexual violence as a result of this impunity. . Although ministries are aware of this and remain silent, child sexual abuse and all forms of sexual violence are widespread. Introduce exemption and amnesty allowances, the scope of their inherent general amnesty, for these offenders and the introduction of specific evidence criteria for this offense.

The Kadav-Women’s Solidarity Foundation publishes reports every two months in 2021. Recently, he shared an annual assessment with all these reports on his website. Let’s follow the results of the report on the negativity caused by the need for specific evidence. Why are women and children not supported for their lives and dignity when male politics counts votes? Leaving aside the issue of support, why don’t conscientious parties and politicians object to the release of criminals? Let’s think about how many women and how many children’s lives and honor matched +1 in this vote count.

“The need to find ‘specific evidence’ of sexual assault was discussed in Parliament, and the general amnesty for sexual harassment was again on the agenda, leading to the notion that perpetrators of sexual assault would not be released or arrested.” Although this situation poses a danger to children who are victims of sexual abuse, it is also a concern for women who are struggling with abuse. The petitions we receive about child sexual abuse include cases where women and children have to make repeated statements during trials. Women and children affected by the crime also suffered minor trauma because they were not given any financial or psychological support. In addition, it has been observed that they are not directed towards the system which will enable them to be strong. Another problem is that women victims of rape at the police station face illegal treatment. After the complaint was lodged, the police put the woman’s family at risk by calling the family and giving information about the matter. Conversely, there were some cases where there was no effective investigation into the public and it was decided not to prosecute despite the fact that the accused girl was legally under the protection of the state and disclosed. Rape has given birth in the hospital. ” (Source: Kadav – Women’s Solidarity Foundation Report on Violence Against Women 2021)

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