Berlin is back in factory settings!

The 2022 Berlin Film Festival was physically held from 10 to 20 February. In the main competition, seven films were in French and four in German. The story of women has come to the fore. Of the 18 works, “Rimini”, “That Kind of Summer” and “Rob of James” were the best, respectively. Golden Bear, on the other hand, following a bold decision accustomed to 2021, announced the return of no-nonsense to factory settings with beautiful landscapes and social realities, keeping the tradition of the year intact: “Alcarras”.

Compulsory selection degrades quality

With the arrival of Carlo Chatrian, who added quality to the selection of Locarno, it is difficult to speak of a certain excitement in the main competition. In contrast, we again saw choices from Hong Sang-su to Claire Dennis. However, this year the quality was higher than in 2021. Whether it will compete with 2020 is debatable.

But this year, we haven’t seen many products that create the feeling of ‘movies with the presence of virtual TV series’ in the main competition and show that they have surpassed the show cinema, which aims at this subconscious search. In contrast, we have focused on the desire of managers to leave their mark. Gradually, it seems that French and copy-paste films are being disabled.

Restored to factory settings in Berlin

‘Ozone’ handling more than the French masters

However there is no such thing as not taking ozone and Dennis. If we ask how they were. In fact, for the most part, “Peter von Kant” was not as bad as the new version of the new millennial facebinder classic “Tears of Petra von Kant” (“Beaters’ Tears of Petra von Kant”, 1972). A struggling art direction recalls the tradition of “drops of water on hot rocks” (“Les Goutes d’U sur Pierre Brulantes”, 2000). In his career, which was exposed to plastic-a realistic film, the filmmaker missed the ‘correct’ version of the first.

But in the Ozone movie, the plastic single-space film has been working for some time. There’s a bit of that feeling here. We are also experiencing his best work since the “Passion Games” (“L’Amant Double”, 2017). Indeed, the cinematography of Manuel Dacos from Plastic Courage “St. Laurent” (2014) is consistent with Wyzskop’s great production design. This situation actually takes the famous fashion designer movie classic to another level.

A work behind Fassbinder’s articles such as “Enfant Terrible” (2020) and “Berlin Alexanderplatz” (2020). Although Shigulla gets better after a while, Menochet, which turns into a parody of its own, doesn’t work. But at least it will be referred to as a one-vein game: “8 women”, “sitcom”, “potty”.

On the other hand, Dennis’ inability to capture the ‘seventh art’ in “The Sun Inside Me” (“On Beau Soleil Interior”, 2018), where he is again in love with Binoche, has come alive with a sloping movie. Of course there are Eric Gautier and Tinderstick. However, the film may be swept away by the inexperienced problem at the last item. Feeling rushed.

Swiss Ursula Meyer’s “The Line” (“La Ligne”, 2022), who made the French film, interacts with her mother, Christina (Tedeschi), and the girl who hit her mother, who couldn’t go 200 meters. But the way he uses the single space becomes extremely stale and unplanned. It’s a work that captures the dimensions of the ‘French Arthouse brand’!

Restored to factory settings in Berlin

Jess Franco’s ‘Dream of a Summer Night’ is Rohmar’s answer

Dennis Cote, Ritih Pan, and Mikel Hars, who are particularly accustomed to competition, drew attention to the work in this language. But “that kind of summer” (“Un Eté Comme Ça”), he cleverly explores summer dreams, shaped like Jess Franco’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. He originally saluted Rohmar and announced another dimension.

‘Summer’ and ‘Home’, which are portrayed as sexually enlightened metaphors in Coté’s best film with ‘Curling’ (2010), have in fact turned into a terrifying erotic pleasure. The director is making a finely woven sexual fantasy film. She designed her film as a summer home dream based on the passions and aspirations of three women. This situation led to the expansion of “Day Beauty” (“Belle de Jauer”, 1967) and Franco for Rohmar!

Restored to factory settings in Berlin

The two science fiction movies make a difference that reflects today’s world

In “The Missing Picture” (“L’Image Manquante”, 2013), Cambodian Rithi Pan actually surprised him with a stop-motion-documentary break. He further increased the dystopian “Everything Will Be OK” test rate. In it, he gave an injection of love to the movie. Indeed, from this point of view, it reverses the screen-splitting strategy and open-air cinema with dignity to an avant-garde.

This is the director’s most interesting work from his experimentally challenging film “Exil” (“Exil”, 2016). It also opens up interesting layers about genocide or animal slaughter. It is reminiscent of scenes from “A Clockwork Orange” (“A Clockwork Orange”, 1971) which shows Alex being tortured. On the other hand, the dystopian state of the world comes to life as a depressing part of life after the epidemic.

“Passengers of the Night” (“Les Passengers de la Nuit”, 2022) is a Mikel Horse genie that comes in response to “Midnight in Paris” (“Midnight in Paris”, 2011). More than that, he immersed us in the Charlotte Gainsbourg ride with his energy. An extraordinary experience with its fiction. A time travel film that breaks away from traditional French cinema back in the 80’s.

