Who is Yonca Evcimik? How old is Yonca Evcimik and where does he come from? Yonka Ivesimic Instagram Account!

How old is Yonka Ivesimik, a successful singer and actress, and who are those questions? Born in Istanbul, Yonka Ivsemik worked in music as a dancer and singer at an early age. One wonders how old Yonka Ivsemik is, who graduated from the Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory High Ballet Department. Who is Yonca Evcimik? How old is Yonca Evcimik and where does he come from? Yonka Ivesimic Instagram Account! Details in our news.

Yonca Evcimik, Fatma Yonca Evcimik, 16 September 1963, Istanbul, Turkish singer, dancer, actress, producer, presenter.

Yonka Ivsemik was born on September 16, 1963 in Istanbul. She began her artistic career in 1977 with Children’s Theater. He graduated from the State Conservatory High Ballet Department at Mima Sinan University. From 1978-1990 he worked as an expert dancer and singer in musical instruments. At the same time, he performed in many theaters. In 1979, he entered the Voice Theater. He participated in many plays and musical instruments here till 1984. His work includes Seven Husbands Hormuz, Heisley Wonders Company, Sen Sajan Nightingale, Nukhet Duru and Ten Years Pass, Azda Pekkan Superstar, Hababam Class and Carmen. During this time, she also starred in the films Hababam Class Bye Bye and Girls Class. Between 1985-1988, he performed in the Devkusu Cabaret Theater with plays Bans, Askalsun, Gessler, Reclamler and Delilar. She worked as a presenter and show girl at Gulhan Events from 1989-1990.

The artist has appeared in many TV projects throughout his career. Ivesimik, who prepared and presented a show called “Corumble Show” in 1993, gifted the audience dance performances and pleasant moments with famous guests. In 1996, he starred in the television series “Crazy Beds”. The series, which is reserved for shooting 6 days a week, broke the rating record. The series, which aired a total of 18 times, topped the rankings each time. In 2006, Ivesimik, who sat on the jury for the first time in the “Dance with Me” contest, was able to make the new generation dance the love dance again for this contest. Yonka Ivesimik, who competed in four seasons of the competition, finally served as a jury member in the “Eixler” contest, which aired in the summer of 2008. Presenting a children’s show called “Yoncimik Wonderland” which premiered on Saturday morning in 2007, the artist once again won the hearts of his younger fans.

Evcimik also has production work. The artist, who has produced singles and albums for several Good Guys and Cutter Girls groups, revealed another aspect of her during the study and became a music video director. In addition to her own clips, she starred in the director’s chair in several video clips from the Çıtır Girls and Few Good Guys group, which she created. In 2007, he directed a clip of Yellies’ song “Yalan”.

Ivesimik, aimed at creating the nickname “YONCİMİK”, which was identified by artists and artist fans in the first years of its entry into the music world, is the first and only licensed brand in Turkey. He made it a reality “The Adventures of Eunicemic-1-Bayram” he wrote. In a series of books for preschool children, Evisimic deals with issues such as birth, death, school life and living with glasses, or issues that children have difficulty understanding. He has proven himself successful in writing with sales statistics. The artist, who offered “Yoncimik Dolls” for sale within the scope of the Yoncimik project, had great success. The publishing life of the Youth Magazine project “Yoncimix”, another field that the artist tackled within the scope of the “Yoncimik” project, began in August 2006. In 2008, Yoncimik brand bags were also launched. Bag; It was offered for sale in many stores and fairs, especially YKM 7

Yonka Ivesimik aired a web television channel on the Internet in February 2013. Famous names like Yellies and Sigdam Tunak started making programs on the channel. Programs are constantly updated and broadcast on a specific broadcast stream.



Consumer (1991)

Wake Up (1993)

Clover Ivesimic ’94 (1994)

I’m Hot For You (1995)

Invitation to Temptation (1998)

Late Every Look at the Wave (2001)

15. (2014)

Yonca Evcimik, (Fatma Yonca Evcimik) was born on September 16, 1963 in Istanbul. Yonca Evcimik age 59 years.

Yonca Evcimik Instagram account username “yoncaevcimik” and has 398 thousand followers.

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