TTB; We do not accept the work model imposed on doctors in the interest of private health capital!

TTB Central Council; “As a result of the health policy of political understanding that has been in power in Turkey for almost 20 years, the private health sector has grown rapidly with the promotion of the transfer of public health services to the private sector.

Central Council of the Turkish Medical AssociationIts explanation in this regard is as follows;

“With this understanding, which prioritizes capital interests and profits over public health, the working conditions and labor of physicians are neglected and regulations are made in the interest of capital,” he said. As a result of these regulations, the problems of our colleagues working in the private medical field are increasing. Our co-workers face many problems such as unfavorable working conditions, working long hours, stealing qualified wages, turnover pressure, unsafe work and professional burnout.

A sub-contractor job relationship was established, forcing our colleagues to set up a company. As a result of this situation, the owners of exclusive private hospitals pay less taxes, as well as a very serious loss of the rights of our colleagues, the loss of personal rights.

In April, a proposal for legislation envisage an amendment to Income Tax Act 193, which would directly affect the work and taxation of physicians working in the private health sector, was discussed and adopted at the General Assembly of the Grand National. Rally in Turkey. Thus, the practice of treating physicians as self-employed by contracting with one or more private health organizations and imposing taxes on their earnings in accordance with the provisions on self-employment has become “legal”.

In private health institutions, physicians basically work for a fee in accordance with the provisions of the labor law.

Physicians working in hospitals are considered self-employed in accordance with the law passed by Parliament and the people are taxed in a way that is not in line with their real situation. In the same situation, there is a difference between a doctor and the same person, and there is also a difference between people of equal status.

Private hospital shareholders deprive physicians working in the private health sector of their rights, avoid paying taxes, and avoid paying fees to society by showing company invoices and self-employment receipts from physicians as costs. .

All these legal measures have been taken as a result of avoiding the responsibilities arising from the rights of the private health sector employees and hence demanding higher profits. If the change in the law is finally implemented, physicians will face more complaints than their experience.

As the Turkish Medical Association, we do not consider this model of work and remuneration imposed on physicians to be acceptable when it is predicted that it is against the right to work and that it will be detrimental to the creation of quality healthcare. This amendment made at the request of private health capital is unconstitutional. For the reasons explained in detail in the attached information note, which evaluates the legal aspects of the law, it is necessary to appeal to the Constitutional Court to repeal this provision, which is contrary to the relevant article of the Constitution.

We call on all political parties and deputies, especially the main opposition, to take steps to repeal this regulation, to take a stand on behalf of doctors and to remind them of their right to quality health care and their responsibilities. We will continue to fight with our colleagues for our rights and the right to quality human health against the health policy that supports the capital. ”

Central Council of the Turkish Medical Association

Changes in working conditions in private medicine
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