Restored to factory settings in Berlin

The best Catalan movie from Lakuesta!

There were two Catalan films. “One Year, One Night” (“An Ano, Una Noche”) reflects the pain of two characters in the Bataklan genocide with audio-visual construction skills. The transition from Spain to France was carried out by Isaki Laquista. Realism and sadness come together in life. In this regard, we are seeing a work that allows us to experience the heinous event without seriously exploiting it. Nahuel Pérez Biscayat-Noémie Merlant portrayed the two main characters in perfect tone.

Carla Simon, on the other hand, was actually a little more social reality in “Alcarras” after mathematics. But it makes this situation a compelling element. The movie goes out of control, walking on the farm. After “Summer of 93” (2017), the director said again, ‘If he has sincerity, that’s enough!’ Announces that he is stuck in his thoughts. It slips into a mechanical movie.

Restored to factory settings in Berlin

Chinese cinema tradition is always valuable!

In fact, in “Nana”, Camila Andini travels for an Indonesian “Time for Love” (“In the Mood for Love”, 2000), but she also undertakes a task that can be interpreted as a tourist trip. But aesthetic judgment showed the power to take in the palm of his hand.

In “Return to the Dust” we encounter a detailed journey through all generations of Chinese cinema. This situation follows a narrow screen layout, adding a cautious approach to the time-space relationship. Despite its 131 minutes, the cinematic touch is impressive. Ruizun Liu is actually playing in the place of Xia Zhang which he does about the world cycle from beginning to end.

Restored to factory settings in Berlin

TV movies from Germany

His two TV hits this year were “Rabie’s Cunning Against George W. Bush” and “Ayeui” from Germany. Seriously, we wouldn’t be surprised to see these two works on the small screen. But the ‘women’s story’ leaves the feeling of coming here with purpose. Maybe there’s a power between the two of them. But in the second, we see Krebitz proving that he is a one-shot bullet from cult “Wild” (2016).

Hong Kong-su, the king of copy-paste minimalism, can join them! The film, which he shot in three days in black and white, only comes to life as a category. But looking at this piece, it seems to be cut from the drama!

Restored to factory settings in Berlin

The Shield and Reigadas traditions are perfectly presented

On the other hand, the Siddle and Regadas traditions are well presented. In “Rimini” we see the master’s most entertaining film. In that vein, there is Richie Bravo as a singer / sex worker profile. Until it comes to him, moments of laughter in the name of strange absurd comedy are served with an understandable honesty. From here, we are witnessing that men can be caricatured and criticized. Great discovery of all anti-sliding typing!

The most intriguing first film, “Rob of James”, is a regadas-influenced debut that actually recreates the mesmerizing effect of a mythical and local legend’s ‘precious stone dress’. It effectively brings Natalia Lopez to the movies when she crosses this vein. But on the whole, the drug cartel, animated through the motifs of a dysfunctional family and relationship, works very well. Adrian Durazo gives fine workmanship in 2.35: 1. “Amores Perros” – “Post Tenebras Lux” is possible to slide in cross structure.

Restored to factory settings in Berlin

A sad farewell film from Taviani

“Pieces of the Sky” doesn’t use beautiful landscapes like “Rob of James” and “Return to Dust”. But to bring a different sound to the sky, he fills in 1.33: 1 with the chorus. Michael Kors has made a movie that has its own magic. The approach that both Bruno Dumont and Roy Anderson come to mind is worthy of respect. But “instability” from Switzerland could be a more accurate purchase.

One of the masters, Taviani, actually made an experimental and sad farewell film. “Leonora Audio” actually offers a pinch of cinematic love from the Italian cinema tradition. He had a similar problem with drinking in this regard. He left upset. In general, she followed the tradition of women’s stories.

It must be said that the election of Chatrian deserves applause because it has joined Siddle’s long-awaited fictional work. The revival of the Regadas tradition as a producer is commendable. But apart from that, there is a classical programming that does not change what was done in the past.

KEREM AKCA’s main competition movie rankings

1-Rimin 7.6
2-Such summer 7
3-Jewelry Clothing 6.7
4-Everything will be fine 6.5
5-night passenger 6.4
6-Back to the dust 5.9
7-One year, one night 5.8
8-Leonora Audio 5.4
9-Peter von Kant 5.2
10-Nana 5.1
11-Alcaras 4.9
12-Call Gen 4.8
13-Rabi cunning 4.5
14-Piece of Sky 4.5
15-Fire (Avec Amour et Acharnement) 4.3
16-Aeiou 3.8
17-line 3.8
18-Novel Film 3


Golden Lion: Alcaras
Grand Prize: Novelist’s film
Jury Prize: Clothing for gems
Director: Fire
Lead Actress: Meltem Kaptan (Rabie Kurnaz)
Supporting Actor: Laura Basuki (Nana)
Screenplay: Rabiye Kurnaz
Artistic Contribution Award: Everything will be fine
Special Jury Mention: Pieces of the Sky

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