Who is Pakije Suda, how old is he, has he ever been married, does he have wife and children? Pakije suda serials and songs

Oniz Akai talks about the latest situation of Pakiz Sudar, who fell ill with dementia after the death of his mother and brother, who had not been seen on screen for a long time. Pakije Sudar’s life, which he called play like a child, in an old age home, he was also surprised. So who is Pakije Suda, where did he come from, is he married, does he have children?


Pakiz Suda, who is 70 years old, lost his mother and sister to one cancer after another and he fell into the void and settled in Izmir. The final state of Pakije Sudar, who fought dementia, that is, mental weakness and forgot everything, was also regretted by those who saw it. Artist Onur Ake, nicknamed Doomsday, has announced the latest health condition of Pakiz Sudar, who is battling dementia.

Play with slippers: “They’re joking, laughing and playing with each other’s shoes with other patients,” says Akay about the interest in fighting dementia.

She was admitted to a nursing home: Akay “Pakiz lives in a private nursing home in Suda Fethiye, which is very expensive and where German patients are also treated and very well cared for.” Says

Don’t know anyone: Pakije suda, who knows no one else and remembers nothing, is as happy as a child playing there. ”

Pakije Suda is the final version

Here is how his nephew described his latest situation: “My aunt’s illness lasted for 6-7 years. It started with her forgetting and losing her belongings. The people she worked with noticed it too. She didn’t admit it for a long time. She said ‘take care of yourself’. Was

After my grandmother and aunt died one after the other, the emotional issues she went through triggered the onset of the disease. He did not use thyroid pills for a certain period of time. He told me in one of our conversations that “I want to forget everything and die.”

Pakije suda ke: Pakiz Suda, born on April 23, 1952 in Izmir, has worked as an actress, book and columnist throughout her career. The famous name, who is now 69 years old, was chosen as the Aegean beauty at the age of 17 and she comes from the Cretan Turks.

Pakije Suda has worked for some time as a columnist for many newspapers, especially the Hurriyat newspaper.

He authored two books, “We Couldn’t Make Love with the Mouth Test” and “Eaton Swallow Words” and directed programs such as Journey to Test and Turkey Talking.

Pakiz Suda, who has never been married in her life, said in an interview that she is not married and has no children for her career and she chose her career, not marriage. “I would have done it if I wanted to, but I didn’t want marriage or anything else,” Suda said in a statement. I have lived a very decent life, I do not regret what I did. I have always worked. No one divorced their wife for me. Then I didn’t walk the streets like a woman. “

What is dementia: Dementia is a term used for a whole group of symptoms that have a negative effect on the brain. People with the disease may have difficulty performing normal activities, such as eating and dressing that a normal person can, and they may lose the ability to control their emotions. Although it is more common in older people, it should not be seen as a natural consequence of aging. It is often confused with Alzheimer’s, but it is not the same condition. However, it accounts for more than half of all Alzheimer’s dementia patients.

Symptoms of dementia: At the advanced stage of dementia, it becomes difficult to do normal activities like dressing, eating etc. Patients often behave restlessly, they may be aggressive, stubborn, suspicious. At the next stage the patient can no longer recognize and talk to people and at the last stage the patient becomes bedridden.

Mild short-term memory changes, difficulty finding the right words, sudden and meaningless changes in mood, apathy, mood swings and increased feelings of insecurity, difficulty with normal activities, difficulty remembering people, difficulty following events or stories, frequent confusion, repetitive behaviors, changes Non-compliance can be considered as an early sign of dementia.

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