The Secret Beneath the School – Thomas Brezina Book summary, plot and review

Who is the secret under the school? Who is the author of The Secret Under The School? What is the theme and concept of The Secret Under The School? What does the book The Secret Under The School say? The Secret Under The School Is There A PDF Download Link? Who is the author of The Secret Under the School, Thomas Brezina? Here is a summary of the book Under Under the School, lyrics, comments and reviews …


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Author: Thomas Brezina

Translator: Felicity Tomac

Editor: The real Onat

Publisher: White Whale Publications

ISBN: 9789759997526

Number of pages: 120

What is the mystery under the school? Subject, main idea, summary

What’s going on at Jupiter’s new school, where he moved with his father to the remote town of Badburnbach for six months?

What is that wail coming from the radiator in the classroom?

What happened to the physics teacher who mysteriously disappeared a year ago?

Jupiter is determined to unravel the mysterious events that took place seventy years ago. But how will he do when other members of the Fear Club don’t trust him?

The Secret Under The School Quotes – Lyrics

  • “Children’s lack of knowledge always bothers me. So I always dreamed of converting the syllabus into electrical energy and transferring it directly to the students’ brains.”

The Secret Under the School Review – Personal Comments

The layout of the book was just below the middle. However, when I said the story was going well, the end came too soon. I found a little adventure in this author’s book. I didn’t like the last. I did not expect such a book from the author. (Books)

I highly recommend 10 out of 10: I read the book and liked it very much. I finished it in exactly 2.30 hours. It’s just a book for me, I recommend adventure and horror, it’s great, I think everyone can read it (Batuhan Afrin)

The Secret Under The School Is There A PDF Download Link?

One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the book Thomas Brezina – The Secret Under the School is the PDF link Under the School. Most of the paid books on the internet are in PDF format. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Thomas Brezina?

Thomas Brezina is considered one of the most successful children’s and youth book writers in German. Brezina has written more than 100 books since 1990, published by major publishing houses working with children’s and youth books. His adventure and detective stories have been translated into 24 languages ​​and reached international popularity. The dubious adventure and detective story written by Thomas Brezina provided the basis for three musicals, two theatrical plays, a children’s newspaper, a feature film and several television series, all produced in collaboration with Thomas Brezina. Brezina has been the presenter and author of many children’s programs aired on Austrian television over the years. In addition to his television work, he has written 350 radio plays. He has been the UNICEF-Austria ambassador since 1996. “My goal is to make children happy and to develop them. Just like an adult, a child should be listened to, talked to directly, and his eyes should be fixed while talking. First, he should be treated. Equally, “says Brezina, who is constantly creating ideas, she says she is trying to develop new skills of expression, for which she works seven days a week and is one of the main rules to be disciplined. Followed to achieve success. Winning numerous awards at home and abroad, Thomas Brezina lives in Vienna and England.

Thomas Brezina Book – Work

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Quotes by Thomas Brezina – Lyrics

  • Don’t look at us, no matter our age, we don’t care about inconvenience and we don’t allow any obstacles. (Fog diver)
  • For a long time, Dominic did not understand how the book got to his seat. By the time he realized it, Team Four Head had already entered the pirate attraction. Dominic, however, was unaware of this because he had spent the whole afternoon in the ship’s library. (In the footsteps of ghost pirates)
  • Now stop fleeing, turn on your eye patch … (Wicked warrior)
  • “Children’s lack of knowledge always bothers me. So I always dreamed of converting the syllabus into electrical energy and transferring it directly to the students’ brains.” (Secret under school)
  • Today, in order to attract people’s attention, they need to bring their heart to their mouth. (Horror Club 10)
  • Scary and beautiful (Horror Club 2)
  • Misty Lake hid a secret. But what was this secret, treasure or monster? (Fog diver)
  • This is also nice (Horror Club d)
  • Do you think there is a second exit door ??? (Pharaoh kidnapped)

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